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G med is slightly smaller than EP Ashland fit. It falls between the EPNY fit and the Ashland fit. Ashland sleeves are a little longer as well. 
So I got this email today, from Crown and Caliber on some contest they are running.Take a look at the details in the photo from the email.It definitely gave me a laugh.Attention to detail, people. As a watch resale company, you would think that this would have been looked at more closely. Side note: Ironically, if you follow the link in the original email, they have edited it further.  [[SPOILER]]
TGIF Black naval captoe from Leffot today.
That natty horsehide is ridiculous. 
Excellent. exactly what they are supposed to look like. 
This is the old obsolete order, but yes.http://leffot.com/viberg-service-boot-pre-order-color-8-shell-cordovan/
Postals today. Excuse the wrinkles. They didn't like to be flat when I washed them. (and just an old pair of boots...)
Wrinkled jeans and some old boots for me today.
Frankenstitch for me today. xposted in EP for the Vittorio jacket
Vittorio jacket today, with a little Frankenstitch in the mix.  
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