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Video interview of Lorenzo Cifonelli by Gentleman Chemistry :  
WOW those shoes are amazing ! Thx for the pictures : ) 
I was very disappointed by the words of Lanvin menswear artistic director, Mr Lucas Ossendrijever in an Itw made by GQ France.      1. Reinvent tailoring :   "When I started at Lanvin, 10 years ago, nothing was happening in the French menswear, in the world of custom-made, at least in the tailoring, except Dior. Today, we do pre-collection. the pace is quickening. And the menswear business is has developed enormously" 
Yes, I saw few Berluti shoes and beautiful John Lobb boots.    It's quite old-fashioned service since the second and third generation are working together. It's funny to see them arguing. The mother also remember me. ; )   They have very interesting design. It's quite unique in Paris. Also the Japanese Bespoke shoemaker Yasuhiro Shiota is doing an amazing work (and he is very kind). 
Génial Nicholas !     This week, I had the chance to observe at the Aubercy's new workshop "Haute Cordonnerie (high quality cobbler)".   http://www.high-toned.fr/en/2016/03/high-quality-cobbler-s-workshop-of-aubercy/   It's not French tailoring, but check it out guys ; ) 
French magazine called "Dandy" is now available in English language (translation at the end of the magazine).  This February/March issue got 11 pages focus on tailoring house Cifonelli... But I didn't learn anything new... ; )  
You should call before... You will see on the shelves of his atelier but Kenjiro Suzuki is really, really busy ! ; )    Btw he is not talking English, but his wife does. 
 MOF is an awards, it's a significant achievement in a life.  It's the equivalent of Japanese National Living Treasure (人間国宝).Big difference : You don't even need to be French to wear the French collar on your outfit. Three years ago, a Japanese man won MOF on leather work for Hermès, he is now working for Moynat. Btw, Meilleur Ouvrier de France was created in 1924, and Japanese National Living Treasure created in 1950.  Nutcracker, I wasn't arguing on Japanese vs French...
  I strongly disagree on this point, it's quite different. French system of "The Compagnons du Tour de France" is a French organization of craftsmen and artisans dating from the Middle Ages.It's more like an Union of workers that share their knowledge. Masters send their apprentices to go see many different atelier for many years. Later, you can start working in a workshop. In Japan, it's more a 先生/弟子 (Master/Disciple). You have to learn with a master from many years, then...
Mr Suzuki did a great job on this new website. It's nice to have details of his work. Only thing I still don't understand is the name of the URL. It's the worst URL for SEO.      Gentlemen 2.0, the one and only Dinerlli inside the French magazine O Obsession... ; )
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