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@VirgilVerne, the tie is wrong here - it bears no relation to anything else in the outfit. Seems like a semi-casual day tie, whereas the rest of the fit screams "evening".   Burn the shirt. It's just wrong, full stop.
Justin, I was one of the people who was amazed to see, in the "lifestyle" shot Gus posted, that you're actually fairly slim.   The quality of your garment choices and colour/texture matching is not in question, but those selfies you post just don't do the fit of your clothes any favours at all. I suspect you would easily double your thumbs if you got hold of a decent camera and asked someone else to take your shots, outdoors, during your lunch break.   A basic...
 Get some runs on the board. Make yourself indispensable. Then wear whatever you fucking well like.
   Nash Edgerton for Van Heusen: 
Ah, this is great. Some really trenchant positions being taken here. And about clothes 'n shit, too.   Moar. Moar!
Nonsense - I think a well-aged Clos Vougeot is the perfect match for a veal casserole.
Luger's tie looks like a cat that got run over by a motorbike.
No. 1 for a suit, no. 2 for a jacket.
 This critique is spot-on, but I'd be feeling a bit crushed if I were JCM reading it. And if he has just read it, well - I'm sure there are still many people who like that suit despite the faults Caustic has just pointed out. Mainly, it's beautifully made from nice cloth and it fits well.  But yes, I find myself unable to disagree with just about every stylistic point Caustic has made above.
I've had a suit made in that cloth (in the green). Fantastic stuff, but please be aware that at 7 1/2 oz it's very light indeed - almost translucent.   I have stick-like bow legs so I don't really have to worry about fabric wearing through at the upper inside leg. But for others it may be more of a concern.
New Posts  All Forums: