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Are things cheaper in stores than online? I want to buy both the olive and brown officer chinos but wondering if it would be cheaper to get it shipped from a store.
How is the quality on these? 
I would buy if you hadn't just joined SF. Do you have references or an ebay account?
My apologies. I was being taken to the Canadian website for some odd reason. Wow, I feel for our Canadian neighbors.
Did Jcrew raise their Alden prices or is this a mistake? $796 for the cordovan captoe boots? What happened? I was just about to pull the trigger for the alpine wingtip boot but now its $650. Wow suddenly $750 for a rare shell makeup is a value compared to Jcrew prices.
Guys I have accepted that I have been a little unreasonable in the past. I was just a little disappointed  Is this a keeper or a return? This is a slightly better picture. Captoe boots are my fav, and ravello is my fav shell color. 
Haha I was going to return them even before all this. That initial update was just me posting when I was upset, but I'm over it. The next reply was just me making an attempt to defend myself. I was just venting circleslife, don't hate me lol!
Yes and no. You would ask for that anywhere else right? You have a dinged up car at the car dealership, would you pay full MSRP? Your chef messed up your order, wouldn't you ask for a replacement or possibly a free meal depending on how bad they messed up? Ok so those weren't perfect analogies, but you get the point. Why is this any different? So a high demand excuses your store from any form of good will?  I hope you don't run a business.  Yes I understand that the demand...
Congrats! Your daytrippers and cigar indys look wonderful!
Update:Sent Leffot an email, then I got a little impatient and called instead. Talked to Che. She said that they rather have me return the shoes than give me a discount , because it is normal to see variations in the leather. Basically, "tough luck". I passed on 2 other pairs of shoes, including the CJ Whiskey Harlechs and a pair of discounted EG Galways for these shoes. Now I'm kind of kicking myself for going with these. To be honest, for a store like Leffot, I think...
New Posts  All Forums: