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It may make sense to look at the measurements on each.  I am waiting for a Gustin to come in, but it appears that they Gustin is larger than the EPNY.
They look awesome. Congrats.
I want it within 2 weeks.Trade show on my feet that I want the crepe for.
Number 2 catches my eye the most. Sometimes there is a reason the classics are classic. 
The rancourt CXL belts are slightly too wide for me. I wish they were slightly thinner.
So I am in the market for a pair of color 8 shell shoes on crepe that I can pick up relatively soon.  I can do a PTB or LWB. 8E or 8.5D or a chukka in 8D or 8E. Anyone have any leads for me?
Are you asking?EPNY is more fitted than the Keystone (Gitman) fit.
How long did the original design belt take to have issues?
Do  you work for the radio with a tease like that?
Couple belts and another loopwheeled on the way. I was trying to wait for the Gitman FF. oh well.
New Posts  All Forums: