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Flight suit = great halloween costume
Bunch of rigid chinos just got put up on ebay for around 120 shipped
Have ebay alerts set and got both of these off buy it nows for around 70 bucks shipped total
  found this in my favorite SS henley   no idea how it happened   pretty bummed
RLL shirt w jcrew chinos and iron rangers
slim narrow is definitely more of a true skinny jean than slim fit stretch amount might depend on the type of denim
anyone up for posting some collection pics?
  i honestly prefer my iron rangers over my bowerys and indys. i also owned an RRL washington boot and my iron rangers were definitely better quality. you're right about the details though, the indys look much nicer with the contrast stitching in the toe but i wouldnt put them that far ahead of IRs in terms of quality id love to see what those look like after a nice coat of oil or leather refresh
Hope it helps. The more you wear the more comfortable theyll be for sure!
Soak for 20 then wear as long as you can. Hotter water = more permanent effects than cold
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