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Hopefully they've got some OCBD restocks to go along with their new site.
That's good to hear, thanks. I'd be wearing it to/from the gym in the winter, as a cool weather outer layer, and under an AV hardshell in cold/wet weather. It sounds like a good fit in that role.The outer fabric on this one is smooth to the touch. It's really quite nice. I'm leaning towards keeping it... just wish I could have it in a gray/charcoal color (which I think they used to make).
Looking for feedback on the Mission Workshop Zurich. I've got one to try on now and I'm thinking about keeping it because it's pretty great. Does the merino lining hold up over time? Does it keep you completely dry if you need to spend 5 minutes in the rain getting from one place to the next? Commentary is appreciated.
There will be an estimated ship date provided on the item page.
That's going to be too narrow for the Napoli with its 3.5" lapels. I wouldn't go any smaller than 3".
Thanks for that. Is that "new slate" or a different shade of gray?I don't have big thighs but I'm going to give the ULs some hard consideration before deciding whether or not to keep them. The pilling seems inevitable given enough wear, and stretch/friction seems to speed it up. I had to raise an eyebrow a bit to Tyler's comment about the Runweights pilling after 100 miles of running. Does not sound like they're up to the task of being "running shorts" but may work as...
What kind of leather is on those if you don't mind me asking?
Got the shirt. Love it. It's this one in size S, and it looks like I got one of the last ones. Fabric is fantastic, and the collar is very stylish IMO. I'm generally a button-down or moderate spread kind of guy but the curved cutaway is nice for a change. Looks great worn casually with the top two buttons undone, but doesn't look uptight with the second button buttoned.The fit is great. I like a slim fit and I was worried that the NY cut would be too loose. I would have...
If nothing else the trouser waist of a 34R is going to be too small; check out the product measurements listed. Like the other poster said, you look like a 36R.I bought a Napoli 38R about a year ago and the size advisor recommended 38R. I don't recall my measurements, but I was about 20 pounds heavier and had a waist about 2" larger. The shoulders are a touch to big but it fits well enough. I actually just ordered a 36R this week to determine if I need to sell my 38R and...
What measurements did you put into the size advisor?
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