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awesome, congrats!
Buddy FWIW, these are mine. You can see the deformation of the toe.   [[SPOILER]]
1. Get the JCrew and TOPY them before you wear them, problem solved. They are different enough from a wingtip boot. You may be surprised how much wear they get.2. The Innsbrook boot will be a good middle ground, and the CXL is awesome for bad weather, however if you want something to dress up slightly the shell CT is better than the CXL Indy.
Unlined shell is fantastic.I sold my 744 LTDs.The reason was that I didn't like how the toebox didn't hold its shape well.If it were my money, I would go with the Aldens.Keep in mind that the JCrew captoe boots are on a double leather sole, as opposed to the 744 being on a single flexwelt sole.The Aldens will take longer to break in, and the 744s will give you slightly less support.
The waterlock is a double oiled sole, and should provide more support than the flex welt (single oiled).
You can get in on a preorder for Alden in nearly any size.You just have to follow the thread and call around to the different stores.Whiskey shell is rare, but it is not a unicorn.
Went a little crazy this morning. Plum Rivets and tan scotchgrain Jodhpurs. I am not sure I would do it again in this combo, but you only live once. (I am not a huge fan of the pairing) FYI, I apparently don't know how to use a lint roller. Saint Bernards leave you presents (hair) all day long...    
I would much rather the partially structured. I am not a fan of the unstructured in shell.I don't personally like how the toe doesn't hold its shape.
Great color combo, Don.
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