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  The shop window that doesn't like to be photographed!    We have tried numerous times of the day and plenty of camera angles but we have almost always failed to keep out the reflection.   However here it is in all its glory nonetheless.    *Spot the Wally taking the photo in the background
Gentlemen,   Foster & Son are delighted to announce a Trunk Show in Hong Kong.   We will be staying from the 22nd-24th of May.   Timings and location to be confirmed soon!   Foster & Son
 Exactly, he needs to be rescued from himself
 Excellent choice for the shoes. He wants to go with black and white (calf and buck) semi-brogue co-respondents, but they're hardly versatile. Love the caption!
Shoe Polish Prize Competition - Now with Photo's and Bonus Prize   Gentlemen, In order to help you with your deliberations there are some pictures of people at the event our chap is going to in September. It's the Goodwood Revival meeting ( As you can see from the photo's below it can be costume-y and our man wants to avoid that. He will be wearing a grey POW check DB suit with 1 1/2 inch turn ups and wants to know what...
Cross-post from the WS Foster & Son/Henry Maxwell: Affiliate thread   Hope it's okay to post this here Gents.   Foster & Son/Henry Maxwell Christmas Sale Gentlemen,   Our Christmas Sale starts today for Styleforum members. Discounts are significant and we have a large range of stock for sale. Please PM for catalogue, the range is too big to post here.   For those of you who can’t make it to London for Christmas we took some photo’s of the Arcades in all their...
Really glad you like them. Foster & Son
Those are some of the best shoe pictures ever!
 Many thanks, we found it a couple of days ago in the archives. The tone of the letter sounds more like 1927 than 1977 and I hope to goodness that we got it right. We must find the follow up and see whether Mr Cleverley managed to remove the effects of the saddle soap. Foster & Son
Thought we would post this here for a bit of fun!     Foster & Son
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