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anyone tried to access the rrl webstore ? It seems to be down today ?
if I wear 32 in the slim fit denim, what size should I go for the bootcut denim ? I own 2 cords bootcut in 33 from 3-4 years ago, so I am thinking to cop the denim in 33 as well ?
it looks like this is full grain suede which is why you cannot see any scars/damages as on full grain kudu.
i am just asking if they are replaceable, not by Rancourt actually since I am located outside the US
thanks for the info
@Kyle, is the Eastland Millinockets creape outsole replaceable ?
I just received my Eastland millinocket chukka. Pretty satisfied with them, but I will not concur with has been said before : Yuketen are still better made and more comfortable (but Eastland remain extremely confortable, I just find Yuketen to be my most comfy shoes). But Eastland are easily 20% less expensive so overall that's a good investment. Not sure if these have a replaceable outsole, I just sent a mail to Eastland about that. Cannot wait to see the CXL age. The...
i used to own several of his pants and denim (the banana cut), great stuff really and good price point as well. But yes sizing for all tops is for guys under 6ft only, too bad as some of the leather jackets were great (don't know what current styles he propose, but looking at his pic, I am assuming it didn't change much)
thanks I will wait a bit then
Has anyone received replies fro ushowu lately ? I sent them 2 emails this week and still no reply so far...
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