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Does anyone know a good tailor in philly? I need a couple pairs of rivets tapered. Called up two locations and was quoted $40 and $50 per pair. Crazy. Was I spoiled when I paid less than $20/pair in los angeles?
Hey newbie, can you post some pics of the boot? I think we would love to see some comparison shots of the last and maybe see what the color is like.
Just wondering, have any of you guys recrafted a pair of calf/cxl indys? I want a pair of Indy boots but I can only imagine myself spending $150 or whatever the price is, to recraft a pair of cordovan shoes, unless the recraft looks spectacular. 
https://www.jcrew.com/search2/index.jsp?N=21+16+10019&Nloc=en&Ntrm=&Npge=1&Nrpp=48&Nsrt=3&hasSplitResults=false   Anonymous ism and CHUP socks for $12. 
Are things cheaper in stores than online? I want to buy both the olive and brown officer chinos but wondering if it would be cheaper to get it shipped from a store.
How is the quality on these? 
I would buy if you hadn't just joined SF. Do you have references or an ebay account?
My apologies. I was being taken to the Canadian website for some odd reason. Wow, I feel for our Canadian neighbors.
Did Jcrew raise their Alden prices or is this a mistake? $796 for the cordovan captoe boots? What happened? I was just about to pull the trigger for the alpine wingtip boot but now its $650. Wow suddenly $750 for a rare shell makeup is a value compared to Jcrew prices.
Guys I have accepted that I have been a little unreasonable in the past. I was just a little disappointed  Is this a keeper or a return? This is a slightly better picture. Captoe boots are my fav, and ravello is my fav shell color. 
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