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Sounds like you answered your own question to me.If you think the date without cyclops and exclusivity is worth the $2,400, then yes by all means get the SD4000.Either way, you wont be picking a loser.
Interesting mix of textures, etc.I don't know if I could pull off the Cash/Mink/Wool with the 1911.They seem a bit spread apart.
Indys for me today.
Nice writeup, Belli.
I was drooling on IG when he posted it.
I have 8.5D Marlow, and I would say it is close to the Barrie size, with a slightly higher instep.It feels a lot like the Tremont last, to be honest. (for me)
Shell and I am in.HAHAI have to make it hard.
Sneak peek...    
Go to the drug store and get moleskin.It will be your friend during any break in periods with new shoes.
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