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Does the vineland orlando PRL outlet still sell RRL? Older posts indicate yes but just seeing if anyones been recently. Going to disney next week
 thought about pulling the trigger on that tooi saw one on ebay at 200 a few weeks ago but at 120 i think its a no brainer
Has anyone seen the british explorer coat in person? Looking for a new main winter jacket (something that can negative temps/lots of snow) And wondering if this is thick enough to get the job done
I think they might have done a 15 percenter last year?Honestly though ive never seen any sale deep enough on unionmade that i couldnt find cheaper elsewhere
YeahRandom surplus websites mostly. Some were seconds
I remember after winter there waa crazy deals...saw IRs for 175
Sales still on, ordered another pair
If the sale goes till friday i might buy 2 more pairs I like the new denim samples they just posted today
also its crazy to me that even without the promotional price we're seeing details and fabrics on these jeans that come mostly on denim in the 200-300 dollar price range for <100 dollars...and thats not even taking into consideration the customization options   not trying to hype a product i havent seen or felt in person but the company could honestly be a really big force in the denim world if everything works out
i wish the indigo on indigo fabric didnt sell out or i might have ordered 3
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