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Sorry if its been answered but i got a new pair of indys coming in tomorrow. Should i put a light coat of obneaufs before wear or wait
for the bowery and livingston they do seem to run a tad bit rather than TTS but in my experience not enough to justify going a half size down. a lot of 'up and down' room. i usually wear all my stuff with a dr scholls insole on top of the normal so that makes it just about right.
got a pair of aldens taking advantage of a jcrew glitch for 20 percent off. pretty excited to get them. are the jcrew colors exclusive to jcrew? i got the raisin/405s.
supply and advise extra 40 off sale, some RRL in there
Livingstons w jcrew chinos rrl french terry rrl deck jacket
someone had them up on grailed forever, maybe like 6 months. i can take some more pics if you're thinking about purchasing or if you wanna see something specific. i will say just wearing these around the house the brown
          got my livingston boots in today. came with box and dust cover. the material on these is very thick leather, definitely thicker than my bowery. they were also very roomy like my bowerys, so i put an insert on top of the original insole to help fill them out and now they feel great. really impressed with them. idk if i would pay 990 but for 250 it was a no brainer
thats the pair. they are basically brand new. if for some reason they're too big for me ill send you a PM if you're interested.
got a pair of livingston boots off of grailed to make up for it i was so salty
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