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 It's basically rubbish. Brewed in enormous quantities by Carlton & United Breweries (now owned by South African giant SAB Miller, which forms one half of the current Aussie brewing duopoly along with Lion Nathan/Kirin, another multinational). I refuse to drink any of that lethal crap. CUB's biggest brands are Vic Bitter and Foster's Lager, which to me taste identically bad. The other big names in Australian beer - Reschs, Tooheys, 4X and so on - are all toxic too. For...
 Isn't that Arfur Daley's lock-up in the photo? Or it might be the gang hide-out from "A Fish Called Wanda".  This. Living in London in the early 90s, I discovered that most pubs were serving crap beer from the large brewery conglomerates. Cold "lagers" were very popular. The more seasoned drinkers, and most folk north of Watford, knew to head for independent pubs serving so-called "real ales" and/or locally brewed bitters. I also learned that the best British beers are...
   Next up: the First Base routine.
Someone posted a pic of Bryan Ferry. Here's another one.   I wonder who was responsible for the threads. Tommy Nutter maybe?  
Who's doing the threads for this instalment? TF again?   I think they should be getting PJohnson, or maybe B&Tailor. Tom Ford is like, so naughties.
I definitely think that to be truly versatile, any suede "one shoe" has to be a wingtip oxford in a darker tone.   Here are mine. Oddly enough, this pair is from Canali.       But why stick to one pair when you can have two? This brown suede tanker boot with contrast stitching from Carmina perfectly complements the formality of the Canalis. Works for me...  
 One thing's for sure: your kids will have nice teeth.
Semi-casual Saturday workwear.        
 That's the first time I've seen a dead puffin pressed into service as a pocket square. 
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