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 Thanks for the reply gentlemen. I sent an email, but it took them a week to respond. Also, I guess he read the email in a hurry because he thought I wanted to place a MTO, so he didn't address my question. I just thought it might be faster to get an answer here. I'm guessing theyre just really busy with all the different MTOs. Don't blame them because they have a record number of MTOs going on.
Do any of you gentlemen know if Skoak will allow me to pay a higher deposit. With the strong USD, I think it is in our favor to pay more upfront. I want to place my order for the stock dark oak/walnut cc galways soon, but was wondering if this was feasible.
 And Steel, it looks like you and I are the same size in both barrie and grant (8.5D barrie, 9D grant). I do have a tad bit of wiggle room for my toes with those sizes, and I'm likely a 8E barrie and 8.5E grant, but I never experimented with my sizing. I'm leaning towards just going with the UK8.5E as well for the 82 lasted galways. One thing I'm a little afraid of is the creasing cap if I shorten the length a little too much.
Sorry I didnt include the last. I'm looking at the skoaks offering of the galway on 82 last, which I know is on the narrow size. The reason that I want to go wider is that I am a bigger dude and I don't know how narrow that last really is, but I don't want it to look too dainty on my feet.
Hey guys, this is a cross post from the EG thread. I need to nail down the sizing for my first pair of galways (so excited!).  If I were a 8.5D in alden barrie, would going a UK8F be too much of a risk or should I stick to the usual UK=Barrie size rule (in my case a UK8.5E)? 
Thank you so much for posting. I need some galways in my life. I think an old picture that Crat posted did it for me. Now I need to nail down sizing. If I were a 8.5D in alden barrie, would going a UK8F be a risk or should I stick to the usual UK=Barrie size rule (in my case a UK8.5E) . 
Would anyone be kind enough to post a picture of some well-worn galways. I'm talking 50+ wears. I want to see how the leather holds up. I am on the verge of ordering my first pair of galways from skoak but I want to see how well these calf shoes hold up (I'm a shell alden guy).  I would really appreciate it!
I agree. Out of all the alden boots, I have got to say that they are the most bada$$, with cigar indys being a close second. 
Are the new twill officers really a "slimmer fit" or is it a marketing ploy? Should I size the same as I have for my other officers chinos?
Those are...beautiful. Wow. I'm also #1 on the list for the cigar captoes. When I called a month or two ago, Kathy told me they'd be due in February. Do you have any updates?
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