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The Resole job on these is exactly the same than with any other vis boots. They fit tts.
any code for Canvas Malibu ?
the more I look I look at these new FBT and the less I think the new sole match them. I still prefer the made in China`s sole best
depends on the season, my suede skagway lo from SS14 fit very TTS for example
anyone owning the Herring Canning ? Curious to have sizing feedback, wether on F or G fit.
@Shinoda these links are just to inform what was available to purchase in person during the Archives exhibition (which ended on Apr 11th). Ss Fycus said the Kerchief sold out instantly, I went there on day 3 and it was gone, and so were the FBT.
yes same fabric
I would definitely use my Vis boots in the wild if I was not living in the city. Scriptura have to be one of the toughest Vis boots with the Cochise, but as discussed often here Vis bootsare tough Fashion boots i.o. with Viberg which are more like fashionable workwear boots. Here are Ruco`s scriptura after 15 miles trek
they have an entity in HK, most likely due to tax reasons, so they handle all overseas shipments from there
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