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I had both kngr and kudu Virgil, kudu did stretch a whole lot more than the kngr. Buy your true size anyway. Studies conducted by the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) confirm that kangaroo is one of the strongest leathers of similar substance available. Similarly when split into thinner substances kangaroo retains considerably more of the original tensile strength of the unsplit leather than does calf. When split to 20% of...
thanks for that, I copped the brown reverse kudu service boots. I already own 2 pairs of shoes in Kudu (one in reverse) and it's gotta be my favourite leather for sure, so comfortable.
well of course, I was replying to the post above which is speaking about removable insoles.
^ The Cabourn's collab usually use very soft/comfy leather, so it is most likely not the heavyweight oil tan roughout used on my boots
viberg come without insoles
shitty evo pics of my oil tan heavy weight rough out service boots. Does anyone know if this leather ever soften up ? It is by far the toughest leather I have ever had for my shoes, even though the toe box is unstructured I don't think it will ever flattens (not that I care).
noragi is longer than lhamo by maybe 2 inches.
it looks ok opened, I don't think you will wear it closed anyway. If you size up, sleeves might be too long. 101 fits TTS.
this is a horrible fake piece here
colored denim are mostly mad in China yes, but not the indigo ones
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