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Brilliant stuff, Cleav. Alas, my 50th is but a distant memory. However, certain traces of it remain...  [[SPOILER]]
 I agree. Some recent posts have been decidedly un-Australian. 
 This would make a very fine PM.
 How silly of me to miss that.
@incontro does trunk shows to Melbourne. Foxy already has already had some commissions delivered so I suggest you PM him for further info.
Actually Max is a very cool name. Better than Thaddeus, anyway.   How about you two take this little interpersonal contretemps to PM then? Frees us up to continue discussing Julie's hairstyles and Tony's Mozart ear.
^ Should just about cover your penis, by the looks of things.         p.s. thanks for the info!
 Normally I respect your opinion. Please keep it that way by refraining from undignified ad hominems.
Brandis probably has a bust of Dick Cheney on his harpsichord.
Ah yes, I remember that now. And Nev was probably right.   I wonder whether MT's final decision was influenced more by principle, or by craven ambition. I would like to think it was the former. But it's hard not to be cynical about politics and politicians.   Speaking of which, here's a fascinating Snowden-leaked CIA briefing on China's leader Xi Jinping, dating from roughly five or six years ago when he was VP.   http://www.wikileaks.org/cable/2009/11/ ......
New Posts  All Forums: