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Gentlemen,    Should also mention that we have reduced our sock prices. You can now buy 10 pairs of Foster and Son socks for £50 (including UK VAT)!   Foster & Son
Special Discounts on UK sizes 6-7 and 10.5-12.5     Gentlemen,   We have a small overstock of sizes 6-7 and 10.5-12.5. All our sale shoes in these sizes are now discounted by a further 10% and all our non-sale shoes are available with a £100 discount. We are also shipping within the UK for free. If you are interested please either PM or email sales@foster.co.uk. Alternatively please call +44207 9305385.   Foster & Son         Size and...
Foster & Son Summer Sale starts today   Gentlemen,   The Foster & Son Summer Sale has started. For a full list of shoes and sizes please PM us. If you are UK size 6 or 6.5, or are size 11 and above we may have some interesting offers for you!   Foster & Son
 JDMills, You are correct, the Thornham is £395 ex VAT. The sizing is an interesting one as in my experience the Thornham tends to fit a little on the spacious side and in fact I would normally recommend a new comer to try at least half a size down to what they would normally take. So it is more accommodating than some of our other E width shoes. If you do have a wider foot, then it could be worth trying our Westbury Punch Cap Oxfords on the same last which is manufactured...
I should add Andrew will be in Moscow on the 18th June.
Gentlemen,   Having briefly mentioned our Russian trip in the previous post, we are pleased to announce Andrew Murphy will be visiting Moscow and St Petersburg on our first ever trunk show. Andrew will be staying in St Petersburg from the 16th-17th June from 10am-7pm. He will be based at the:   Royal Tailors, Grand Palace, Nevsky Pr 44, Italianskaiya 15. Tel: 007 812 570 6039 Email: info@rtbespoke.ru   Below are a few photos of the Royal...
Gentlemen,   Before we announce details of our first ever trunk show to Russia, we thought it would be good to post a few pictures of Andrew's recent visit to Hong Kong. He had an excellent time and met some great people. Our thanks to Independence - The Art of Horology for hosting the event and everyone involved!                                    
 The very one!
 Chowkin, I'll check right now.
 Louis XIV, Great spot, they do indeed! Foster & Son
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