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They have probably been sold to someone else by now. Perhaps they might be so kind as to post.
Yes, I thought so, but since they were neither my boots nor my photos, I don't think it would be appropriate.
 I'll be sure to take and post photos of them when they arrive, and help keep this thread active!
 I ordered a fairly standard black calf / light grey suede design in late October just to give Church's a try. I don't have a model name or number at this juncture; they were just ordered as "Balmoral Boots" on the 73 last. They arrived at the vendor's in mid February with metal ring eyelets and speed hooks, neither of which I had asked for. The vendor promptly informed me that they were not to spec. Church's realised their error and are making another pair. Despite this...
No-one's scored any Balmorals in the last six weeks? Damn... this must be a tiny market, indeed. Someone's got to keep this thing going.   The last pair I ordered (from Church's) did not meet my design specs and is currently being remade.
Ok...The eyelets and York rubber sole of the black-black Skoaktiebolaget special Carminas perhaps makes them more acceptable with cotton twill trousers than morning dress, and that's how I wear them.Let us know about your bespoke maker and what he suggests for the design.
I totally agree. Black calf with a grey shaft looks great. But katastrofa wanted black... Perhaps he'd be open to reconsidering the colour of the shaft.
 You can try to plan as much as you like, but if you're exploring uncharted territory, you won't know until they arrive, and yes it's too late to make changes after that has happened, but in my experience things have usually turned out fine. In any case, if you are not totally satisfied with the design when it shows up, you have yourself an excuse to order another pair... but really, your design seems pretty low risk to me. Black calf, black suede, punched or plain cap...
 It sounds more or less like a standard pattern for Balmoral boots and should be easy to arrange. I find the plain cap toe boring and prefer the less formal punched cap toe. While the punched cap toe is less formal, it could hardly be said that Balmoral boots with a punched cap toe actually look informal. Big metal eyelets, chunky rubber soles and wild coloured leather make them look informal. The punched cap toe really doesn't. It's up to you.
 I just managed to get the boots in the shoe bags, but the shaft was bent over in the process, so I took them back out. Essentially, they are only good for use as buffing rags. The reality is, the £279 Herring Holmes comes with a better box, cloths and full size bags. That is irritating, but the quality of the shoes themselves is what really matters. Also, if it helps keep the price down, I suppose I can live with it; I'd rather not have to pay an extra £50 just to get...
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