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Here's my quick effort. Actually wearing this right now at Sydney Airport, hat included.   Sorry for the grainy-crappy iPhone 5s image. I'm trying to hang on for the iPhone 7 release...
^ ^^ That's exactly what I thought too. However the Canali folks swear black-and-blue that no Canali-labelled garment has ever been manufactured outside Italy, even "under licence". Of course, they could be wrong! And there are certain elements to my tux story which might suggest that they are indeed wrong: - As pointed out by @Journeyman , why print "Made in Australia" anywhere if you're trying to fake an Italian-branded suit?- Licensing agreements granted by top-tier...
 This is just such a great photo. Like something you'd see in an Andy Warhol exhibition.
@pravda, I can hardly see those garments. Any chance you could get a bit closer in with the camera?
Yes and no. I believe that steaming and stretching of fabrics are part of the making process. Can't see why that process shouldn't also be employed to improve or revitalise a garment which has already been delivered to the client.
 I press my own jacket lapels. Roll up a cotton t-shirt into a tight cylinder, insert it into the recess of the lapel, hold the iron a few cm from the lapel and fire plenty of steam at it. Then sweep the iron over it, lightly at first, then with a bit more pressure, always holding the lapel in the shape I want for it. Seems to work ok. Obviously I've adjusted the plate temperature to suit the fabric I'm pressing. Sometimes this shit is just common sense.
With all this talk of Minnis 656, I was reminded to have Greg send my length to Coccinella.   My Agnelli tweed is reserved for BnT, but that's a project for next year.
i propose some future topics for GNAT discussions: - Does God exist?- Should Trump win?- Are Muslims terrorists?- Does China own the Spratly Islands?- Is climate change man-made?- Should Britain exit the EU? Have at it, gentlemen.  [[SPOILER]]
 Not sure about that. Plenty of Americans seem to have managed to organise challenges prior to this.
Off with wifey to the Italian National Ball at Sheraton on the Park tonight, as guests of Canali. My first black-tie event for many years (other than ones where I have a cello between my knees).   Oddly enough, my tux is labelled "Canali", but the good folks at the boutique have scoped it out and pronounced it a fake. Firstly, it has "Made in Australia" printed on the inside-pocket tag; secondly, the fabric is a wool-polyester blend; thirdly, it's just not in the Canali...
New Posts  All Forums: