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Ooh those boots look fantastic! I have a delivery scheduled for tomorrow, so looking forward to it!!
It's sounding more and more unique, sad to say.But framing the email, that's not a bad idea  
I can report that I recently ordered two pairs of pants and they arrived in Sweden after 6 days. One of the pants arrived without the main button, and after a mail to Jamison he replied and offered a refund. The refund was processed after two days. Thats quite ok in my book.
+1 and I'm so glad I ordered as soon as I saw it. Now there is just anticipation...
Looks great! Good job!
Very nice boots but never accept such a grave defect.  
Sure did. I guess it was just waiting to happen. Still a good shoe for the price though...
I also find Loake to be a little lighter than other Northampton shoes. Probably an effect of cost cutting measures that Loake has taken to keep selling their shoes at a reasonable price. Haven't yet seen any evidence that they are worse off when it comes to stability and resistance to wear.
Hi everyone!   I'm new in this thread and new to Suitsupply but I'm trying to figure out which size fits me best. I started out with a Havana Linen Jacket in 40L and while it was a snug but comfortable fit on my body I had a big collar gap. The 42L was better in the collar, but long both in body and sleeves. I'm now hoping that  a 42R will be the solution, fingers crossed ...   I'm 190 cm, 80 kg (6' 3", 164 lbs). Anyone who's about my size who can give me some advice?
Good choice!
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