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And @EFV - just superb. Fit of the month.
 Post-doctoral pattern matching here - yeah, sure, tie and upholstery; but...check out the subtle vertical striping on the suit, against the books arranged vertically in that bookcase. I'm scared to post again in the presence of such mastery.
Thank you @anzar. Please don't forget to spoiler or delete photos when quoting. #71. The SF uniform.   [[SPOILER]]
 Hmmm... Those C&J Brunswicks are indeed open-laced, but at the most "formal" end of that spectrum due to the square cut of their open quarters which allows for a straight line at the lacings. I actually rarely wear them with anything other than a suit for this reason. But strictly speaking, yes, I have broken a rule there. Thanks for pointing out the shirt-collar problem. Once again, as with many of my other fit issues, this is ultimately caused by my upper back stoop...
 You coulda been a contender on this week's Friday Challenge with that rig.
 Times are tough. I might be forced to launch my own menswear blog.
@blekit, possibly your best yet. Tie/square interplay especially good here.
Much better than Crockett & Jones hand grade?   OK...I'll try...but it sounds expensive.   p.s. Generally it's considered good form here to "spoiler" other people's pics - less scrolling for everyone.
New Posts  All Forums: