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I had the same problem with my grizzly, FIL said they could fix it so I guess any skilled cobble as well ? If the zipper is stuck just rub a pencil on the teeth, this will help to smoothen the sliding (the graphite contained in pencil is an excellent lubricant)
fits fine yes
It has been a staple for several seasons and in different cuts as well.
Noragi Social Sculpture One wash 8oz denim with grey selvedge size 3 condition : 8/10, slight creasing at elbows and armpit, handwashed once only (not worn since then, hence why all the creases). There is minimal color fading at creasing area, that I didint manage to get visble on pics, because it is very light. Comes with tags. Item ships from Japan, worldwide shipping adds 20usd
FW15 Fishtail parka Brand new (comes with a poster and sticker) Size S Color BLACK Wordlwide shipping adds 30usd
yeah cochise are at least 0.5 size small if not a full size (in length).
most people wear the washed model TTS, i pesonnally size up on every cut (03 and 04), excep the 01slim. As for raw models in my experience they fit bigger, so you can stay TTS for those.
price down
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