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I am going to kill 2 birds with one stone here.First, the vintage "look" of the BB is not vintage, so is this bad?No, it has actually been received quite well by most. Second...Well I am Breakin the Law (Priest reference ), here.Blue shell boots with a *gasp* burgundy shell strap.Throw in some red raw denim, and you get people all messed up. 
It is all about the lighting.They are more subtle than one may think. Thanks ThanksI also tied it together with a navy CXL belt from Epaulet.
Nice setup. Those Cedars are gorgeous.
Gustin day for me. Oxblood2 and Midnight plaid Along with a little blue shell for good measure.  
Funny you say that.They almost have a narrow wale cord feel. Of course the "cords" are on a diagonal.
You should lay them flat and measure.I would imagine, as I am similar, I would choose a 33.
Washed and sanded golden steep twill Rivets from the spring FF and the chambray Doyle.  
The simplest answer for me is a lower rise and a more tapered leg on the driggs
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