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I think its to let everyone know you paid 500 dollars for a crewneck
Jcrew 405s purchased @25 percent off and 25 dollar gift card. After a few days of wear i can definitely say they are worth the hype
Im sure these pics have jacked contrast but look at the patina on this used leather
Sorry if its been answered but i got a new pair of indys coming in tomorrow. Should i put a light coat of obneaufs before wear or wait
for the bowery and livingston they do seem to run a tad bit rather than TTS but in my experience not enough to justify going a half size down. a lot of 'up and down' room. i usually wear all my stuff with a dr scholls insole on top of the normal so that makes it just about right.
got a pair of aldens taking advantage of a jcrew glitch for 20 percent off. pretty excited to get them. are the jcrew colors exclusive to jcrew? i got the raisin/405s.
supply and advise extra 40 off sale, some RRL in there
Livingstons w jcrew chinos rrl french terry rrl deck jacket
someone had them up on grailed forever, maybe like 6 months. i can take some more pics if you're thinking about purchasing or if you wanna see something specific. i will say just wearing these around the house the brown
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