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I wore it today for a few (not great quality) fit pics. This shows the collar issue well.I would imagine if I had it sent to get dry cleaned they could press it flatter. 
I received mine.I got the https://www.weargustin.com/campaigns/1117A few comments:Cons:I was a little disappointed about the weight of the material. I realized it was light, but this was really more of a shirt than a light jacket. I was also disappointed about the shipping being so much more, as this wasn't a heavy item, and jeans I received weighed more. It would have been ideal lined due to the weight. The collar doesn't lay very nicely, but this may change over...
Thankfully no one who comes to this thread works for big Pharma.
Yeah the ALS is the obvious stinker.Who would want a minute repeater like that?         Kidding of course, so I don't get lynched.
With all due respect, why wouldn't you just take them somewhere that has a very good reputation for a full resole.If you wait much longer, they are goimg to be totally shot, if they aren't already.My suggestion is either back to Alden, or B Nelson.You will likely not be disappointed.
Always looking great Tif.However, if you had the RO that you've been coveting, you wouldn't be a one watch guy. Speaking of the 15300 discussions last week, I decided to grab mine this morning.
It is not fragile, per se. However that is subjective.Regardless, it is not something one would want to risk.It has bent slightly on mine, and I can tell you unequivocally that it is possible.It was easy to straighten, but the yield strength of the stainless steel isn't really great, and I wouldn't want to bend and re bend it multiple times.See the picture here.The bottom of the AP letters are a fairly thin cross section.This is a borrowed pic, as I don't have mine on...
Stitchy...I have been a little absent from the boards lately, but I just saw the new 15300. Congrats and wear it proudly.Word to the wise, if you set it down on the counter, make sure the clasp is closed.If left open and it gets bumped or similar, the AP in the clasp can bend.I love my 15300, and have zero regrets. 
Awesome, I am very anxiously awaiting the UPS truck now.
They aren't spelling Epaulet.They are spelling EPLA (Epaulet Los Angeles)
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