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The prices are still substantially less than the comparable market prices. Find a pair of made in the USA selvedge jeans for less than $100. I doubt you will find too many places where this is true.   I shop with Gustin and with some higher priced places, and to be honest, Gustin is the price leader for the quality.   If you are used to buying jeans from the Gap or similar, where you cant get made in the USA anything, the Gustin prices seem high, but if you are...
they make red topys for them.
Me three (anxious)
Yes, but I would just brush it for a while and it may come out without product
Very nice
      Thanks, Gents.All this Whiskey has me wishing for a whiskey boot.
Morning, Gents. Antique on King today for me.
I had a dream that the LP was vanity sized and actually a 48R.
I am a huge fan of Pateks, but those LWBs that are no longer available are it for me.
FYI, the navy CXL belt goes well with Navy shell. Sorry for the bad pic, but lighting wasn't good this morning.
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