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15300 on my little wrist.
AP for the day.  Really glad fall is finally here. 
Real life patina stacked on top of more patina.  These are due for a resole. I may go custom and do brick Danite. 
Thoughts on the field jacket tease from IG? I would like it in a cavalry twill. (unlikely, as they haven't released a trouser in such a fabric)
2210 for the win today. Going on about 3 years old, these are one of my favorites. 
Re: Thorpe 5'11" 170 ish and have a Medium. Only pic I could find was Here
That makes more sense. 
Do you have that backward?
Thank goodness its a prototype, because the date is absurd sideways. The placement of it is also really disjointed as you say. 38-40mm or thereabout would be better. I could deal with the automatic, if it was not as thick as a Big Mac as many of the automatic Tags seemed to be.
One of my favorites today. Plaza lasted SW boot courtesy of Leffot. 
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