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 That's correct we'll announce it here first. Foster &Son
 DpprDr, Thankyou for the kind words sir. Foster & Son
 I'll be sure to ask! We're considering having another shoot on the day of the Jermyn Street Christmas lights switch on.
It was a fabulously good fun day. The model is a lovely young woman called Ivana, Zoe did a great job with the photographs and Ella, who pulled it all together, was brilliant. The pictures taken with the DB6 nearly stopped Jermyn Street! What you can’t see in the photographs is the crowd of people behind the camera including some of our very good friends from Fortnum and Mason.   The whole thing was a bit of an experiment for us, how do we present Foster and Son in a way...
 Oh, sorry, the 700 pound range are rtw. Foster & Son
 Concordia, Many thanks for the feedback. Foster & Son
 dahl5yankees, They are bespoke samples made perhaps 60 or 70 years ago. Our bespoke shoes start from £3,000 (GBP including 20% VAT). Do you want me to find out specifically how much these would cost made as a bespoke pair? Foster & Son
 Veg Tan, Bengal is correct. I've just checked with Andy and Jeddite is the name of the sole manufacturer. Foster & Son
 Veg Tan, I will ask Andy when I see him tomorrow, interesting! Foster & Son
Gents,   Foster & Son Autumn 2014 Trunk Show USA   Please see details of our Autumn visit to the USA below. If you would like to make an appointment to meet up with either Andrew or John please PM.       Foster & Son
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