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I've had success with Brooks Brothers linen shirts. White, with button-down collar. Picked one up during one of their many sales for around $65, IIRC.
 They have some nice old buildings.
   Travelling now hence unable to verify, but I think this charcoal chalkstripe SuSu suit of mine is in EThomas flannel. It is indeed moderately soft, but seems to hold a crease quite well.  
Hmmm....only a handful of entries so far, only 6 hours until the deadline, and I'm travelling.   So I will submit a photo from a month or two ago.  
 This is excellent. Longer jacket is definitely the key - those alleged "wide hips" of yours have magically disappeared. You just graduated. Welcome to the Lounge!
 Is that the Berlin Reichstag behind you? Or are you somewhere in Paris?  Superb. Could be even better with a plain white or light-blue shirt.
Coccinella/Minnis 0656 suit arrived yesterday. Incredible result given zero fittings (they made the suit off measurements taken for my previous commission, with some slight modifications suggested via email).   There is one minor issue which I will have addressed by my local alterations guy. Then I will post fit pics.
 Matching of lapel-pin with cocktail is next-level, nevertheless insufficient to distract attention fully from the shirt disaster.
My Minnis 0656 flannel is now fully funded. What a stellar cloth it is too.   Fit pics to follow eventually - I tried the suit on quickly last night (fit is great BTW) but will be travelling for the next week or so.
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