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Funny thing is, I really like the tie with the suit. I know there's a bit of pattern clash - but hey, when did I ever let that cramp my style?
 Your wish is my command. 
@in stitches , that is a very "slimming" suit! And a great colour.
Really wild, windy, wet weather in Sydney today - as you can see from my shoes.           Tie is corduroy, from B&Tailor.      
Anyone heard of an outfit called Hiras, based at the Austin Commercial Centre in Kowloon?   They're doing a trunk show/fitting in Sydney this week.   Any good?
Hey Victor. Is that jacket by any chance made from the London Lounge "Agnelli" flannel?
Speaking of the Turnbull/GQ fit, here's vertical shirt/horizontal knit tie done really well. @VictorSFreturn on WAYWRN:    
Victor, sorry, I did a reflex thumb. Apologies.   SpanD, killing it. Simple, accurate and magnificent. Where's the suit from?
Overall I'd agree with that assessment. But the most tell-tale "accessory" in this shot is the closed eyes, which say "I'm embarrassed to be wearing this shit."   Which he probably was - although the closed eyes are more likely to have been because he blinked at the moment this particular frame was snapped.   Which leads to this question: Why would GQ pick this particular shot when they probably had two bracketed, near-identical images with the PM-elect's eyes squarely...
 Normally I'm a great admirer of your sartorial envelope-probing, but I'm afraid that waistcoat is a probe too far, even for me. With a much more rurally-biased ensemble, I'm sure it could be spectacular.
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