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484 fit toasted brown
50 for one shipped, or 90 for both USA   indigo on indigo 17" waist 10" thigh 8.5" knee 8" opening   indigo with gold threading 16.5" waist 9.5" thigh 8.25" knee 8" leg opening
if anyone can proxy a pair of slim narrow from the sample sale ^-^ ... looking for 32/33 x 32
rechecked the sale page this morning and about half of it is gone. really liking some of the denim and supply stuff, particularly the blue slub cotton henley and short sleeve red shirt
probably going to pick up the botton blend fleece hoodie. oddly attracted to the zipper down the middle of the hood for some reason.
Guess i can finally post in the alden thread now that i bought these 403s
Ready for this next sale
KLAXON HOWL denim coat made out of slubby japanese denim. Tagged a size XL but I wear large everything (jcrew, etc) and it is a perfect fit.
RRL Washington boots size 12. 100 OBO Barely worn as you can tell in the pics. Great boot just a bit big for my feet (I wear size 11.5NB/11Nike).
red wing postmans 9103 this was a japan only style dont really fit that comfy on my feet id give 8.5/10 condition. size: 10.5D 70 shipped USA
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