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I ordered Reno and Cordovan this week for my new (to me) MacNeils. Should arrive tomorrow, will try to post pics of my results.
Thanks, NWTeal, appreciate the advice.  I think I will grab some Renovateur and Cordovan Shoe Polish from Saphir. I assume the Renovateur will be beneficial for my other calfskin AE's as well?
Thanks, ridethecliche. Enjoying them so far. Now I have to find a deer bone.  $36 for a leg bone seems awfully steep.
Thanks, Cincikid, pretty excited.  
Just scored some lightly used (I'm guessing worn no more than 5 times) Shell MacNeils off eBay for less than 2 bills. Deal or no deal?  
Those Larchmonts are the hawtness!
Inaugural trip for my Morae....to the cultural mecca of Tulsa.  
Thanks, John. I hope they stretch pretty quickly!
My 31 Slim Cone Pima fires arrived last week.  I can button them all the way and sit down in them, but they are snug, not only in the waist, but also in the hips and butt. As in, it takes some effort to put my hands in my pockets. Will the whole upper block stretch, or just the waist. If just the waist, I may need to size up.
Good morning, fellas. I've got an off topic boot care question, I hope you will oblige me. I'll post a gratuitous shot of my AE family for your troubles.   First, a question about my RedWing Iron Rangers. I dinged the toe, any suggestions on how to deal with this? Should I attempt to glue the flap down, or just leave it be?   Second, my wife has some not often (ever) cared for Frye boots with a distressed finish. I want to condition and possibly polish these, any...
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