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You need to have a UK shipping address fyi, wont let you ship to any other country
Looking for a brushed matlock shirt (scenery shirt) in large One on ebay for 250 but would like to do a bit better
Got this in from the mr porter sale, gonna try to find the brush matlock shirt tomorrow if i can
The dude from HBOs divorce was rocking some selvedge denim in an episode. Kind of reminded me of an RRL wash but i cant think of which one specifically
i gotta say the new setup with customer service not being able to see store inventory is so counter intuitive   before you could call with a style number if it was pulled off the website and still find things, now you gotta call random stores and hope you can get lucky or an SA that knows how to find shit effeciently   like why would you make it harder for people to spend money on your stuff?
Definitely. The western shirts were always cut a bit slimmer but regular workshirts also seem a bit more form fitting
call with an item number theyll try to find it in store for you   normally store pricing is always better than online anyway
Further drops on RRL @ mr porter Baseball jersey 70 off comes to 80 bucks
Heddels with some RRL love https://www.heddels.com/2017/01/rrl-limited-edition-work-shirt-uses-every-heritage-indigo-print-ever/
Seconded or this is a troll post
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