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literally worn twice since i purchased it 175 shipped CONUS   i wear large in almost everything RRL but have broad shoulders and the XL was a perfecet fit. if you typically wear large this would probably be a better buy since its runs slim   still have the tags somewhere, orig was 390
In store sales are pretty crazy right now, also very picked over SA's are pretty accommodating with calling stores and helping you locate items
Any recommendations for an actual winter jacket?
I love the slim fit oxfords. Thanks for the heads up
 i really like that laptop bag
Visiting disney world for a week in late nov into early dec...any good shopping around that area? I thought i saw a few RRLers from that area posting in this thread
Hows the quality on the boondocker boot? Is it light? How would you compare to iron rangers/beckmans?
http://www.malfordoflondon.com/ralph-lauren-trousers/6706-ralph-lauren-rrl-360-japanese-selvedge-olive-slim-fit-jeans-made-in-usa.html Are these the same as the limited edition olives? I know the back pocket tag is supposed to say "limited edition" in red on the tag but i dont see it in the pic -30 pounds with summer sale code, comes out to 80 pounds shipped to usa = 140 usd
Been wearing my 8111s during the summertime and they are still comfy in 80-90 degree weather. Also love the feel of these way more than my moc toes. Just overall a fantastic boot
I asked the SA i work with about a good tailor cause i was interested in tapering the lower Half leg on my slim fits a bit (like petite new standards) and he suggested soaking the bottom half of the jean in hot water to help shrink it up Anyone ever give this a shot? I feel like it could be bad to only dye half
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