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Welcome news indeed!
XP from the FC.         It's Friday, so I must be in Shanghai. What time is it? I can't tell by looking at the window. My fake Rolex has stopped - maybe I never got it started - and all I remember from last night is the martinis, that girl's thighs, and the sound of fireworks exploding. But they weren't exploding for me.   I can taste the hangover like miner's gloves on the back of my palate, and as I rifle through those dim recollections of all my yesterdays...
Does this qualify?         Looking out from my hotel room at the skyline of Shanghai on a grim late winter's day.
OK, well Elio asked for it, and the roolz don't specifically state otherwise, so...    [[SPOILER]]
Ach. I'm the King of Windowpane. But I'm travelling, and my only jacket is a gun check.   Still, the rules don't say "must be worn this week"...
 I'm sure there's some long Latin name for a rhetorical device in which the second half of the sentence completely negates the first half.
 Universal problem for me, but easy fixed. Just pinch the little nose rests closer together and hey presto, glasses sit higher. The bridge of my nose is incredibly thin. Blame my Slavic genes!
Wow, great response from everyone. Appreciate all the comments, positive or negative.   I have a rotation of about four pairs of specs already, so this was a discretionary purchase; driven in part by opportunity. You see, in Shanghai you can get incredibly cheap prescription lenses. I favour "progressive" lenses, which cost minimum US$500 back in Oz. Here they are about US$150. But one does need a set of frames to put them in.   I just happened to walk past a little...
@Darkside, that's a great first effort. Suit fits well, everything is the right length (including IMHO the jacket - ok, it could be 1-2cm longer but it's fine as is). Lapel gorge is very high indeed - that's fashionable now but may not stand the test of time. Tie choice was appropriate for an interview, but you could lash out a little more here next time. Add a crisp folded white linen square and you have CBD nailed.   @masaccio, I wish I could afford both. Well,...
New Posts  All Forums: