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Gentlemen,   Before we announce details of our first ever trunk show to Russia, we thought it would be good to post a few pictures of Andrew's recent visit to Hong Kong. He had an excellent time and met some great people. Our thanks to Independence - The Art of Horology for hosting the event and everyone involved!                                    
 The very one!
 Chowkin, I'll check right now.
 Louis XIV, Great spot, they do indeed! Foster & Son
 The very same. Andy is going to look up the maker for us.
 nutcracker, Watch photo as promised.  Foster & Son
 Consider it done!
 Love the post, excellent work! Foster & Son
    Shall I ask him?
 jjl5000, You haven't missed anything. We're still waiting for the second iteration to come back and will post as soon as we have it. Sorry for the delay. Foster & Son
New Posts  All Forums: