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Crossposting from the EG thread.     J. Crew OCBD in Blue EG FW13 Matt Pants in Olive Heavy Twill New Balance 574s in Gray Vintage WWII Field Watch
  J. Crew OCBD in Blue FW13 Heavy Twill Matt Pants in Olive New Balance 574s Vintage WWII Field Watch
Obvious troll. Just ignore him.
Anyone have any of the plain or distressed A2 bombers for sale in a size Large? Please PM me.
A little too obvious of a rip-off; especially laughable considering the retail on that.
  EG SS13 Field Jacket (Skirt Jacket) in Olive 60/40 EG Workaday 41 Chinos in Khaki Z Twill J. Crew OCBD in Gray OSB Brown Trench Boots Tanner Leather Goods Belt in Brown Chromexcel
Gitman = not work shirts   EG in the sense we're talking about = work shirts   Different styles calls for different idiosyncrasies, e.g., bar tack stitching, reinforced elbows. Not really seeing the comparison to be made here tbh. Fabric quality comparisons, maybe, maybe not depending on what GBV or EG is being looked at, but when are you ever going to see an oxford cloth work shirt?
Still looking for the Navy C-1 Vest in XL...
Personally, I just avoid the Native American stuff. I'm definitely aware that those logos can either honor or offend, but I don't want to be the guy wearing it in front of the one person who does get offended.
Going to just say what I have to say here after checking this threads for months and continually being disappointed.   There are two sides to this whole thing. On one hand, I 120% back RRLC on what he's saying. This thread is a joke insofar as the constant stream of "SALE?!?! SALE!??! SALE?!?!?" questions and sizing questions that can be answered in maybe ten minutes by calling a B&M store; there seems to be no room for discussion here about anything substantive. No one...
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