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I didn't know this business was so lucrative. I should quit school to start up a MTO leather jacket company. A little competition would really get him to care a little more. It looks like he doesnt even make the jackets himself? 
I doubt it.It costs $980 to MTO with Crockett and Jones.Once ebay prices of Alden's whiskey WTB surpass $980 it doesn't make sense to go with alden's whiskey WTB, unless you are die-hard alden fan/collector. $980 on ebay=$880 after fees meaning only a $100 profit which wouldn't even be worth it for the seller. Even from a collector's point of view, wingtip boot isn't that exotic. Maybe whiskey + tanker boot would make it worthwile for a collector.  Sorry to say, but...
I passed on the WTBoots. I saw the email and replied within 2 mins. Got a call but changed my mind. Whiskey, when done right, can look okay, but the whiskey I've been seeing lately would have to be my least favorite shell color. Maybe I'll regret this later? 
I have not received my email yet....
When are those due?
I wish they were one or two sizes smaller. I have 35'' waist but I heard these stretch out like crazy. Would totally kop. GLWS!
Just wondering...does it bother you guys that this is non-resolable? I add toe and heel taps to all my work shoes because I overprotonate. My sneakers last me half a year at most (only had chucks and vans), and that is only with weekend wear.  I absolutely love how the cigars and oxblood look, but $600 for a year's worth of wear? Maybe these are the wrong shoes for me? 
Do you happen to know when the ravellos will be in? Weren't the two orders made at the same time?
Wow I totally wish I kept  an eye on the forums so I could have caught the PSA about the Alden DC cigar boot with medallion on aberdeen last. They look absolutely amazing! I was at the right place at the right time for the leffot daytrippers but not for these. Well I guess I gotta convince myself that I should be content with the daytrippers. If anyone in an 8.5E or 9E is planning on returning please let me know!
Honestly, after reading your conversation, I think you were definitely wrong.... Yes, most normal people don't care about a small nick, but that doesn't mean that its okay for you to not list it. "I honestly did not look over the shoes that closely when I listed them."--you already lost credibility there. Then you ask him to return the shoes first without notifying paypal? Are you an established member? Nope, only 60 posts over a course of 3 years.  Of COURSE hes going...
New Posts  All Forums: