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Many mistakes in this video made by AFP.   I was at Cifonelli ready-to-wear in Paris. I didn't took pictures since the people before me was recording on camera during all show.   Pictures are already on Now Fashion - >   http://nowfashion.com/cifonelli-menswear-fall-winter-2015-paris-12070
Men's Ex corner at Pitti Uomo was good for the free magazine. But It was sad that nobody came to the corner. I saw editor-in-chief Mr Ohno running around but never on the stand. At the end the people were eating on the stand for the lunch.     Yes, I met Mr Matsuo and Mr Fujita from The Rake Japan. (I might help them for their France issue)   I hope they will create original content because Mr Matsuo got an amazing knowledge and Mr Fujita is based in Italia.
I think Kenjiro Suzuki is doing trunk shows two times a year at department store called Wako Ginza in Tokyo.  Wako charge customers a little bit more than if you're in Paris. 
Very interesting article from "Toyo Keizai online" about master tailor Kenjiro Suzuki translated in English.   http://ignition.co/138 
 Gieves & Hawkes military have that copyright for more than 240 years... ; )  I really don't mind that people spend their time smoking outside, on the phone, posing for photographer.My problem is that many of them ask for free stuff to small brands. I feel bad for them...  For the stability of Pitti Uomo, it's quite good. They got the biggest buyers and good press.They always found interesting guests for their fashion show, exhibitions and anniversary to celebrate. I heard...
 Hello Andrey, Mr Grimbert sold his company to LVMH. He is now brand consultant for Berluti.He is very positive about Berluti and the changes of the company.  He is also talking about the good old days when Pablo Picasso, Jean Cocteau, and Jean-Paul Sartre worn Arnys.It's very nostalgic... 
It was my third season at Pitti Uomo. It was the first time that I help my friend for his brand. (before I was invited by Pitti Uomo as Press then as Blogger).   I didn't hear any rumors about Pitti Uomo closing his doors. It would be very sad.   One buyer from Japan (he got the biggest account in the country) told me that 80% of Pitti selection is crap but you still have very interesting brands and fews gems.  He told me that Pitti always have peacocks outside...
Inside GQ JAPAN, they did an interesting interview with Jean Grimbert about the future of Arnys and Berluti's story telling. La Forestiere of Berluti is also available in Japan. So the sales guy was lying about the Forestière only available in Paris.   First one is the classic Forestiere made from cotton navy velvet Corduroy at 285.000 yens. And the second one is La Forestiere design by Alessandro Sartori in double face cashmere at 429.000 yens.         
Can't wait for the Tiramisuuuuu ! 
 Obviously don't belong here... ; )
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