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Thanks for the feedback. I'd definitely prefer to wear thinner socks with the derbies. My main issue is with my high instep. Since CXL is known for its stretch I'm thinking I might size down 1/2 size on these unless someone talks me out of it.I sent off an email to Viberg just now but I'm not sure if they'll get back to me before I get itchy and pull the trigger.
Price drop on these nice chinos.
Really like that brown CXL derby. I understand that the 1035 is similar to the 2030. The only Viberg I own is a derby in 2045, and my size 9 is about 1/4 - 1/2 size large. Fair to say I should go with a 9 in the 1035?Also, someone please correct me if I'm wrong in assuming that I shouldn't be charged any duties on a Canadian-made product coming to the US.
I thought 110 at first too, but you can clearly see the last labeled 2030 in the photos of the shoe being made.
What last is the Viberg x Haven derby on? http://shop.havenshop.ca/collections/viberg edit: Based on these pictures it appears that they're 2030 which surprises me.
Viberg x (Wings + Horns)Order of operations and all that.
Huckberry had/has the Aviator chinos on sale, but I haven't tried them.
orders@bakershoe.comHe'll link you to this page and tell you where to [snail] mail your info for fitment.
I'm envious of those who would notice the mistake but not be bothered by it. It's not easy being OCD.
Washed once but never worn. Picture shows French cuffs but this shirt has button cuffs. See here for details. Add $5 for shipping in the continental US.
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