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Price drop bump! edit: my mistake, should have bumped original post
I don't, although I haven't worn the trousers for more than a few minutes. I also ordered a wool/mohair Washington but spent even less time in the trousers.
Thanks for the feedback. The Copenhagen is the only cut I've had to size up to a 40R in. The Washington 38R is a bit big in the shoulder. I'm a 36R in the Napoli and a 38R in the Havana. I think, anyways. I'm always re-evaluating my fit preferences.
Yeah, I just fired off an email to them with pictures. I was trying to simply place an order for another but it would not go through. Maybe their customer service can help out.
Really? It does not seem like it. I'm a 39" chest on a narrow frame and this is a 38R.
I bought a Jort Traveler suit recently and I am really enamored with it. But the right lapel seems to be wrinkled. I'm not sure if this is a defect, something normal, something to do with fit, or something that can easily be pressed out. Any thoughts? If anything I feel like it's a half size too large in the chest/shoulder, but I don't think sizing down is an option.
Viberg Matte Black Calf Derby size 9 2045 last http://viberg.com/collections/footwear/products/derby-shoe-matte-black-calf $450 I purchased these new in September 2014 and have worn them 15-20 times. Never worn in wet weather, never treated with anything other than a horsehair brush on the welt and a damp microfiber on the leather. Stored with shoe trees in the dust bag. In terms of sizing, these are probably a half size too big (long) for me, hence the sale. I wear a 9...
Anybody have hands-on experience with the light brown silk/linen/cotton Hudson (C75003)? I've got a couple of wool Havana jackets but would like to get something for warmer weather. Any feedback on the fabric or the cut? Does it look too heathered in person? I'm also considering this pure linen Havana but I like the wider lapel on the Hudson (plus I'd like to branch out a bit and try a different cut).
I'm using a prepaid DHL label to ship a sample shirt from the US to India. The instructions Luxire supplied in the email simply indicate that I should put the label on the package. Is that really it? No need for any customs paperwork? I'll include a copy of the pro forma invoice and a note inside the package, but I'm a bit wary of sending an expensive shirt around the globe with so little info attached.
I'm about to take a job that will actually require me to wear a tucked shirt. Almost all of mine are of a length/style designed to be worn untucked, but I do have a good candidate to be used as a pattern with some minor adjustments. The new job starts in a month so I'd like to get things rolling. Since the NJ office is closed until January, I plan to use the prepaid label to ship my existing shirt to India. I just want some minor adjustments to the measurements, so it...
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