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Those three fools are out playing in the snow in central PA.
For those who got the Epaulet stingray trainers.... @SpooPoker has this matching wallet in his store. Just sayin'... http://www.ebay.com/itm/EXOTIC-Pacific-100-Genuine-Stingray-Galuchot-Skin-Black-Leather-Bifold-Wallet-/351646699747?hash=item51dfc6d0e3:g:YqsAAOSwJb9Ws-ds
  DLJr, I agree.However... I will take what jbarwick said and further it. Even for experienced users the search functionality isn't user friendly.
Ravello is so inconsistent though. I think more so than any other color that Alden offers.I have Ravello that looks like Whiskey, Color 4, and Cigar.
Old school well worn Vintage Indys for the snow here...  
So let me start with my comment is no reflection on the GMTO process that SF has with Viberg. Brett has his quirks, and as a business owner, I respect his ability to do what he wants to do with his brand. This is regardless of the 10,000 opinions out there.   Now to get down to my preferences... (which likely no one cares about, except me) I like the 2030 last the best. No its not the 110 or 310 that some people tend to like. I also really do like the 10 eyelets. I...
I don't think you will see a lot of love for Invicta in this thread.
me too 
   The best thing to do is call Vince.He will be up front with you when you speak with him.
Those indigo canvas faded like crazy.The Woolite dark would be worth it.
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