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Over the past two years, I amassed quite a large collection of pocket squares - I dare not count them, but I'm guessing at least 30.   Most of them I don't wear, as they are difficult to match with my other stuff. Goodness knows what possessed me in some instances.   Like everything in CM, the ability to make a good purchasing choice comes with time. Don't rush in, and at least at the start, try not to pay more than around $50-60 per piece. In fact, many of my most...
Ah - I see. Didn't spot that. Now you force me to go back and find something else wrong with it.
Very strong field!   I voted for Sugarbutch. Superb outfit which deserves more votes.   Current frontrunner Erik has great style and colour palette, but I can't reconcile the city tie with the country outerwear.
 Because we're old. I guess you just use Grindr.
 If that's what really happened, it triples his steeze.
Good! Let's meet up at interval, or after the show for a martini around the corner.
Got off my lazy virtual arse and bought a ticket to John McLaughlin and the 4th Dimension at City Recital Hall this Thursday.   It may be worth the money, or it may not. McLaughlin's speed often outstrips his taste.
Now, just hang on one second.       Actually, hang on 1.618033988... seconds. More aesthetically pleasing.
   Perhaps this calls for a SF crowdfunding effort, so that we never have to see them displayed on this board again.
Really interesting comment. To be honest, I've been reading through these "hyper-macho posturing" (very apt description BTW) threads of Manton's and thoroughly enjoying them; but I'm sure they were "of their time", and if contributors were still carrying on that way on today's SF, it would have long ago become a marginalised forum. There are layers of irony in Manton's diatribes about clothing. Outfits praised by him in one thread are slammed in another. The overall...
New Posts  All Forums: