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#31. For this week's Challenge.       Christy's - Mu Jiu Shi - SuitSupply - Giampaolo - Canali - Henry Carter - Bresciani - Carmina for Gentlemen's Footwear
 Why certainly. In fact I'm one of them. What a lot of people don't seem to realise is that there's a million ways you can change a house, but there's only one way you can keep it in its original condition. And that's by not changing it. Or in this particular case, not removing or changing any of the many remaining original features, and sympathetically replacing those that are missing. I'm not big-noting myself here, because I didn't do any of that - it was all done by...
Was quite unnerved today - almost in tears, in fact - to see that an exquisitely restored late Victorian house I used to own in Hawthorn is in the process of being destroyed.   Not demolished, mind you. They seem to be leaving the façade intact. But they are doing horrific things on the inside and at the sides. Really, really bad.   There was so much history in that place. Original brick paving and outhouses at the back have all been ripped up/demolished. They seem to...
I was thinking about proposing this too. 25 or 30 both fine by me. Clags, your thread, you decide.
For once you speak truth. The vast majority of Aussie pinot noirs are rubbish, or close to.  There is so much pinot noir from the Yarra Valley these days. It's all crap, except for Mount Mary which is not bad, but overpriced. A few scattered genius vignerons have cracked the Pinot code - Giaconda (NE Victoria), Bass Philip (Leongatha, dairy country which will mostly never be converted to vines, thanks to the local council) and a couple of Mornington Peninsula growers....
Sander, I just gave you the first thumb of what will certainly amount to more than forty.   What fabric, and which tailor?
#30. Dressed for spring - so Melbourne pulls a winter day on me.         Vintage Ray-Ban - BB - Versace City - Pal Zileri - Henry Carter - Seiko - Brax - Pantherella - Carmina
I'm going to talk you into it. They're beyond awesome.
Contradicting me is un-Australian. Do you have dual citizenship by any chance?
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