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price down - now 430usd shipped worldwide
goog pickup, Porcella alu are very nice ! as for me new purchase Furrg Kudu size 12, these will be good for summer
both sand and light brown/peanut look good IMO. Light brown is maybe easier to match.
@ceoceo how is the waterproofness after wash ?
i would do a machine handwash cycle without tumble dry
The denim shirt one wash do shrink (both SS and BD models)
@Fycus post evo pics of your black bison virgils
I managed to get the color back, by using Saphir Creme Surfine in mahogany color
Haven trunk show ? Pics are out already ? Virgil look much better twith this thicker outsole.
did you manage to remove the stains ? I was advised to apply Saphir Renomat, I will get it on Monday and make a tes on the inside of the heel first, to see if it affects the color or not.
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