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Looks great FC.What are the shoes you are wearing today?
They certainly have the appearance of TB.
You jacked it up pretty quickly.haha
@Don L Great look, as always.
Nearly all EP today.Vittorio Speckled Donegal tweedGrey blue graph checkSlate blue steep twill Walts [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]
    I can also picture an Indy (Dr. Jones boot) on Grant.I think the shape of the toe will accentuate the stitching.
Brownvello for me today.
MTO Dream makeup... Ravello NST boot (the current lighter Ravello) Grant last Brass eyelets (no speedhooks) Antique edge double waterlock   I could do all of this with Color 8 and be thrilled as well.
Yeah I don't wear Chups, but C'est la vie.
Dude, you look thrilled.
New Posts  All Forums: