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vorkanz,   They should have been with us this week, eta is now next. Will keep you posted.   Foster & Son
 AlexG33, Really pleased to hear that and will pass on your thanks to George. Foster & Son
 It would be great to see pictures
 diadem, we were very impressed with him, great guy.  Gianni Cerutti,  So do we, it really works. Foster & Son
 Beau, We did and he was the epitome of charm, a real pleasure to meet the great Maurice Greene, a true gent. Foster & Son
Styleforum Special Offer   Gentlemen,   Our sale is in its final week (see http://foster.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/Catalogue-Christmas-Final-2013.pdf for our catalogue) and will be finishing on Saturday 8th February.   We have a few pairs of our Studley Chukka boot left in black or red suede. We will make them available to Styleforum members only at the price of £240 including international delivery and VAT (for customers outside the EU the price is £199 inclusive of...
dopey,   Congratulations, you're the winner in the shortest competition we've ever run! If you pm your details we'll get the polish and cloth straight out to you.   Foster & Son
dopey,   I haven't been told the answer myself yet. Is that something you know or is it just a guess?   Foster & Son
Golfing competition question   A question for golfers, same terms as usual.   Legendary golfer Ben Hogan famously had his golf shoes made by Henry Maxwell, who can tell us what unique addition he requested in the style?   Foster & Son
 mktitsworth, Glad you've approached it like that and if my original question was a little inelegant then I apologise. There seems to be a small consensus developing for St Crispin's in terms of style, notwithstanding dopey's very sensible comments about fit. Who else has it in the rtw style stakes? Foster & Son
New Posts  All Forums: