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I am selling my BNIB ravello Leffot daytrippers in size 9D.  I received these back in December. This pair has blemishes on the left boot and one tiny dot on the cap of the right boot. These are supposedly natural blemishes on the cordovan leather. They bothered me at first but I decided to keep them because they are still beautiful. Well I never got around to wearing them because of the obligatory phase of keeping them fresh on a pedestal.    For the sake of being...
Just wondering if anyone has an approximate date on when the stock doak/walnut cc galways will be coming in. Going to travel for 2 months so I'm hoping they come in soon.
I haven't been able to frequent the forums much. Does anyone know where we're at in terms of the DC cigar captoe and Frans ravello plaza indy? Seems like both were delayed for quite a while now.
 Thanks for the reply gentlemen. I sent an email, but it took them a week to respond. Also, I guess he read the email in a hurry because he thought I wanted to place a MTO, so he didn't address my question. I just thought it might be faster to get an answer here. I'm guessing theyre just really busy with all the different MTOs. Don't blame them because they have a record number of MTOs going on.
Do any of you gentlemen know if Skoak will allow me to pay a higher deposit. With the strong USD, I think it is in our favor to pay more upfront. I want to place my order for the stock dark oak/walnut cc galways soon, but was wondering if this was feasible.
 And Steel, it looks like you and I are the same size in both barrie and grant (8.5D barrie, 9D grant). I do have a tad bit of wiggle room for my toes with those sizes, and I'm likely a 8E barrie and 8.5E grant, but I never experimented with my sizing. I'm leaning towards just going with the UK8.5E as well for the 82 lasted galways. One thing I'm a little afraid of is the creasing cap if I shorten the length a little too much.
Sorry I didnt include the last. I'm looking at the skoaks offering of the galway on 82 last, which I know is on the narrow size. The reason that I want to go wider is that I am a bigger dude and I don't know how narrow that last really is, but I don't want it to look too dainty on my feet.
Hey guys, this is a cross post from the EG thread. I need to nail down the sizing for my first pair of galways (so excited!).  If I were a 8.5D in alden barrie, would going a UK8F be too much of a risk or should I stick to the usual UK=Barrie size rule (in my case a UK8.5E)? 
Thank you so much for posting. I need some galways in my life. I think an old picture that Crat posted did it for me. Now I need to nail down sizing. If I were a 8.5D in alden barrie, would going a UK8F be a risk or should I stick to the usual UK=Barrie size rule (in my case a UK8.5E) . 
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