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I know we had talked about this on the prior page but maybe this is a good disclosure as to why they was selling them for so cheapI'll post my Bowerys when I get them
Glad to a see a few philly people in the thread!
absolutely love this leather jacket. polo but reminds me of something RRL. was never put into production:   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Polo-Ralph-Lauren-Leather-Biker-Jacket-1295NWT-moto-cylinder-p-hunting-A2-rrl-M-/331768414179?hash=item4d3ef03fe3:g:bqQAAOSwa-dWlx~W
i grabbed a pair of bowerys...are they TTS? i wear 11 in basically everything so i grabbed an 11even if they're wrong size they're too cheap for me not to try
FYI there is an ebay seller blowing out bowery boots NIB for 230 buy it now...dont know how, they're still listed at 990 on the website  
anyone handle this in person and can comment on it? down to 90 bucks on the website so i can only assume its that plus 30 percent in store and i love the color. not a need but if its really nice i wanna get it
RRL camo crew neck, slim narrow kentucky, red wing iron rangers
i would like to see this too not much of a pinstripe guy but maybe some pics could motivate me
after wearing a few pairs of RRL boots i was never super impressed with the quality to be honest   i feel like the 'upper tier' RRL boots (like the bowery) might be better quality than the ones i've worn though (belloq, boondocker, washington)
Heavyweight flannel from the 2010 summit collection Bomber jacket from last years fall collection i think
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