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I like Mr Jort's poses. Some of them are hilarious. There was one a year or two ago with him blowing his nose into a handkerchief. Breathes some fresh air into the whole "I'm an incredibly thin handsome male model pretending to be an important suit-wearing biznizman" trope.   Also it's worth pointing out that he only models suits from the block that bears his name.
 @blake91 , this is your best advice. In particular, listen carefully to what these very experienced gentlemen stylists have to say, and follow their recommendations. You might also care to commission one or two items of clothing while you're there.
 This is sage advice but it's extremely difficult to internalise. I've been on SF for some two years now, and yet the only reason I've stopped impulse-buying (recently) is because I have way too many clothes and my wardrobe is bursting. Fortunately I have now, through sheer kopping volume, managed to acquire most if not all of the basics. The only items I'm still missing are ones I would be unlikely to wear anyway - a plain charcoal suit and a pair of plain cap-toe...
 Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
  I suspect it's actually Camicissima. I have a few. They are an Italian company; however, my shirts were made in China from so-so cloth. They do also have a more expensive range which is made in Italy - I suspect your shirt may be one of those.
 I thumbed you this time Victor, not for the fit (which remains thumbless as per your wishes), but for finally revealing your genius photographer. She definitely deserves a thumbs-up. (And I bet she post-processed your iPad snap too.) On another note, you have the most astonishing collection of bags. I'm sure I've seen at least eight or ten different ones in your hand over the past few weeks. Obsessive, much?
Blake, those blue exotics may well be works of art. However they will always draw attention to your feet and away from the rest of you. Unless you wear equally loud clothes from top to toe, the shoes will unbalance your outfit, and the only thing people will ever remember is your footwear...oh, and that you're a weirdo. (Whether you are actually a weirdo or not is hardly relevant. This is what they will remember.)   That's before we even start discussing your wedding....
OK I've contacted my fitter and will see what he has to say. Thanks again.   Re waistcoat length: could be just the angle of the photo. It looked fine IRL.
I quite like number 2, although you should be aware that Claghorn Has Spoken on the subject of patterned grenadines, and they are now officially passé.
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