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Well, you'd certainly make one person angry by doing that. Yourself.
Brilliant stuff. I did eventually source my cotechino from Donati's Fine Meats in Lygon Street, Melbourne.   Good to have some Sydney sources as well.   Mind you, cotechino is something you would only have maybe once or twice a year. It's very rich indeed.
OK gents, despite the last-minute apologies, we still have a decent quorum of four.   That's me, Master-C, Bravo and Nabil.   See you at O Bar around 6pm.
Yes, I forget the guy's name, but it is he.
Oh yes - dress for hot 'n' humid, and carry an umbershoot. Storms are predicted.
We are still on for the Sydney SF meet-up tonight.   The O-Bar suggestion was well received so let's stick with that. They do have a restaurant there, but I have no idea of its quality. I suggest we meet for drinks and then consider our food options - not everyone will necessarily want dinner in any case.   However, I can suggest one idea for dinner, which is to wander a block or so Southwards and try out Long Chim (Thai, from the guy that previously did Darley Thai)...
I'm thinking O-Bar in the Australia Square tower for Tuesday's meat-up.   Thoughts?
 Cardigan pattern and pocket square origami too matchy-matchy.       OK, I'm just kidding.
 A couple of years ago I upgraded to a Tefal unit consisting of a base unit with water reservoir, and an iron connected to the base unit by a power cord and steam hose. The steam is actually generated in the base unit, at much higher pressure than you would get from an integrated hand-held unit. Steam is released on demand by a button in the hand-grip of the iron - you can use short, sharp bursts of steam when needed, rather than having steam coming out constantly or in...
Woo! Hoo! Pop moar bratz!
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