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Roger,Both Stunners.I have a tendency to lean to shell and away from the ucap.However, they are both great.In other news, I may have missed out, but what happened to our Korean affiliate?
Honestly if MMM were to do a trainer in something exotic like this, they would be ~$1500 +.Mike is clearly on top of the pricing game.If you are a sneaker head, this is a must have at a really aggressive price...
Frankenstitch Friday ... with some Gustin Japan 17 selvedge.
  It appears as something "shrunken". However, I have seen many buffalo leather shoes that have an extremely heavy grain.
Whiskey Wednesday  
Wow, they look great!!
They were $100 higher for a recent pair of Vibergs that just went up and sold out as well. 
deduct 19% VAT outside of EU
I am still quite disappointed about the lack of 1/2 sizes in the sneakers. That is a showstopper for me.
2210's for me today. Classics never get old.
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