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Has anyone here every recrafted their Moras (Morae?) with lugged soles? If so, pics?
And finally responded, they were apparently a man down part of last week.
And so now they shipped it without responding to any of my emails. 
Nope, not there, either.  But it looks like I did get a Western Union payment of $2.7M from Nigeria, so that's cool.
I've emailed them five times over the last 9 days, no response.
Well, at any rate, I've asked them to cancel my order. 9 days without response. Shame.
It's strange, given that they had two product releases this week.
Anyone having a hard time getting a hold of TS lately? I placed an order 8 days ago, still not shipped. I've emailed several times and no response. A poster on another forum tried calling it it goes right to voicemail.
I ordered Reno and Cordovan this week for my new (to me) MacNeils. Should arrive tomorrow, will try to post pics of my results.
Thanks, NWTeal, appreciate the advice.  I think I will grab some Renovateur and Cordovan Shoe Polish from Saphir. I assume the Renovateur will be beneficial for my other calfskin AE's as well?
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