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@Foxhound - nice one. Is that a @Henry Carter tie?
Tira, that's pretty extreme, although if anyone can pull it off, lordy knows you can.   But I think it needs a hat of some sort.
^ Now now, gentlemen.     @TweedyProf - I've been meaning to ask for ages. Your shirt collars are exemplary. They also seem very high. Two questions arising:   1. Do you have your shirts made to order?   2. Are these high collars not uncomfortable to wear?
 I bespeak my astrakhan gut condoms.
"Footie" socks?   I take it you are referring to these -  
#55.       Canali - Henry Buck's - Borrelli - Kamakura - Grand Seiko - Anderson's - Kenji - Loake 1880
 Thanks. And please don't tell anyone I wore the same shirt two days running.
#54. Another crappy "handy" photoshoot. But I'm sure you get the drift.     Canali - MJ Bale - Henry Carter - Christian Kimber - Pal Zileri - Pantherella - Crockett & Jones
I see from the list that you've also read "Consider Phlebas". These are by no means Banks' best scifi books. Try "Use of Weapons", "Excession", "The Algebraist" or "Against a Dark Background", all of which are terrific.
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