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Never saw this before; this looks awesome! https://www.ebay.com/itm/162246195807
Second week breaking in these new oxblood iron rangers I had a pair of amber harnesses for five years; forgot how painful these are to break in God i love that color
Second day in, already feel way easier to break in than my first pair
Whatd you use to get that shine
had someone proxy me a pair of these from the red wings sale     my amber harness's are about 4 years old so i figure if im going to resole them for a hundred bucks i might as well spent the extra 70 and get a fresh pair   pretty excited about it
already sold them to another member...maybe hell repost if they don't work for his SO
I don't know if any of your girlfriends wear RRL but i gambled on these size 25 jeans for my gf and theyre too small. Was going to send them back but ill hook anyone up on here if interested. 35 shipped CONUS
Can we agree that bluepresent is the worst ebay reseller
Flight suit = great halloween costume
Bunch of rigid chinos just got put up on ebay for around 120 shipped
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