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Ravello on ravello... Quick bad lighting fit pic from last night. [[SPOILER]] And today's getup in harsher office lighting. [[SPOILER]]
smart man
They look great.I will have to hold judgment on the edge dressing until I see mine. It appears that the top is antique, but the edge is brown.
They are awesome.I really wish Simpson fit me.I sold my Ruby's unfortunately for that reason.
Definitely looking forward to seeing them.
You are viewing a pair of Allen Edmonds Dalton Wingtip Boots in Walnut Shell Cordovan, size 8.5D. They are first quality shoes (not seconds). These are made from Walnut Shell Cordovan. The shoes are built on the 511 last. The shell is in immaculate condition, as seen in the photos. The uppers are 10/10. The leather soles are 9.8/10. The shoes have original AE soles that were never recrafted.    Please take a good look at the photos to view the condition. I am getting...
Scotchgrain shell was on my bucket list. Rider Boot NOS was the only way I was able to grab it.
CongratsIt is funny, because I had been waiting on this as well.Ironically, I got wind of the makeup by Carmina for Skoak that was released literally a day or two prior to Leffot announcing this preorder that fulfilled the need for me. (with Danite)
I certainly noticed the bracelet last night, when he was doing the schtick with the predictions.I was waiting for the evening news to come on (albeit nearly an hour late).
Just a quick shot today of the navy reverse chamois on crepe  
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