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Mr Suzuki is back from Japan. Last time, he told me that he got many new foreigners customers. He is very good in French but he just starting to learn English. 
 Hahahha nice ! Sorry to argue with you but Stark & Sons doesn't have a good natural lighting.You can see on the pictures of site DePiedenCap, they have many neon tube all over shelves. They even have that very cold (blue) light in their changing rooms. 
Come on guys, I didn't say that Rue de la Paix doesn't have parking place.  I know I'm Parisian and I'm not that good in English.    I was saying they will never have the same parking space in front of their doors. Like in front of Caviar Kaspia ! 
 More foot traffic, but no parking space just in front like at Madeleine plaza.You don't bring attention to more people when you're in the quiet first floor of rue de la paix and you're very exclusive tailor. When you walk to rue de la Paix, you have so many great stores. Cartier is beautiful, Charvet is amazing... IWC, Vacheron Constantin, Harry Winston, Boucheron, Van Cleef & Arpels, Massaro and many more. Camps de Luca at Madeleine plaza was quite unique place. They did...
and Alain Figaret ! ; )
Like I said yes, for the prestigious street name. But they will never have that amazing view, high ceiling, beautiful natural light and that much space.    Now Camps de Luca will be between Massimo Dutti and Breuer. Their customers will have direct view on Dunhill...   I still think that their location at Madeleine plaza was quite unique and better that the new one. 
For me the big news from le Salon de l'homme was made from Camps de Luca.   Camps de Luca was looking for a new place since the new owner of their building of Madeleine plaza decide to create a luxury hotel with a fountain of ice (weird).   Building new owner (Qatari investment group) dealed with various tenants including Camps de Luca, Baccarat, wine boutique, a cocktail bar...   Marc de Luca told me that Camps de Luca bought French tailor Stack & Sons located on...
Cifonelli's RTW prices are between 2900 euros to 3900 euros (depends on the fabric and if you take a waistcoat).   Yesterday, Romain got a beautiful three piece suit from the ready-to-wear collection. I talked to John Vizzone, he is a very nice guy, quite funny and a down to earth kinda guy. Clearly, he still got a little Ralph Lauren Purple Label flair from all this years.   John Vizzone is based in Madrid to create RTW collection. He comes very often to Paris to...
 Habemus Papam ! 
And just for the pleasure... Monsieur le Patron, Gabin !      
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