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The next Friday Challenge should be titled "Show Us Your Killer Clown".
How dare you have such great teeth. It's so unfair.         Superb fit BTW.
 Thanks, yes it's the Draper 2421 in WSL.
#82. Late afternoon sunlight. Taken with my iCrap7, which has so far not self-immolated.         Henry Bucks (possibly by Baldassari) - Ballantyne - Henry Carter - Kamakura - Seiko - Brax - G&G
@blekit, I think the patterns of tie and suit, while not actually clashing, are simply too strong for each other. Both pieces are visually sumptuous, and either on its own would ideally feature as the centrepiece of an outfit, with all other elements being somewhat bland and playing purely supporting roles.   You are certainly choosing your purchases well these days. I like that tie in particular.
Interesting discussion regarding formality. As work dress codes become more relaxed, "men's classic" attire becomes more of an act of individual self-expression.   The unfortunate corollary of this is that, expressions of individuality being frowned upon in many work settings, casual dress becomes a uniform - exactly the opposite of what was supposed to be achieved by relaxing those codes.   The upside is that men's classic attire has become much more interesting, with...
#81. From last Friday.     Coccinella - Maker's Shirt - Ascot of Germany - Henry Carter
 Hard to see precisely, but is that a Gerald Genta Gefica watch? Very interesting details on that waistcoat - ticket pocket, and strange positioning of the bottom button, rendering it effectively unusable.
 Kamakura (and their parent brand, Maker's Shirt) are like Brooks Brothers in that they sell different configurations of fit, collar size and sleeve length. So for a given fit (e.g. "Tokyo Slim") and collar size, you can select from about three different sleeve lengths. This can make online ordering a little tricky. Various SF forumners have advised against the Tokyo Slim fit, but when I visited Kamakura's NY store (on 5th Ave), I was able to try various shirts on and...
New Posts  All Forums: