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Lovely blog from our friend Nicholas at Le Noeud Papillon Sydney.   http://lenoeudpapillon.blogspot.com.au/2014/07/oh-you-english-you-have-something-over.html
 Nick, ammanati is right, should be November. We're producing a range of shoes inspired by some of our most famous customers. More to follow.  smoothie1, and fantastic photographs by ammanati too!  Foster & Son
  I know I shouldn't say this but WOW! Fabulous photo's, brilliant work. Foster & Son
 ammanati, Fantastic work, love it! Foster & Son
        Gents, Lovely feedback and much appreciated. I'm unable to ask about the origins of the 88 last today, but will certainly find out what, if any, involvement Terry had in making it as soon as I can. Andy has been very candid in his interview and we're really pleased with it, certainly no 'bull****' as anyone who knows him will readily testify. Love the Regal shoes, very nice indeed. Foster & Son
Gentlemen,   With many thanks to our friend Dmitry in Moscow, an illuminating interview with our very own Andrew Murphy, well worth a read.   http://www.pennyyard.com/#!andrew-murphy-interview-eng/ck1l    Foster & Son
Our new Driving Shoes/Moccasins   Gentlemen,   We have recently received our first order of Driving Shoes/Moccasins, just in time for the sale. they are full suede/leather in construction with a variety of soles as shown in the photographs below. They are on offer at £95 including VAT (£79 excluding VAT) and are selling out fast. Please PM for further details.   Foster & Son  
Our new Interns   Gentlemen,   Foster & Son has been lucky to secure the services of two interns, Fabianie and Ben, and we thought it might be interesting to take a look at what we do through their eyes. They are getting a feel for the business and are involved in sales, marketing and all the other stuff that goes on at Fosters.   They will be completing a series of photo essays over the next few weeks including a video of how to get to Jermyn Street from the tube,...
 wurger, Apologies for not answering the second part of your question. The answer is yes. Foster & Son
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