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Yes, the B&S portion, and then add it to your signature.
Why don't you reach out to them.I paid for return shipping myself. 
Put them in the Buy and Sell.
Might be a job for @SpooPoker Just Sayin...
Both of the Valstar and NR stock drops are amazing. 
  Tif... I would be willing to pay $1 more than JSO1.
Ok, the Chelsea release today.  Interesting. Great price point.  Who is the maker if they make RedWing/Frye/Wolverine as well? I don't know that AE makes RedWing or Frye, and they have been around a lot longer than 50 years.  There is one discrepancy on the Cognac page, the description sayd Steerhide, but somnewhere else it says Chromepack (which it is not). Not a showstopper, just an observance.
These clean up so well.  3.5 year old 4060s. 
Think nubuck (smooth chamois) versus suede (reverse chamois). They are both very oily leathers. The smooth gives you the feel of calf that has been lightly sanded with superfine sandpaper and then oiled. The reverse is a very heavy (rugged) nap suede that has been oiled. Reverse leather is the the flesh side of the animal.
More like last second...Always bothers me. I still go by the philosophy that if you bid your theoretical max you are willing to pay, then if you don't win it wasn't meant to be. 
New Posts  All Forums: