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I seriously need a vest.  Just saying...
[[SPOILER]] I'll add this (slightly less regarded), which I cant give away. (for a decent price)
I would also extrapolate the cartoons here (someone posted previously) to comparable shoes.
Honestly, I may get crucified here, but they are like Prada to me.They are Hublot
I am not 100% certain, but the returns are not available on special order items, unless there is a flaw.That being said, the Rivets can be let in or taken out 1"+ so you should be safe.If you think you will be between sizes based on measurements, go bigger. I like to take in pants instead of letting them out.
Mike made me feel like I had to throw down today, so here we go...   Also PSA: JAB has trees for $7.50 free shipping. This is as good as it gets for trees.  
I agree.I think we need to see more fit shots from people.
what the.....
Wow my brain was playing tricks on me.I read this quickly and thought it said "...so what. Get over it."HAHA its been a LONG day.
I think the lower rise for me makes me need slightly smaller on the Driggs than the Walts.
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