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Gentlemen, I came across a cordwainer in Shanghai who makes croc shoes. I know these are not up there with some of the other offerings on this thread, but your opinions are sought nevertheless.   First up: Cherry red shoe, cut from a smaller animal.     Black shoe cut from a bigger animal. More than twice as expensive.     Side details.       Construction. Supposedly hand welted. I specifically asked whether it was Goodyear welting and the answer was...
Great stuff, Gaz. Love the pleats on the pants and the way the extended dart lines up. (Surely that was not planned. Nobody could be that anal!)
 Thanks for your input. I could respond, but it would be a tedious response, and I suspect everyone is getting tired of the white shirt thing by now.
Well, after various diversions regarding spinal health and the afterlife (or lack thereof), it's back to good ole' Good Natured Advice.   Thoughts on this tie?     Is it just a little bit too much of a good thing?
 An apocryphal quote from the late Australian billionaire Kerry Packer, who was successfully resuscitated after a severe heart attack: "Mate, I've been to the other side, and I'm telling you now, there's fucking nothing there."
How can you be sure of that?
Alas, no platform spectators to match.
In exchange for the tie, I offer to post a fit on WAYWRN of me wearing my father's Safari suit. It's a genuine piece from the 70s in the very finest beige polyester.
Egdon, it's terrific to hear that you get so much use out of white shirts. I take it though, that you don't wear an evening jacket while mowing the lawn. If not, why not? There must be a reason. (If you don't actually own a dinner jacket, would it be fair to assume that if you did, you wouldn't wear it while mowing the lawn?)     Menswear "rules" are generally derived either from historical precedent or from some kind of basic reasoning. I gave some reasons for why...
New Posts  All Forums: