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yep, caught that from mimo.
You learn something new every day. Thanks.
http://leathersoul.com/2013/07/01/alden-shoe-vintage-indy-restock-lsw/I bought them in 2013.They just did another run recently.I don't know if they will be doing more.  You are correct, Sir.Thanks for the compliment. I also just posted a muddy and clean up pic of these boots the other day on here.I was amazed how they cleaned up with very little effort. This smooth chamois is bulletproof. 
Ok,Jack Forster dictated the article (likely on his phone) and didn't proof read it (or have someone else proof it). That kills me.  "If you’ve been following IWC for the last few years, you know that they’ve taken a somewhat different tack in introducing new watches at the annual SIHH exhibition in Geneva... "Tact? " “Wow, Engineered For Men!” (as a matter of fact I’ve seen a fair few quote female clients unquote, who enjoy wearing one).""female clients" Come on?!?
Quickie from this morning.
Pardon the crappy pics, but I wanted to point out the perspective issue...  Same 44mm watch, both look like dinner plates on my small wrist, but the closer one looks a lot bigger compared to my wrist.     
Gents, Move the camera farther back from your wrist so it looks more proportional. The close up perspective makes the watch look bigger than it is in real life. 
Loafer sizing is difficult for some people (like me). If you had a BB to try on the Van last you'd have the best luck. Doesn't have to be shell. 
Needed some therapy last night, cleaning up your boots is one of the greatest ways.  
The beauty of 2 that are almost identical is that you only have to admit to one. 
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