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I've visited the store which you mention.  The salespeople are knowledgeable and can help you to determine what your correct size is.  Another great store close by is Marios.  They are quite a bit more upscale and expensive, but also have people who know their trade.  Suitsupply is a great place to start for you I would suggest.   The consensus surrounding AE shoes amongst styleforum members is that they are a solid shoe.
Can someone help identify who made this?  
http://www.styleforum.net/t/140387/the-styleforum-working-hierarchical-suit-quality-list-sfwhsql   Try this out instead.
gah.  ++gbr
I just purchased the same boots that @tifosi did.  I will post some pictures.  I sized them the same as my 888 last, and while an F width, they fit great.  Super deal and they shipped and were received in two days.  I'm really happy with them, as they will be my go to country shoe.
Dover on 606 last, but certainly not in rosewood.
I've had excellent products shipped from him, thank you.  And they've been done so in very timely fashion.  I've had no regrets.
Oo. C& j's are a steady and quintessential shoe unlike the Italian shoes you mention which are fashion oriented...to each his own
Cleav looking good. Razl I'm all over that thinking about attic purchases. Love spoo's auctions & coxsakie inspires me to post a pic of a boglioli and killer picket square I won recently
What a joke.
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