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these virgils look just fine man, glue stains and suede scuff happen with Viberg, Yuketen, Julian boots, etc...as for the norvegian stitch leather part hitting the TPU, it is unavoidable, and the tongue patch it is always of centered.
I do, mainly to keep the moist away
size 9 should be fine @Lorcan7 this vintage jacket looks fantastic, where do you get it ?
PLEASE NOTE I can ship these from jul 4th only as I am not in the country at the moment. Wtaps glasses with a slight cat shape to them. Condition : 9/10 (worn around 25 times) Handmade Japanese zyl (acetate) - tortoise color. Green Polarized lenses. Come with a leather box. Size : 14.5cmx15.5cm Made in JAPAN 180usd/160e shipped worldwide
this has been discussed multiple times, but I think Visvim manage to combine the best design/materials with the right construction/comfort. Yes they wont last as long as Viberg or White`s but they are so much lighter and comfy. They are definitely designed for city boys, When I got my the 1st iteration of the Grizzly I was quite disappointed because they really didnt feel like undestuctible, but at the same time they are so light and comfy.... Vis as a fashion brand...
my Eastland chukka MIM in CXL
size up one
price drop
do not miss this Gyoza joint while in Omotesando nearby Cat street (nearby the newly opened Luke's lobster) and of course, go to Shimokitazawa to shop at great 2nd hand stores
they fit small, size up if you have wide feet
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