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 agjiffy, I've just clarified the pricing position this morning. For our American customers the price of calf bespoke shoes is £2500 and for shoe trees an extra £271 (no UK VAT applies). We normally take a deposit of £1500 on order with the balance payable prior to delivery. If a customer thinks that the current exchange rate is favourable he can opt to pay the whole amount upfront. At today's rate ($1.67/£1), this would make the price of a pair of bespoke shoes without...
 agjiffy, Thanks for the kind words about our shoes. Our pricing hasn't changed significantly recently, though leather costs are increasing throughout the industry and at some point will have to be factored into our cost calculations. We can't really comment on the relative pricing issue though we'd be interested to know what JLP bespoke prices are at the moment? Best, Foster & Son
 RogerP, And you would carry it off perfectly! Foster & Son
 MSchapiro, Much appreciated, we've been discussing the new shoes for the past few weeks and Andy Murphy has been looking at what we do with samples moving forward. It has generated a significant amount of debate and your input is very welcome. Foster & Son
 MSchapiro, That's really helpful and much appreciated. We are looking at more conservative finishes to the next set of samples and I will ask specifically that we make an Oxford punch cap, it will certainly show off the last design more clearly. And perhaps we could do the traditional Foster antiquing too? Foster & Son
PCK1, Thanks for your message, the team will be staying at the Barclay Intercontinental on March 10th 9am-6pm, 11th 9am-6pm, 12th 9am-Noon.  Jon and Andy hope to see you there. F & S
 Indeed, originally a customer request I believe! Foster & Son
Foster and Son Vintage Bespoke Collection   Gentlemen,   We thought you might like to see this vintage balmoral shoe.             Foster & Son
 Gianni, Thank you very much for your kind words. We've already shown a number of our vintage collection models and will be showing more soon. This shoe is spectacular though, isn't it? Foster & Son
 Gianni Cerrutti, It's about 70-75 years old from memory. Foster & Son
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