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Huckberry had/has the Aviator chinos on sale, but I haven't tried them.
orders@bakershoe.comHe'll link you to this page and tell you where to [snail] mail your info for fitment.
I'm envious of those who would notice the mistake but not be bothered by it. It's not easy being OCD.
Washed once but never worn. Picture shows French cuffs but this shirt has button cuffs. See here for details. Add $5 for shipping in the continental US.
Trying these on this morning with my thinnest socks there's a bit of heel slip that wasn't there yesterday evening. I suspect it's due to how one's feet swell during the day. With "normal" socks there isn't much slip at all. I still think they're the right size, and suspect that there will be no slip once the soles are broken in. Some pictures with minimal postprocessing:
I got my matte black derbies in today as well. No pictures yet. Very glad that I went with the 9 instead of the 9-1/2. I'm a 10D on the Brannock (heel to ball is more like 9-1/2) with a high instep. The 2045 last fits me very well. I could probably get away with a 8-1/2 if I needed to.
Looks like Outlier is in the midst of posting some new merino t-shirts...
I'm also a 32 in most Outlier pants (6'0" 160-165 but carry my weight in my midsection) and I could definitely size down to 31 in the slim dungs if I wanted a true slim fit, lower rise, etc. I like the more relaxed fit of the 32 though.
Started off with a pretty decent troll (quoted above) but he couldn't build any momentum and it fizzled fast. I give it a 3.25 out of 5.
The 60/30 is fantastic (my favorite pair of pants) but they're just way too hot to wear in the southern summer. That makes me really appreciate the light weight of the slim dungaree. Really nice cut, too. On a completely unrelated note, the new OGs that I ordered to try out are going back. Just can't get past that pocket flare.
New Posts  All Forums: