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the cotton wool workshirt sweater looks great but even 40 percent off at 700 seems ridiculous
Damn ralph why dont you want our money
tried safari on my mac air, no good   sale prices not even reflecting in cart
is it bad if i bought these i would just carelessly beat them up?
great price   bank account looking at me like...     "no pat, christmas coming up!"
 i guess you work in some type of protection/law enforcement? a bit OT but i heard NYC CC was impossible to get for regular civilians
i will make sure you have them by the weekend my friend. hopefully get them off to you today but if not def tomorrow because im off work.   i love these boots and took care of them the best i could. the cxl leather looks really nice but at the end of the day i just found myself rotating my red wings way more.   enjoy!
300 Shipped in the USA
greywash sold
looking at getting a new winter coat and ran across this on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ralph-Lauren-RRL-Distressed-Down-Feather-Filled-Hooded-Parka-Puffy-Jacket-L-/351307151837?hash=item51cb89b9dd:m:mY4GppihPJphFtLi4e_QZVQ   anyone ever handle one of these first hand? it looks great, just want to make sure it will actually function well against full on winter weather. gets to about 0 around here with heavy snow.
New Posts  All Forums: