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Yeah I've shopped there twice and had bad experiences both times. The workers seem really lazy. Returns/exchanges are processed by the store owner who is really rude and condescending. I think he owns multiple stores, but I'm guessing that they keep relatively low stocks of everything, and you can see that because the items I received looked like they were display items that had that "worn-in" look/feel. I've had ebay items in "pre-worn" condition arrive in better...
I placed an order too. I hope it doesn't get cancelled but I guess I win either way then huh? haha!Historically, has RL honored these mistakes? I know J.Crew honors all the small sales on Aldens, but I guess this is an entirely different magnitude. I placed the order in such a hurry that I forgot to choose the overnight shipping option, stupid me. 
Thanks. I got it for my dad but it didn't fit him, then I lost the chance to return it. I would totally wear it myself if it were in my size. I'm actually surprised no one has bit yet at that price. I can't go any lower than that price though so I hope someone takes it off my hands soon.
 I just looked it up and see that it was posted on many other deal sites. I wish code was something that was a styleforum secret. 
You know I keep reading this but I have not found this to be true. During the past 7 months I've been interested in Alden's, I can already recount about 8 or 9  different instances in which they have been discounted anywhere from 10 to 33%. Of course a couple of them were "price mistakes", but I think it is wrong to say that they are never discounted. They just aren't as heavily discounted as other brands.
Gosh. Nice MTO choices guys. I am looking at a MTO eagle county in dark brown calf uppers or cxl, natural color welt, indepedence lining, and dainite sole. How much is a MTO?
 I love this makeup. How much did you pay for those? I'm considering a MTO and I wish I took advantage of the clearance price MTO's.
I have some brand new shell crockett and jones/ralph lauren mccallum chukka boots in 11D for sale (in my signature) or for trade. I'm looking for a nice leather jacket/coat. I would prefer brand new of course but I would accept trades of jackets/coats in "like new" condition (worn only a couple times with no wear at all). I have a size 41 chest.
I just put the shoulder strap in between the two hand straps. 
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