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Yes this batch is GORGEOUS and yes these are superior to daytrippers. But your comment is equivalent to saying that Lexus is superior to Toyota. Duh it costs $200 + possible 10% customs more! I'm just jealous haha! I gave these up for the daytrippers so I'm venting lol! Man that ravello-like whiskey is f***ing awesome!
Is this still available?
For those of you who own the harlech, how do you like them? How casually can they be worn given the narrower and sleeker last? I'd like to purchase a pair in the future but not sure how well they'd fit into a wardrobe of only chinos and jeans.
Hi, will you ever carry some shell tanker boots again? I used to think they were the ugliest things in the world and now I'm scrambling to find a pair.
That was my initial reaction as well, but upon some reflection, I think I would still take the new ravello over the new cigar and lighter whiskey. Of course it doesn't compare to the old ravello, but what can we do right?
Do you guys know if the Giannis are a seasonal thing or a one time deal?
I don't see any shell offerings on sale. Am I looking in the wrong section?
I got in on the AoC Ravellos as well. I want the cigars too, but in my humble 6 shoe rotation, I only have 1 pair of bluchers which are the 975s. Had I ordered both the ravello and cigars, all 3 of my bluchers would have all been LWBs. I know that as my shoe collection grows, I will kick myself for not purchasing the cigar LWBs, but for now, I need to work on diversifying my shoe wardrobe. Hopefully the opportunity to purchase cigar LWBs presents itself again in a year or...
Did he take your information like your address and phone number? Or does he take that later when the shoes are ready?
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