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Posts by 1400Hoodie  Email him, he'll track you down a pair if you're serious.
Was there in VIP and that robe up close was jaw dropping.....looking at pics doesn't do it justice.  The embroidered jewelry work was insane, literally the coldest piece of clothing I've ever seen in life.
You're buying trendy pieces than and not timeless garments.
I remember the first time I got drunk with a credit card in my hand.....smh.
Is that dude really wearing Pyrex shorts in that pic?
They seem fairly new.....and this is a problem I've had before, it goes away with wear.
So non-sensical I truly can't believe you took the time out of your life to post this.  My mind is continually blown by how much this site cares about my thoughts, you all make me feel so special :')
Well damn....that's especially funny because I always seeing hoards of asians wearing it at my school.
Irony of this poster thinking his quip was any less lame.
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