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You likely have a case of a shoemaker using material from different shells.Some folks are ok with the variations in the color. If you want to condition only, and want to stick with Saphir, use:http://leffot.com/shop/index.php/shoe-care/shell-cordovan-creme-1053.htmlin Neutral If you want to even out the color, I would use the same in Dark Brown. Renomat is a stripping agent, and should be used only when necessary to remove buildup of polishing materials and/or acrylic.Your...
Carmina x EP Jodhpurs today
Embrace, but you can probably minimize the contrast with some brushing.
Looking good. I was wondering how that collar turned out.That's a stark contrast to your IG post earlier today...
Thanks, Mike.
   I am going to keep them, even though I am not sure the colors are accurate. As I said, I don't at all mind the colors I got. I was just bringing it to the forum for an FYI.I was more disappointed with the material, than the colors. That isn't as easy to quantify.
thanks, Mac
I took a few pics. this one is color accurate IMO. This is close to the fit pics, but not at all close to the product group pics.  Overall, I am not unhappy about the color, but you definitely didn't know what you were getting.  My pic:   Their pic:
The collar/neck didn't seem right, there wasn't much stretch to the collar while I was trying it on. It felt like it was flimsy or would rip. The body material was not soft. It didn't feel like it had the substance of a typical slubby cotton that I have felt elsewhere.The description said soft a few times, which is what I would have expected. The colors were nice, but did not appear close to the product shots in the slightest.The first picture was completely different from...
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