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Loving the richmond jacket, especially the lining Dunno if i could drop 1800 after hearing the mixed reviews on leather quality
All items in good condition, no rips tears or stains 1. RRL red french terry pullover, 60 shipped 2. Diesel tricot cardigans, 30 each or 70 for all shipped 3. Jcrew slim fit button up, 20 shipped
I like the nerdy denim talk As a hobbyist crafter i see japanese denims at non bulk prices as low as 7.50 a yard to 12.00 depending on weight and other factors It takes roughly 3 yards to make a pair + canvas for pocket lining, rivets, thread, leather patch...
those big oak pants look like along the lines of rising suns new 'settler' fit     i think it looks horrible but thats just me
 could be production price vs price paid. some items might have been too expensive and they could actually be losing money on the orders.
if any resellers bought current season stuff in a large they're looking to move i would love to see pics
yeah stuff that probably wasn't bought with a leaked employee code...
 are resellers really listing items on ebay they haven't even received yet? you can almost always spot the woodbury merchandise but id be shocked if resellers were posting this employee sale stuff already
i work part time as an SA at a diesel outlet thats right next to a polo outlet   time to make the jump over to the LO so i can take advantage of stuff like this
had a few pieces under the code and it applied the discount and my browser crashed cause the RRL site is terribly coded. went back in and the code was no longer valid   hope you guys get your stuff honored!
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