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Refunded my one order. Gonna give my other one from november a few more weeks but cancel if nothing happens
A SA told me that sizing inconsistency is because they size off of the piece theyre influenced by. Like if theyre copying a WW2 vest thats a size large but fits more like an XL that will be reflected amongst the reproduction Could be an excuse, either way annoying
Thats kind of messed up. My lining is bunching up at the bottom but hasnt created that under lip yet. The only silver lining to your situation is that you paid sale price (if you paid what i paid then it was a crazy deal).
 i have one and it doesnt do it =(
Looking for a pair of flagstaff jeans in 32 or 33 waist
I saw a pair in my size when you were running that overstock/ready to ship thing on instagram. Can i just cancel my one order and get that pair instead if theyre not sold yet? Figure id get jeans quicker and youd have one less backorder - they were the 18.5oz waist 34 posted a week ago
Did you get those tapered?
Damn how are mid 100's orders still not fufilled when they say theyre into production for numbers 400+
Very well said
What shirt is that on the far right, looks like a hunting shirt? Thanks!
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