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yes.They are awesome, but SUPER warm.
They just primarily deal with their group of people.Some folks here have had great luck with them, but others have zero.
OEM JCrew Brassvello FTW  
  I am not convinced the dark creases are a result of the colored crème.This happens from time to time.It is more prevalent on lighter shell.
I chose not to. Idk why.Edit: Mine is a medium. It is not as fitted as I expected, but still fits well.
33 slim in chinos 32 slim in denim for me.
Here is the thing with the lining.It is sewn in at the main seams. I didn't fully inspect that, but it seems solidly built. The inside pocket is sewn only to the lining, but it isn't big enough to put anything heavy in it, so I wouldn't worry.The lining isn't a heavy flannel, so regardless, I don't think it is a bad choice for SoCal mornings and evenings.I am sure @joshgustin can elaborate on the construction.
Charcoal superfine birdseye Walts with Emerald herringbone tweed Vittorio The color on this jacket is so outstanding. Not to mention that the Vittorio fit on me is my favorite fit of any jacket EVER.
I saw them. good catch. Seems we are similar in size... So when you need to unload that barage of EGs. haha
So, I am not 100% sold that I am pulling the color off well but here you go.  Oxblood lined trucker.  Boom.
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