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Bought these postmans for 50 bucks off grailed. Apparently its a japan only style.
If you were aiming for a summertime pair of jeans it might have helped to not order a pair made of out of the heaviest weight denim availableW the kevlar lining i have a feeling sweaty balls are going to be unavoidable on this one
bad post
If anyone is going today im looking for the grey pullover hoodie w the two parallel pockets in large or black crewneck in large
18.5 oz kuroki mills gun metal hardware, brown thread, black and white liner   13.5 oz candiani mills black hardware, black thread, black liner   14 oz candiani indigo over indigo silver hardware, khaki thread, white canvas liner   my orders so far
at this point UNIONMADE only seems good for looking at multiple photos and getting exact measurements i've never seen an item on there that i've wanted that i couldn't find on another website for less, even during their sales
Had a proxy successfully pick me these up from the sample sale 5 shirts 1 tie for 220
Ordered 4 pairs...3 during the first 50 percent off sale and another one over the black friday sale. Cant wait to check them out
Sounds like if someone made a trip they could be having their selection paid for Im on vacation till sunday and im doubtful of the selection by that time or i would
12/4 - 1pm-7pm12/5 - 12-712/6 - 12-712/7 - 12-6197 grand street #6SNew york, new yorkFirst come first serve
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