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I am probably asking a redundant question, but how is the fit on the Eidos Brown glenplaid linen field jacket? Can anyone offer an opinion?
Apparently one of my designers asked me if I rode my skateboard into work today... Funny guy Indigo hoodie and FF shirt from last year.
Skoak has them as well.http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/accessories
That jacket is worth every cent.I have a few of the LuBiaM Vittorio jackets, and they are amazing.
They are Horween shell cordovan. Therefore, outside of finishing, which looks excellent, the leather is the same that Carmina/AE/Alden/Viberg and others use. Some finish the leather differently, like Alden. Some also *may* choose different grades of shell, as I have been told. However, it is all Horween shell.
LWBs for the kill.
Someone posted this as a potential the other day.  So, I got it and can confirm... http://bananarepublic.gap.com/browse/product.do?pid=4040240020034&cid=1012500&locale=en_US This belt, is almost a 100% match for tobacco chamois. it is slightly rougher than the smooth chamois and smoother than the reverse chamois.  In a pinch, this matches almost perfectly.  It is also 40% off today. 
Nice haul.Strange, mine didn't register with the post office until today.Regardless, I cant wait.
I personally prefer Danite, but commando is not bad, neither is crepe.If you were worried about the wet weather, I would get a Topy put on your 975s by your local cobbler. It is ~$20.Done and done.
Postal WS + Postal Jean Postal Canadian Tux incoming. boom
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