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its a Brunello Cucinelli
The one in the picture isn't a Tumi so hope I haven't confused. I use a Tumi everyday currently - one of the classic black alpha cases and it's great to be honest. The case in the pictures is a whole different ballgame though and it's going to be used hopefully in the same way but will have a lot more character
To jackgb1980 To be honest I haven't started using it yet (waiting till Christmas Day to officially receive it) but it is lovely. The leather is beautiful and the quality looks fantastic, it's stylish but not in a flash way and looks like it will age beautifully Where are you getting it from and have you seen it - by all means pm me
Well I'll have a go $250 it is 😊
more in the range of €130 climbing upwards when you go 6 or 7 fold and different fabrics etc. When you consider though that you can discuss every aspect for true bespoke that's not a bad deal   HTH
If you PM Gianni (you can get his details form the (Passagio Cravatte thread) he will send you a view of all the available silks and then you can converse by email or PM   I did this last week and he has some lovely fabrics so well worth a contact
Answering the earlier question of how many M3 drivers are on here
I'm one :-) [IMG]
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