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But I like looking old. It adds gravitas.
Gentlemen, I need some guidance. After months of restraint, I've started to go crazy again with menswear purchases. In particular, I have recently dropped coin on two more sports jackets which I really didn't need (although both are very nice). Now I am confronted with a new and evil temptation, to wit, this really nice and rustic windowpane number from Hackett, available at a very significant discount.           Sleeves need shortening, but aside from that,...
Everyone is mystified by the watch, which looks very expensive. In fact it's a Sea-Gull, proudly made in Tianjin, People's Republic of China. The movement is based on a Venus 174 column-wheel chronograph ébauche. Sea-Gull (or Tianjin Watch Company as they were known at the time, I think that's right) purchased the templates and machinery for that particular chrono movement lock, stock and barrel from Venus in the late 50s or early 60s and started making military...
Pliny - HAHAHAHAHA!  [[SPOILER]]     The End.
 OK I'll take your word for it. Re iPhone shots, try standing closer to the mirror, hold the iphone with the screen pointing toward the mirror so that you can see the screen in the mirror. Using the front camera, you should now be able to see yourself in the iphone screen and adjust the framing of the shot. Make sure flash is off and HDR is on. If screen preview looks too dark, tap on a dark part of the screen for spot focus/exposure, which will brighten the shot. It takes...
kulata, are you channelling jasonmarshalljazz* with your blue DB and green tie? Anyway, it's a great look.  *I clicked on his youtube link. Awesome player. In fact, he's  [[SPOILER]]
 This is a rare occasion where I feel you didn't quite nail it. I'm sure the tie is of sentimental value (and I wear a lot of my dad's old stuff, e.g. yesterday's houndstooth jacket) and could work beautifully in a different setting, but not with this suit/shirt combo. However the suit itself is wonderful and your posts are the best possible publicity for your range. (Note to self: must get thin! must get thin!) Darling, I didn't know you cared. (FYI it was a standard FIH....
 Man the fuck up and use supaglue.
 Thanks for the feedback. Regarding the tie, that particular tie doesn't "hitch" very well - the material is very springy and it's hard to get a tight knot. I tossed up between that tie and a Conrad Wu chocolate shantung, which in retrospect would have been the better choice. Overall though I was happy with today's outfit.
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