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Hope it helps. The more you wear the more comfortable theyll be for sure!
Soak for 20 then wear as long as you can. Hotter water = more permanent effects than cold
i had a similair problem. What i did was soak the upper half of the jean in warm water then wore them to try and contour them to my body (like a STF levis but only for the half you want to manipulate). Its not gonna be perfect so youre just going to have to wear them out after that
is woodbury dead now too? i heard they were going to make it a 'luxury' store
also i have a distressed leather belt from RRL thats a 36 but I have lost weight and would like to modify it by adding some more holes going down and cutting off excess. maybe this is the wrong thread for this but do any of you gurus know if its possible for a leathersmith to do something like this?
anyone selling east/west slim narrows rigids? looking for 34 waist
i need that scenery workshirt. kinda reminds me of something gitman vintage would do
normally i dont order things off the website because send sales from stores are always cheaper... but this morning i went and got two pairs of slim narrows for 162 shipped   pretty awesome deal
1. two RRL slim western shirts (large) 40 shipped each   2. Klaxon Howl slub indigo japanese denim jacket size large (think jcrew large) 125 shipped OBO   3. Mark McNairy Steven Mcqueen playboy chukkas (size 11) 150 shipped OBO
indigo slub cotton hoodie just got pulled from the website =(   going to have to try to call and find this at a store today, was definitely on my want list
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