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 I know but I translated the Japanese words to English in red. So you need can use my translation whatever the style. ; ) 
  First trailer of "Cousu main" the French version of "Sewing Bee" with tailor Julien Scavini. 
 Most of the time, leather goods or shoes from Europe or US have around 15-20% more expensive than the regular price.Right now with "Abenomics", yen became weak and import cost increased once again. If you live in Japan, buy Japanese shoes... not European shoes ! ; ) 
I translated the Japanese size chart since a lot of people are buying via Internet. Be careful it's the size chart of Ice Twist Silk model Spring Summer 2014 that I found on Rakuten.   I hope It can help people. Let me know if you see mistakes.   
Report of Sukezane (GQ Japan) on Dior Homme Demi mesure in Paris   http://gqjapan.jp/fashion/%E7%A5%90%E7%9C%9F%E6%9C%8B%E6%A8%B9/20140703/sukezane-dior-homme-132
Chris Algan became Chef d'atelier in 2012, when Yasuhiro Shiota left If I'm not mistaking. I know that Pierre Corthay is not anymore in the atelier but his brother Chris Corthay is working there.
 I spent one week with Yasuhiro Shiota for my last video. He is very talented, and very passionate about his work. Yasuhiro Shiota was in charge of bespoke operations at Corthay for long time.  I think Xavier Aubercy was disappointed about his last bespoke shoemarker that stay few years, then left Aubercy to started his own business.  So know, Mr Aubercy is talking about the "craft" more than the "artisan"...  Meanwhile at Berluti.... fake laces ! 
It's crazy to see Berluti. 80% of the shoes during the fashion show was their new "luxury" sneakers. Berluti marketing strategy is very bad. 
Today, Cifoneli unveils his RTW Spring Summer 2015 collection during Paris fashion week.   http://www.wwd.com/runway/mens-spring-collections-2015/review/cifonelli    What do you think ?
New Posts  All Forums: