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Thanks FC.I got them last season in 2 colors. I cant get enough of them.I love the Donegal. The color is not captured in your pic, but I imagine it looks AWESOME with the western shirt.
Thanks. The Chamois is really almost indestructible.It is probably my favorite bad weather leather.The only thing I haven't tried is the 404 Kudu boots. (they might be better, but not my a lot).
xpost LS Vintage Indy's and some tweed from EP. Nor'easter inbound.  
So Nor'easter on its way, nothing to do but emulate Indy.... Tweed and Alden workboots.
When I spoke to Mike about them, he suggested if you are between sizes get the size up.
1. no, but it is only MTO. 2. Likely not, but you may be able to flip them in the B/S marketplace.
I may have to get a pair MTO'd.
  Thankfully, Mike said one of the improvements in the beginning of the year will essentially fix this problem.They don't inventory the stores with the same system as the website.Sometimes they show stock when there is none.Hopefully this will get fixed early this coming year with the new combined inventory system.Yes, it sucks. It has happened to a few folks. (me included)
I think I need a pair of button boots. I am not sure why, or where I will wear them..
The consensus is 1/2 size down from your Brannock measured size.So, if you are a 9D Brannock, you would likely be 8.5D Barrie.
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