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I seriously can't disagree.
Dang it, I tried to resist, but those Sage nubuck boots pushed me over the edge. I have been admiring them since they came out last year.
Yeah I am bummed about those Carmina grain Jumper boots, I was traveling and missed them. 
I got mine ~2 weeks ago. They have had partial shipments from the factory in the past. They also could have caught a flaw and are having it fixed. Why don't you reach out to them?
Looking good, Mike. 
I know this is frowned on by some, but I did a cold soak and prewash to cut some starch.They are relatively (with 17 oz it is relative how soft they really are) soft on only the second wear.I would buy them again in a second.They aren't really slubby at all. Just barely.
according to Brannock....
The poplin floral with the banded collar looks like a "Magic Eye" picture. That makes me never want it, because I couldn't EVER see them. Haha
CXL will stretch and conform to your foot.
Some worn well Natty CXL for me today, along with some Gustin Japan One Sevens.
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