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Guys, I'll be in NYC this week (arriving Tuesday). What are the must-visit menswear opportunities?
  Ach, the jacket still needed some work and so it had to go back to Korea. Props to Joe for making sure we get it exactly right, but it's been a long wait. I'm back in Sydney around the middle of September and I would hope to take delivery then.
You no like it the Saphir?   Is very nice smell.
  Boots: Carmina U-wing in burgundy "museum" calf on Rain last (Gentlemen's Footwear GMTO)
#12. For the FC:      
 My older brother used to listen to Sandy Denny, Steeleye Span and so forth. Never had much time for that style myself although I'm not agin it. It can be quite charming. (As of course, can Irish folk music. I was just trolling yesterday for a laff.)  Wurger's answers are on point. You should start by reading through the "shoe care" thread. As for products, you could go up-market and buy from the Saphir range, available in Aus via Double Monk in Melbourne. (You might find...
I saw an interview with Malmsteen once. It was part of a TV show about guitar "shredders". He looked like a real degenerate. (Great player of course.)
 Haha, funny about that. I'm half Austrian. And I'd love a gig with the Vienna Phil, if there's one going. Oddly, the jacket and shirt are American, tie and pants are from Italy, PS from Korea and shoes from Spain. Not a lot of Austrian going on there...
 Ah yes. I believe that such Aegean villages use whitewash, which is different from paint and has to be applied annually, or at least, very regularly. I suppose by "paint" I meant oil-based. (Acrylic paint base is of course more recent again.)
 With Bon on vocals? Perfect. (Back in Black ain't bad either.) Anyway I'd better stop trolling, otherwise Matty won't hold my hand in public any more.
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