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  Is-it acceptale for the American president Barack Obama ?Ok, he got a Nobel prize, he got elected by American people.... But he is still responsible for drone war around the world killing many innocent people. I took president Obama but same thing for Putin or many others.As a citizen of the world, I'm against any oppressing regime from any world leaders. But I don't think tailors needs to show their political beliefs.They need to offer the best quality of service and...
 Well, tailors cannot accept customers based on a review of their political beliefs. 
Too come back on why Japanese journalists of "Last" uses so many english words. It's because Japanese language don't have technical words for Western things. They uses katakana phonetic alphabet. Most of time, they use English for title in fashion magazine.   For example on the cover of Last. You have small titlles...    Goodyear welted : 世界のグッドイヤー・ウェルト (World of Goodyear welted)   For a normal Japanese guy -> Goodyear welter (in English) and グッドイヤー・ウェルト (Goodyear...
 I will try... but I'm scare : ) 
 Mafoofan, I would be happy to show you my city !  Julien de Luca wear Maison Bonnet eyewear. I think it's "Le Corbusier" model. 
 Maison Bonnet is very bad with communication in the 2.0 world. : )Their tortoise shell stock is quite unique. (till Cuba will open their borders)
Congrats, this suit is lovely !   SeamasterLux is ready for Pitti Uomo 87... 
Well, if you're in Nakano. You should go to Shinjuku by the chuo line.  Shinjuku you have more choice. Ginza Tailor Fukuako got a shop in Shinjuku.    We have the same body type. If I was on a 4 man bugdet. I will go for ready-to-wear and do some alternations.    You should check Isetan men's at Shinjuku. On the 7th, you got a made-to-order "bar" and a service for foreigners in English.   It's also the sales at Isetan from 8th...
Beautiful Itw (and video) of NY Times T magazine about Berluti young shoemakers, Jean-Michel Casalonga...    http://tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/10/08/berluti-jean-michel-casalonga-profile/ 
 I know but I translated the Japanese words to English in red. So you need can use my translation whatever the style. ; ) 
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