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Whiskey for me today. A little EP tweed in the mix as well.
  I know of some doing 5-10X that damage in a year.
Honestly, as much as I really love this boot, I think I would rather spend my money on a top drawer EG.
it all comes down to the pricetag.
Color 8 is actually very red.What people are used to seeing from Alden is after Alden has darkened it.
Dude....Is that the wool/Cash/Mink tie??
I couldn't resist.And speaking of Dovers. I am totally drooling over Leffot's Top Drawers that Steven just got.I may need to discuss with Skoak.
That's what I am wearing today.They were online as Walts for the longest time.
Quick and dirty in my office...No, the subdials are running seconds, minutes elapsed  and hours elapsed.
New Posts  All Forums: