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no, black suede Virgil might be one of the rarest iteration
They need to catch up, for reference i orfered a pair of boots on dec 29 2015 and they shipped on jan 20 2016. And i live in japan if that matters.
visvim Official Web StoreOur shipping schedule for the end of the year is as follows. Please be aware that the schedule differs from the Site Policy and "Shipping" sections on each product page.(For domestic orders) Orders placed on or before 12/26 will be dispatched before the end of the year. Orders placed from 12/27 to 1/3 will be dispatched after 1/4. You will not be able to specify a delivery date or delivery time for orders placed from 12/20 to 1/4.(For international...
ah damn, I had an eye on it, the sizing as you described it makes me heistate on the right size, I would have to try it on first.
real, these are just old versions, pre 2008. Made in Korea had soles like that.
ICT store
All my Vis pairs are the same size,, in my experience never size down, even for 7 hole or Grizzly. Just follow your Virgil size. But there are some few pairs that needs to size up like Cochise, Hilts or ISDTAnyway, interesting you said that the 2016 Zermatt in same saie as your Virgil fit you small, I had the 1st iteration in kudu and the roomy toe box made them very comfy and TTS.
I think these are cool, even though I cannot see myself wearing them
Size 50 (fit TTS) Condition : 8/10 (worn less than 20times, no sign of wear excep for two little needles holes inside the collar - invisible from the outside and not in contact with down so no problem - and an open seam at shoulder, but an easy fix) Only selling because it doesn`t get cold enough where I live so I almost never wear it. 100% Norwegian Cotton canvas Shell and Lining Goose Down Padding Oversized Riri Zip Fastening with Leather Zipper and Snap Placket Snap...
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