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I posted a few in this thread a couple of months ago.edit link
I've overlooked flaws on shoes that I was excited to get. Mea culpa, caveat emptor, wabi-sabi, et cetera. Best to put it behind you, in my opinion.
Glad to hear. Coincidentally, I received my first piece of WvG today, an Oxford from the recent sale. I thought I'd have to have some [sleeve] alterations done but the fit is pretty spot-on out of the box. Quality is ridiculous considering the price. I've been a rewards member for almost a year but have never really felt "invested" enough to jump on anything. I suspect there are others like me for whom the sale provided a good excuse to sample your products. I'm already...
You shouldn't have to explain anything. It should all be laid out on the site. If it's not completely intuitive and obvious to potential buyers, a lot of them aren't going to bother. Your loyal, frequent customers know what collars are available. They know to specify body and sleeve as +/- 1. They know to put it in the comments. They are willing to put up with the website quirk of having to check out multiple times to preorder multiple items. They know that you're going to...
Looks great!
I received the Superdenim brown CXL derbies on the 1035 last today, size 8-1/2. For comparison, I have a size 9 in a derby on the 2045 and it's a little loose. I wanted to be able to wear the brown derbies with my thinnest socks. Unfortunately, they're too tight through the vamp/toebox, and I don't think it's just a matter of the size. It seems the 1035 (and by extension, the 2030) last just doesn't suit me. I'm a 10D on the Brannock but with a very high volume...
Thanks for the feedback. I'd definitely prefer to wear thinner socks with the derbies. My main issue is with my high instep. Since CXL is known for its stretch I'm thinking I might size down 1/2 size on these unless someone talks me out of it.I sent off an email to Viberg just now but I'm not sure if they'll get back to me before I get itchy and pull the trigger.
Price drop on these nice chinos.
Really like that brown CXL derby. I understand that the 1035 is similar to the 2030. The only Viberg I own is a derby in 2045, and my size 9 is about 1/4 - 1/2 size large. Fair to say I should go with a 9 in the 1035?Also, someone please correct me if I'm wrong in assuming that I shouldn't be charged any duties on a Canadian-made product coming to the US.
I thought 110 at first too, but you can clearly see the last labeled 2030 in the photos of the shoe being made.
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