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^ co-sign, 450usd is kind of expensive
damn I am in Tokyo next weekend
these soles could still last 2 more years with heavy wear
I believe skagway have a removable insole just like the Kiefer, so you will be fine
I have to agree : KNGR are very narrow, I suggest going TTS
well that's very Japanese...in Japan many shops and restaurants are out of sight, hidden in back streets, very difficult to find. It prevents from anyone to just step in and disturb the regular customers. And in the end that is just a marketing communication way...Japanese people like the exclusivity, and making things hard to find/get is one way for brands to get attention and followers - customers feel special.
maybe that was posted before but I just realized that the insoles are basically removable on most folk models. I just noticed some empty space around my TWO boots insole and took the risk to remove it with a knife....it went away pretty easily (cork footbed) and the 11 boots now fit like 12 and are just fine really ! Cochise do have the cork footbed, Wermatt don't (I don't own the Virgill anymore but pretty sure FW11 fersion didint have it).
you are size 2
Visvim SS shirt one wash size 3 8oz denim white selvedge BNWT Price : 26,000yens shipped
those look great ! I have the exact same but with cap toe, and I must say they look better without !
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