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Brigs all day.
price down
this sole wears slightly faster than normal Vibram because it is foam, hence why it is also lighter. But don`t worry they will last long enough. Visvim alo uses the Vibram Morflex soles, which are even lighter and pliable (on the Zermatt or Furrg for example) As for Kangaroo leather it has one of the best tencile resistance as stated before.
This shirt looks fake
If I recall well, the ICT virgil were buried in the ground for one month and that`s about it.
I wear both tts and sized up one,both look good. Tts the arms fit a tad short.
Normally All vis denim are sanforized except for the raw one wash, unprocessed means no artifical abrasions/holes
yes 10us
the stitches hold the first layer of the leather sole (like in the middle of your pic), then a midsole leather is glued to that and the dainite is glued on that midsole.
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