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speaking of boots who here has the livingston? it looks amazing in the pics, same price as the bowery. id love to see a pair after some wear
Creasing after a few hours of wear
can i see pics of yours all broken in?
First day breaking in the bowerys. My toe is pretty much touching the tip so theyre good in a length but its a pretty roomy boot. Have them tied really tight. They do feel extremely comfortable however
dr martins wonder balsamĀ i've applied often and pretty liberally. looks really nice if you're dressing them up to give it a coat to get some shine. usually a coat every every contact with snow salt.
3-4 years wear, all weather
any tailor recommendations? im not against sending it to someone if i know they'll do a way better job than my average dry cleaner place.
Ebay for 30 bucks. Has about a dime size discrepancy in the upper left hand shoulder (you can see it almost align w the hanger. It still had the sales tag on it too so for a 490 dollar piece im not too worried about it. Maybe spend a few bucks and get it stitched over
Got these in the mail today. Bowerys feel real nice, pretty damn stiff. They feel a tad loose but with a half size down i know they would feel too tight. Dont think i would pay full price for them Tbh
Crazy 1/18 limited edition vest on ebay for any collectors. Tagged large but has the usual medium measurements. Apparently made out of real WW2 sea bags? http://www.ebay.com/ulk/itm/331771840906
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