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Anyone notice the 6 eyelet Indy chukka in color 8 on Leffot? Opinions? https://leffot.com/shop/index.php/shoes/alden/d5823c-indy-chukka.html
Those sleeves are straight Jedi.
  I have this exact case in a different wood.It is really great for most of my supplies.
On a brighter note...  beautiful lines, textures, and reflective surfaces abound.
Yeah I don't buy that argument at all.It means that they spent what the minimum was to buy it. 
Thanks for the reminder, @AlpinaAlthough I am sure the demographics have changed, the results were definitely interesting.I agree about some of the shortcomings. (income, self inflation, etc..)The n=87 was a fairly good spread of Alden forum participants.I am sure it could be expanded. It would be great if someone revamped it and followed through with a new survey. 
I think the care methodology has a lot to do with whether how permanent the Alden eggplant dye is. (along with wear frequency)If you are one to use reno often, then the colors will fade more than if you just use a damp cloth wipe down and then brush.There are quite a few other variables, such as how you wear your shoes, etc. my $0.02. 
Stitchy... Whatever you are doing must be good for your soul. You look ultra relaxed. 
That's pretty interesting.I wonder how the otterwax on suede will wear and compare to something like a waxed flesh.
They added 9 eyelets. That is the kicker for me.The sole and heel I could do without. 
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