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I ordered the Dark Glacier. I am out of town and it was delivered today, so I am anxious to get home.
PSA: 310 last 8.5 merlot cxl Not my listing. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=231348541743
Yeah, it brings up the pain and hurt of getting screwed on the preorder.. Son of a .. Kidding. Congrats gents. The brandy looks awesome. Wish I would have been able to grab them.
A bit of a story... I was out to eat recently and was at a restaurant where there was a blind man playing guitar. I have known this man for years as he was a friend of my parents many years ago. He is completely blind. I was sitting there eating when I noticed he was wearing an analog wristwatch. I couldn't figure it out, and was completely baffled. About 30 minutes later, he lifted his wrist, and opened the crystal which was hinged, and felt the watch hands and...
um I have been bummed I missed the frankenstitch. If we could get it going, yes. 
a Ravello surprise.   yeah, no.
Grail package coming tomorrow and I will be away on business. grrr.
Throwing this against the wall to see if it sticks.. Mike, Wool Doyle. Boom. haha
They look like faux wingtips though.Stitched and punched only, with one piece of leather.
They've got to be from one of the Plaza houses.They are certainly unique.
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