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I'm guessing that what you mean by this is that you would prefer that everything complements everything else, without slavishly mimicking it.
@Roycru . International Man of Mystery.
 What chefs wear on their day off.
 Mostly I agree with your acerbic critiques, but this is nonsense. SuSu are a breath of fresh air, and (mostly) very fairly priced. You are simply a victim of their own success.
Could be one of my first Claghorn gongs too. Yay!   Also nice to see all the unusual textural fabrics - Crat, Merick, Braddock, DerekS in particular (but others too). These are cloths you rarely, if ever, see being worn in real life.   This is one of the great things about "classic" menswear - may seem boring and rules-ridden to some, but in reality there's an infinitude of great stuff out there, all of it grounded in historical precedent, and a lot of it so much...
 Out of all the Twin Peaks girls, my favourite was Mädchen Amick. By crikey she was gorgeous. Heart-stoppingly beautiful.
Here's one of my Loake 1888s from Enrico Santi:     C&J Lonsdale (handgrades) from American Tailors:     C&J Belgrave polo suede (handgrades):     Two pics of my C&J Courtenay austerity adelaides (handgrade), taken when brand new:       Bonus pic of those Belgraves:     I think the above photos demonstrate the quantum leap in quality of C&J handgrade vs. Loake 1888.   OK, that's enough shoo porn.
I'm sure I saw a shop in Queen St - somewhere near Flinders Lane maybe - which was selling Loake 1888s.   There are a few outlets in Sydney too, including one just near where I live - Enrico Santi on Pitt Street. I've bought two pair from there, both at sale price - worked out to less than $300.   Or you could wait for an American Tailors sale and pick up some C&J, which is a step up from Loake. I have been freakishly lucky there - all in all, three pair of...
^ A "good" AAS fit, as opposed to a "wear garlic wreath around neck and be afraid, be very afraid" AAS fit.   Well done.
A few late sales on now. I picked up a couple of ties, a cravat and a shirt from HB.   And finally I weakened, went over to check the Canali sale - it finishes Sunday (Elizabeth St boutique).   Er...I bought something...I'm incorrigible.   Damn Canali's eyes for opening a boutique 500m from where I live. Talk about a recipe for disaster.
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