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Why don't you call and ask for a small discount. Doesn't hurt to ask. I find returning/exchanging things to be such a hassle. I know that they will become like that after the first wear so it doesn't really matter, but it's the principle that they have been creased and scuffed up and sold to you for full retail. 
Is it just me, or was thebeebs funny only the first time. That got old pretty fast, especially when he started looking for them when they weren't even there. Meh maybe it is just me and I dont have a sense of humor.
All my boots fit this way. I never thought that it was a problem. 
Congrats! Those are my FAVORITE black shell. I wish I could wear suits/formal attire more often to justify purchasing black shell captoe boots. I think black shell captoe boots + navy suit=sexiest outfit ever.
Darn! it was you who beat me to it! Haha wear in good health. Please let me have the next one though! I'm in need of a charcoal or navy suit! I only have a black pair that I purchased 3 years ago for all my interviews. I know...terrible mistake to get black. 
I didn't know this business was so lucrative. I should quit school to start up a MTO leather jacket company. A little competition would really get him to care a little more. It looks like he doesnt even make the jackets himself? 
I doubt it.It costs $980 to MTO with Crockett and Jones.Once ebay prices of Alden's whiskey WTB surpass $980 it doesn't make sense to go with alden's whiskey WTB, unless you are die-hard alden fan/collector. $980 on ebay=$880 after fees meaning only a $100 profit which wouldn't even be worth it for the seller. Even from a collector's point of view, wingtip boot isn't that exotic. Maybe whiskey + tanker boot would make it worthwile for a collector.  Sorry to say, but...
I passed on the WTBoots. I saw the email and replied within 2 mins. Got a call but changed my mind. Whiskey, when done right, can look okay, but the whiskey I've been seeing lately would have to be my least favorite shell color. Maybe I'll regret this later? 
I have not received my email yet....
When are those due?
New Posts  All Forums: