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  MoosicPa, love the photo's and glad that George sorted things out for you.  Cleav, they are aren't they? I'm green with envy! Foster & Son
Gentlemen,   As promised, please see below for details of this month's trunk show in Hong Kong.         If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, Andrew Murphy would love to hear from you - andrew@foster.co.uk or call +442079305385
 MoosicPa, It's for sale right now. Foster & Son
 Cleav, you're a gentleman sir!
 RogerP, thankyou as always for your kind words
Gentlemen,   We are excited to reveal our latest Balmoral boot. The new Montrose is manufactured on the 337 last and features a wonderful green khaki suede and rich dark brown calf.   Here are a few pictures, we welcome any thoughts you might have.   Foster & Son              
 Ilovelobbs, We're still going through the prototype and sample phase. Afraid it takes quite some time to get it absolutely right. Foster & Son
 Geezer, You're absolutely correct, shoes made in 1993 we think. Foster & Son
 nutcracker, We agree, a pair of shoes even! All the shoemakers had different names for differing shoe styles, so Terry Moore would call a Derby a 'Blucher', a name we associate with the States rather than the UK. Next time I see him I'll see if I can get more information and perhaps some idea of the origins of these terms. Foster & Son
Competition   Gents,   We realise that our question yesterday was a little unfair. The shoe we asked you about is called a 'Front Sprung Monk' by Terry Moore.     We'll come up with a better question shortly.   Foster & Son
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