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thanks for the replies guys
has anyone dealt with the ebay seller behaslaha ?
Vis clothing line started in 2005, and the tag chaned after 2008 so between 2005-2008. It looks terrible.
^I am not sure, but I think so
coming back to the Virgil fit, here is a comparison of the outsole of the SS13 and FW13 : FW13 (left) is much narrower from heel to toe and is definitely TTS while the SS13 could allow for 0.5 size down. FW13 is more in line with the first Virgil last, but I tend to prefer the SS13 one for my wide feet.
worn for a year maybe twice a week. I would prefer them without the toecap just like the MTO option which is being offered right now.
I have this Nigel Cabourn and it is great http://www.14oz.com/puffa-down-jacket-navy-5210.html
yes buy them, they will fit fine
in my experience the latest Virgil fit 0.5 larger than previous versions (before FW12), so check which season they are before you decide sizing down.
this is most likely due to the minimum of quantity when you launch the production of a fabric or allover print. I don't think Visvim has enough quantities to use each fabrics they produce during one season, that's why they use them as details and on many different styles. MOQ are usually of 3000meters of fabric, so they can either decide not too use all of it and loose money or apply it here and there to save money - and get a coherent collection as well.
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