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You are certainly more accurate there. Thanks.
Cold and dreary day here calls for some CC and a sweater.
That is fine. I was just making the statement that EB private labels the button boots for some big labels.I don't remember if StC was one of them. I do remember being shocked who it was. 
  I seem to recall that EB makes the button boots for a few well known makers. I don't remember if StC is one of them.@Leaves can certainly clarify.
Look at the first post on this thread. Please.
LiarYou want the YG version.
Well broken in polo suede for the day... These boots are like slippers.  (Side note: Polo suede is the Ravello/Color 4 of suede for sure)  
Thank goodness you don't have that DSSD on, you might get mugged by some 2nd graders.This is a much safer alternative.
I don't know. I feel like the shape is off. A few of my potential gripes..1. The length of the body and the arms are both appearing too long.2. The body looks too slim or somehow not shaped properly3. The pockets are way too 2-dimensional. 4. There isn't a side entry on the pockets.5. The back seems shapeless. 6. I definitely don't like that its unlined. 
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