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 rabiesinfrance, The best bet is probably the Edmund, http://foster.co.uk/our-products/ready-to-wear/oxfords/edmund-2/ but it may be a little pricey at £725 (including lasted shoe trees). I know that we are looking to introduce a new full brogue at a cheaper price but I don't currently have an eta for that shoe. Foster & Son
 wurger, Some pictures below comparing the Sandringham and Fawley semi-brogues. Afraid I'm away from the shop at the moment so these are images that have already appeared in this thread. The pictures of the Fawley are of the faded model I refer to above, I will mourn their loss until I get another pair! Sandringham     Fawley       Foster & Son
 rabiesinfrance, If you have a look at the website www.foster.co.uk you will see all the toe shapes we've got. It may be that there's something you like that's on sale. If you PM me with your size I'll try to get a full list to you. Foster & Son
 jssdc, There will be other models produced on the 13029 in time for Autumn - details as soon as I can get them to you. Glad you like it, it's my personal favourite. You may be interested to hear that the faded pair from earlier on in this thread were earmarked for me but Andrew Murphy, legend that he is, sold them a couple of weeks ago, so it looks like I will have to wait for 'my' pair of shoes a little while longer! Foster & Son
 Fantastic article, much appreciated...
 Wurger, They're both excellent shoes. The main differences are in terms of the waist, which is lovely on both but exceptional on the Premium range, the leathers which are slightly better and the closing which is fabulous. It's a really good question and actually quite difficult to answer in print. I find that the Premium shoes are much closer to a bespoke fit (though that could just be me) and that I notice the sole stitching more, as strange as that may sound. It just...
 PCK1, It does, you should find that the fitting is the same. Foster & Son
Gentlemen,    Should also mention that we have reduced our sock prices. You can now buy 10 pairs of Foster and Son socks for £50 (including UK VAT)!   Foster & Son
Special Discounts on UK sizes 6-7 and 10.5-12.5     Gentlemen,   We have a small overstock of sizes 6-7 and 10.5-12.5. All our sale shoes in these sizes are now discounted by a further 10% and all our non-sale shoes are available with a £100 discount. We are also shipping within the UK for free. If you are interested please either PM or email sales@foster.co.uk. Alternatively please call +44207 9305385.   Foster & Son         Size and...
Foster & Son Summer Sale starts today   Gentlemen,   The Foster & Son Summer Sale has started. For a full list of shoes and sizes please PM us. If you are UK size 6 or 6.5, or are size 11 and above we may have some interesting offers for you!   Foster & Son
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