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this is most likely due to the minimum of quantity when you launch the production of a fabric or allover print. I don't think Visvim has enough quantities to use each fabrics they produce during one season, that's why they use them as details and on many different styles. MOQ are usually of 3000meters of fabric, so they can either decide not too use all of it and loose money or apply it here and there to save money - and get a coherent collection as well.
now 290usd
this version is cheaper the last winter version because the shell fabric is made of nylon but still I cannot explain the 50Kyens price difference (last year version is made of a slightly mat rubbered cotton, very peculiar and interesting fabric). And this time it is not FIL exclusive, many Japanese stores carry it (and The Bureau will as well).
measurements added
Viberg Scout boots Horween Mocha CXL Size UK11 (=US12/Eur 46) Worn a fair amount, but still a whole life in these asking for 250usd
FW13 Visvim Mies Coat Blue Size 3 worn once - as new comes with bag/tags as per Visvim website : Length 89.8 , Shoulder 43 , Sleeve 64 , Chest 114.8 (cm)
^ will do tonight, but yes it is tight
is the brigadier's insole removable ?
now 299usd shipped
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