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They added 9 eyelets. That is the kicker for me.The sole and heel I could do without. 
No, it is not recommended. I haven't used a sleeking bone, but  my understanding is that is for calf as well. I am curious to hear other thoughts.
Deer bones are very useful on medium to dark shell cordovan to:1. imparting some oils into the leather2. smoothing out some of the gouges and blemishes in the leather3. blend out some of the sharper edged creases that happen when the leather rolls, sometimes they are more creases than rollsThey are just as good at these tasks on the lighter leathers, however..... BEWARE the deer bone can burnish the lighter leather (shell) if is used too vigorously.
If they would realign with the SD construction that so many people seem to be asking about, these would be 10x more desirable.
Navy reverse chamois for me today.   
I am a solid 39r. I float between larger 38r and more fitted 40r.
      I guess you are right. I did a little research, and my statement may have been based on some SF misinformation. Apparently the BD + Blazer is acceptable, but not a suit. Marginally ok with a tie, depending on the formality of the tie. 
[[SPOILER]] Spoo, the vintage jacket is awesome, the turtle and elephant are amazing (I couldn't pull them off), and those gloves look great.
I know its a faux pas wearing a BD and a jacket, but this combo is my jam today..  Individualized and Vittorio  
FC you are KILLING IT in this pic.
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