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A very interesting article about the chief pattern-maker of Seraphin, Mr Sakagawa (Unfortunately, it's in Japanese... ) 
French tailoring house, Smalto name their new artistic director, Éric Bergère (former Hermès, Lanvin, Ines de la Fressange).            
Wow that's great ! 
Yes, right now they just bought minority stakes of Seraphin. They will let Seraphin collection... But it's question of time. ; ( 
Hermès strategy is to control the supply chain and avoid external supplier.
French House Hermès is buying French menswear luxury leather manufacture Seraphin...
Video interview of Lorenzo Cifonelli by Gentleman Chemistry :  
WOW those shoes are amazing ! Thx for the pictures : ) 
I was very disappointed by the words of Lanvin menswear artistic director, Mr Lucas Ossendrijever in an Itw made by GQ France.      1. Reinvent tailoring :   "When I started at Lanvin, 10 years ago, nothing was happening in the French menswear, in the world of custom-made, at least in the tailoring, except Dior. Today, we do pre-collection. the pace is quickening. And the menswear business is has developed enormously" 
Yes, I saw few Berluti shoes and beautiful John Lobb boots.    It's quite old-fashioned service since the second and third generation are working together. It's funny to see them arguing. The mother also remember me. ; )   They have very interesting design. It's quite unique in Paris. Also the Japanese Bespoke shoemaker Yasuhiro Shiota is doing an amazing work (and he is very kind). 
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