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Unobtainium hitting the market tomorrow. 8.5D  
Exactly what this forum is for.
Thanks goodness boots are made to be worn.
I would consider if you sit at a desk and subconsciously rub your heel on one of the legs or similar. I found myself doing that at work and scuffed up some shoes. I changed my habit as soon as I realized what it was.
The Omega 3570.50 he referred to is what I looked at.It is 42mm.What reference are you referring to?
Thanks.This is a BR shirt.I know Mike had one a while back similar, but I missed out.I do need a navy belt.The only thing I don't like about the Rancourt shell belt is it is narrow (1.25"), so it feels out of place casually.I have a black CXL belt on from Rancourt.I still may have to get the blue shell belt.
  Thanks gents.
orange and blue x-posted
Just got the Burnt Orange washed and sanded canvas FF pants, and I am thrilled with how they look. Paired them with Navy boots, Blue flower shirt, and LBM1911 Flax Chinolino. First pic is in the sun, the rest are in the shade.      
@sazon do you know who he is talking about?
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