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I don't think Karl Lagerfeld is wearing Cifonelli those days.   There is a famous quote from him saying "I could recognise a Cifonelli shoulder from a distance of a hundred metres."   Mr Lagerfeld is doing most of his shirts at Hilditch & Key and custom made suit at Dior homme atelier.  
Small article about Il Micio di Fukaya Hidetaka in Openers.jp    http://openers.jp/article/934275 
The issue number 8 of 'Last' magazine looks amazing ! It's a focus on Japan market...   
I like to think that maybe it's bad photoshop ... ; ) 
I know, it's pretty weird ! 
You mean their RTW ?     Like the new campaign for Cifonelli RTW here that I found in the Rake magazine ?   
Sad news of this week-end :   Genius master-tailor and creative visonnary Mr Francesco Smalto died at the age of 87. 
Cifonelli announced via Facebook a trunkshow in NYC.   Cifonelli bespoke trunkshow in New York. 2nd - 3rd of April at The Mark hotel. Please feel free to reach us at contact@cifonelli.com to book your appointment.
For Corno Blue, I think it's at Beams KOBE House... 
On his move from Prudential to Credit Suisse. He talked to Bloomberg then CNBC... I was mesmerizing by Mr Thiam Tidjane ! Super smart, soft-spoken and beautiful tailored suit !   http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/11/business/dealbook/credit-suisse-brady-dougan-tidjane-thiam.html?_r=0     Tidjane President ! ! ! 
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