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I would consider if you sit at a desk and subconsciously rub your heel on one of the legs or similar. I found myself doing that at work and scuffed up some shoes. I changed my habit as soon as I realized what it was.
The Omega 3570.50 he referred to is what I looked at.It is 42mm.What reference are you referring to?
Thanks.This is a BR shirt.I know Mike had one a while back similar, but I missed out.I do need a navy belt.The only thing I don't like about the Rancourt shell belt is it is narrow (1.25"), so it feels out of place casually.I have a black CXL belt on from Rancourt.I still may have to get the blue shell belt.
  Thanks gents.
orange and blue x-posted
Just got the Burnt Orange washed and sanded canvas FF pants, and I am thrilled with how they look. Paired them with Navy boots, Blue flower shirt, and LBM1911 Flax Chinolino. First pic is in the sun, the rest are in the shade.      
@sazon do you know who he is talking about?
Duties? NAFTA?Shipping you mean?
Although they aren't for me, if they were broken in and had some wear and tear on them they could look pretty cool.If they stay pristine, they would be too stark for me.
I have a longer arch length, so I always have toe room.
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