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I didn't know Dainite was plastic. Assumed it was some kind of treated rubber.   Anyway I do own a baller pair of Carmina jumper boots with Dainite soles, and yes, there's no question they are a little thicker than a leather sole. No question at all.   The burgundy U-wings just look so svelte in that mock-up photo. I'm assuming it's a leather sole. If it's Dainite, then ok I stand corrected.
 @ScottMC, you are a genius. And so is @patliean1.  No, that's not the whole idea of boots. It's only part of the idea. The rest of the idea is (1) ankle support and (2) unparalleled awesomeness when you sit down, put your feet up, and your pents rise up revealing the full splendour of these magnificent boots. As to the Rain naysayers, just look at the photo folks. It's the elegant outward flare of the Rain last at its widest point which "makes" this design, along with the...
  Kudos to GC for "dressing-down" to let his bride's outfits take pride of place, but there are several problems with this fit: 1. Shiny suit during the daytime. 2. No tie dimple. 3. (Not seen above) Derbies? You kiddin' me? 4. No PS ( a crisp white linen TV-fold would have been spectacular here). 5. He wore the same suit to the after-party. Must have been a bit smelly by then. Yep, this is SF folks. Nitpicking is our middle name.  The real proof of Bono's wankerhood is...
  Huh? It's a DB...
I, on the other hand, still can't resist the occasional spot of peacockry.         Stowa shot at request of @Betelgeuse .
 This fit didn't get as many thumbs as it deserved. You have vastly improved your sartorial game, RTC. Kudos.
 Omigod he even rickrolled her. Classic!
^^ Some past Olympians, yes?   Ronnie Coleman needs a better tailor.   Interesting that Arnie towers over the rest of them. I think he was about 6' 1" when competing. He'd be around 6' even these days (everyone loses an inch or two of height as they age). So these newer guys must be mostly under 5' 8".
Thanks everyone for the thumbs and compliments. Like many of the posters here, I occasionally manage to put something good together, but not all the time. I certainly have enough quality pieces now - that suit (Canali) is one of them. I've posted it a couple of times previously and it usually gets plenty of thumbs.   Just have to try for more consistency now. My overall style is a bit on the dandy side for SF and I don't plan to change that, but it's nice to be able to...
What is this Brownlow of which we speak? Is it anything like the Sandow?  
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