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Hey I found this type of pullover awhile back but can't remember what it's called. It has prints all over usually, kind of like a Fair Isle, but not exactly the same. Alapacas, Llamas, and warmer colors are typically motifs it has I'm fairly certain it originated in Chile. Usually made of wool or something similar.
Try some of the repro cuts from Self Edge. I think Sugar Cane has some nice offerings.
Hi all. I'm Matt. I live in the Midwest and I'm 17. Hoping to study law. Hopefully I'll try and get more active on this forum, as I've cared about how I've dressed for awhile, but I still dress pretty boring. Hope to see some nice inspiration. See you all in the Streetwear and Denim section.
http://shop.creaturesofcomfort.us/apc-round-collar-pullover-rose.aspx   This thing is pretty cool. Not my style though. Size Small.
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