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Melbournians interested in classical music might care to come along to a concert I'm involved in, this afternoon at the Melbourne Recital Centre.   "French Fantasy", presented by Corpus Medicorum   Programme:   DEBUSSY  Prelude A L'Après-Midi D'Un Faune CHAUSSON  Poème (soloist: William Hennessy - violin) FRANCK  Symphony in D minor directed by A/Prof Keith Crellin...
Alan, I think most of us would love to have your physique. But you are, shall we say, an "outlier" in that respect.   An argument can be made that sober business clothing should serve to draw attention away from, rather than towards, unusual bodily traits. For this reason I think it might be worth employing a little less waist suppression.   Re the lapels: usual rule of thumb is for them to occupy half the width of the chest panel. The lapels on your sport jacket...
 Definitely BB. I bought a very dark grey, almost black gren from them last year. I'd say it was a regular stock item.
I dunno what's sadder - staring at a wall of rotating watches, or ripping bongs below deck all day.
Checking out the entries so far, it becomes apparent that MC is very vanilla while SW&D represents The Dark Side.   My vote so far: Beepbop. He looks like a man who can, with a word, make other people take their own lives.
I'm reminded now of those marquetry-inlaid cabinets designed to hold watch collections. Behind bullet-proof glass, dozens of little rotating cylinders keep the rotors of expensive and rare perpetual-calendar timepieces wound and showing the correct date.   While I was in Shanghai, I heard about a local collector who had had a bespoke cabinet made as a feature wall. He collected only rare vintage Pateks, hundreds of them, arranged around an aquarium centrepiece showcasing...
 I'd be interested. How soon do you want to move on this? I'll need to have a look at the website and pick something out.
Yes, but it should be serviced regularly - absolutely no less frequently than every 10 years, although most companies recommend 5. You could also try Joe Santos in Sydney - although his turnaround time is notoriously slow.
Yes, the Winfield tune was from the slow movement of Tchaik Five.   That was a very clever ad campaign. Portrayed Hoges as a down-to-earth, true-blue Aussie perfectly at home with classical music and tuxedos, but unaffected by them.   Very empowering for bogans and snobs alike.
Did anyone here know that the Victoria Bitter music is in fact the overture to the film music from "The Magnificent Seven"?   It's just playing on ABC Classic now.   (ps - the Channel Nine news theme - used by them for many years, not sure if it's still current - comes from the film score of "Cool Hand Luke.")
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