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I would pick ravello!
Can you post some shots of those in natural light? I'm curious to see how they look outdoors.
Hope to bump into you somewhere in Philly. I have yet to come across a fellow alden/shell cordovan fan. Would be great to spot some ravello wt boots out in the wild.
Wow, just amazing! Congratulations! Wear in good health
Sorry. One more of these hypothetical questions: cigar or ravello captoe boot? I am on the ravello captoe boot list but also have a shot at the cigars. Might have to choose only one. Never seen either in person so for those who have either one, can you chime in on which you prefer?
   Ok thanks for unwittingly talking me out of another alden purchase. Was really tempted to purchase the WT boot but I would have had to make the decision between these and my newly acquired AoC ravello lwb. Or I would have received the wtboot, instantly fallen in love, made the irrational decision to keep both, and regret it a couple months down the line due to the redundancy. 
What are your guys' views on ravello lwb vs ravello wt boot? If you had to pick one, which would it be?
Quote:Darn. Closest size is half size too big. A couple popular sizes though!
What was it? I just clicked it and its dead.
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