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Yes, sir.
This seems rather short sighted.I will stay away from the brands you mentioned on purpose. If you have a good fundamental design, why screw it up or devalue the design with major changes, constantly?Look at the Omegas of the 70's they changed like the wind, and could not keep to a coherent design philosophy. Values are not what they could be today.Compare that to the AP RO, they have been working with a solid design for years, and it has paid off. Lets make the analogy...
Cargos today, FTW.    
Calling for some rain today, so I pulled out the big guns. Smooth Tobacco Chamois Indy with contrast stitching (LS Vintage Indy) Pretty much my most indestructible boots.  
The shell has been running 1100 + shippingThis was a small run from early this year.
I am just trying to enable.  Yes, sir. 
I would expect slightly higher. 11,500 ish for a good one.
Apparently I was into blue today...  
awesome, congrats!
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