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I have for trade/for sale a pair of BNIB Alden Ravello Longwing bluchers (LWB) in size 8.5D. They include original shoebox and shoe bags. They have been tried on carpet. I am reluctantly selling these because I have lost a lot of weight and these are a tad too loose for me now.   I would prefer a trade because that beats me having to sell these and have to hunt down another pair of shoes to replace it. I will sell them if no good trade offers come in.  I would trade...
I have a pair of BNIB Ralph Lauren Crockett and Jones Gianni boots in size 8.5D.  These have never been worn. They have been tried on carpet a couple times, then placed in a storage box. For full disclosure, there are a couple very minor scuffs which can easily be brushed away, and the shaft is a little wrinkly due to the fact that I laced it up when I was trying it on. They will come with a beat up Ralph Lauren shoe box and no shoe bags. All sales are final so please...
I have a pair of Brooks Brothers snuff suede plain toe boots in trubalance 8.5D for sale. They are BNIB, tried on twice on carpet. Comes with Brooks Brothers shoe bags and Brooks Brothers shoe box (how they arrived to me).   They will be shipped via USPS priority with tracking. Price is $350 via paypal.  Please let me know if you have any questions. All sales are final so please know your size before purchasing.
Will the Kentmere be available for purchase even if we didn't preorder?
Wow I wish I checked SF last night. Anyone pick up an extra pair of marlow PTB or wingtips in 8.5D and willing to sell me a pair?
I am selling my BNIB ravello Leffot daytrippers in size 9D.  I received these back in December. This pair has blemishes on the left boot and one tiny dot on the cap of the right boot. These are supposedly natural blemishes on the cordovan leather. They bothered me at first but I decided to keep them because they are still beautiful. Well I never got around to wearing them because of the obligatory phase of keeping them fresh on a pedestal.    For the sake of being...
Just wondering if anyone has an approximate date on when the stock doak/walnut cc galways will be coming in. Going to travel for 2 months so I'm hoping they come in soon.
I haven't been able to frequent the forums much. Does anyone know where we're at in terms of the DC cigar captoe and Frans ravello plaza indy? Seems like both were delayed for quite a while now.
 Thanks for the reply gentlemen. I sent an email, but it took them a week to respond. Also, I guess he read the email in a hurry because he thought I wanted to place a MTO, so he didn't address my question. I just thought it might be faster to get an answer here. I'm guessing theyre just really busy with all the different MTOs. Don't blame them because they have a record number of MTOs going on.
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