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Normally All vis denim are sanforized except for the raw one wash, unprocessed means no artifical abrasions/holes
yes 10us
the stitches hold the first layer of the leather sole (like in the middle of your pic), then a midsole leather is glued to that and the dainite is glued on that midsole.
no, the midsole leather must be glued over the stitches, that`s normal. How long have you been wearing those ?
Virgil are chunkier, and slightly higher too.
Visvim are more comfortable than viberg, Goodyear construction allows better flexibility. Viberg are more durable, they're basically indestructible. I owned the service boots on dainite and the scout boots on Christy sole, I sold them because they were not so comfortable and super heavy compared to brigs on dainite or virgil on christy (viberg uses heavier/stiffer Hides). I also prefer the visvim aesthetic but that's up to you.As for the country of origin, why would you...
Saphir creme universelle will do
The sunglasses he has been wearing are not the viator, the shape is slightly different and the arms are much thicker compared to both the old and new shape of the Viator. They look a little bit like the Dita Pursuit but again arms are different. @Aaron Kaczander you can select the delivery location at the top of the page
^they are still for sale on the Japanese version
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