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has anyone tried on the new slim narrow denim ? Curious to see the difference with the slim fit
that's a defect for sure
yes cords is the best version and I think this color as well. well done.
depends if you lok at prices in Japan or abroad ? Japan prices are on par with other similar brands (slightly higher I reckon). nothing related to Kanye, but more to the R&D, marketing and PR (look at the showrooms and trunk shows they organize). And Hiroki's car collection.
just use super glue, I did it and is holding well so far.
Worn around 5 times, starting to break in - will updload detailed pics in a bit Price : 490usd shipped Brand Hydra Made in China Fabric: stiff 1.4mm US made oiled horsehide Lining: 100% French Linen Rib: 100% Australian wool threads with pilling resistance Cut: Slim cut, stiff body due to horsehide that will soften with age or conditioner Zipper: RIRI M8 Flach main zipper with black horse leather pull-tab RIRI M4 Flach zipper at liner Snap button: SELEX Snap button...
a bit off topic, but regarding the Visvim quote, his comment is a bit unfair. Visvim shoes retail for around 500gbp in Japan. I remember 2 years ago when the JPY was much higher than now, Cabourn pieces would cost (after converted in gbp) almost double.
yes I do have it, it is lighter (12oz) than the 100% cotton versions wich vary from 13oz (dmgd) to 14oz (raw and unwashed), however it doesnt feel that much thinner. I really like it. Never washed it so far, I am a bit afraid of shrinkage (linen shrinks like crazy even after several washes).
I own it and didn't notice any bleeding at all.
what is the usual composition of the down padding of NC down jackets ? It is not mentionned on the short puffa jkt , only the shell fabric....
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