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  My current favorite.  Schott Perfecto P6521 Burgundy HH Cxl
Gents, Take a minute and read/watch this. I am not going to argue the value one way or another, but I will say that it is a nice (albeit short) story.
yes you are correct about the dye and the brass eyelets, as well as snuff/C8 saddles. that is no longer allowed for the same reason.
So I was doing this with the intention of removing the acrylic coating on the shell, and allowing the patina from regular wear to shine through.There will be some lightening of the color due to the removal of the acrylic, but this process will definitely remove some of the inherent protection that the acrylic offers.I have many pairs of color 8 shell cap toe boots, and wanted to experiment with a pair in order to work on the patina, specifically.I am also not treating them...
Snuff is probably the most versatile, given you wearing denim a lot.
was it them or Famous Footwear?..Or are they one in the same. basically all made in 3rd world, glued crap.
It probably goes without saying that I see nothing but DSW glued crap here in the Poconos, unless it is someone from SF. That goes for Alden and a dozen other makers.  Rarely I might see an AE in the wild, but that's even a stretch.
Trying them on wont take away from the BNIB. just don't crease them all up.Seems kind of odd to not even put your foot in them. 
Was there a preorder for these that I somehow missed?
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