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Oh yes I forgot to state that I'm a 52 in most SuSu cuts. (42 USA)
Not a reg on this thread but I do own some SuSu suits so I will cautiously weigh in on the debate over TopCat's lapel width.   The seated shot looks OK but you can see that the pocket square is nearly completely covered by the lapel. Also to maintain aesthetic proportions, the lapels should IMHO cover max 2/3 of the chest panel width at their peak. So yes, in this particular suit on this particular frame, the lapels are wider than ideal. But as long as TC is comfortable...
Can't remember the name, but it's Italian. Shop is on Pitt St between Liverpool and Bathurst, east side.I shave with my black Amex. When it gets blunt, I send Smedley 'round to pick up a replacement with a higher limit.
Not in a position to take a fit shot, but I'm wearing a Paul Smith overcoat/Drake's scarf/Inis Meain jumper/Uniqlo shirt/Kapital jeans/Loake 1880 scotchgrain boots. Propping up the bar at Constellation, Yongjia Road, Shanghai. Tipple of choice: martini, Tanqueray Ten, very dry, twist. hic.......Merry Xmas!
In some ways I would prefer more thumbing on WAYWRN rather than less. It would lend more statistical significance to the numbers.   Like Stitchy, I've also noticed a drop-off in thumbing this week. Pretty sure that would be due to a drop-off in readership, itself attributable to the fact that most peoples' lives tend to get really busy in the week leading up to the festive season.   I predict that thumbing rates will remain low until mid January, by which time most of...
I nearly bought yet another Canali suit today at their boutique sale. I'm still thinking about it. But for now, I have been strong and resisted.   However, I weakened very late in the afternoon when confronted with a pair of Loake 1880 wingtip brogues in tan calf at $272. Kopped. They are perler.
 Wrong forum. Try styleforlorn.net - they answer normcore-related questions.
 This shift started already five years ago. One of my Shanghai friends is an English guy with a textile business. He could see labour and other costs rising steadily and already about three years ago he started reconnoitring other countries. He looked at Vietnam and Myanmar but settled upon Southern India, where he is now in the process of lining up factories and logistics. India and Bangladesh have the advantage of cheap labour, deep water ports, moderately stable...
 Don't knock it. Injecting heroin is a job many people dedicate their entire lives to.  If you have a deep understanding of the markets and of investment psychology, I'm sure that beating the field by 0.1% can be thrilling. Also, see below.  OK, that was maybe a bit too passionate.  This got me thinking. The least mediocre person I have ever met would most likely be Mstislav Rostropovich. (fxh runs a close second.) Which segues into my own experience with "following one's...
 I've met LM too and he's fine, a mensch in fact. I think he just enjoys taking a position and then arguing passionately for that position.
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