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So there are designs that get proposed by shops and Alden outright rejects them. (for many reasons) That wholecut seems a whole lot less aesthetically pleasing than some of the designs that Alden rejects.  Funny if you ask me.  However, it is Need Supply's fault. They wont likely sell them through, and they'll have to fire sale them in order to unload them.
You may have a ready made solution from Unionmade Goods...Its not my cup of tea, but these blacked out grain Indys are pretty slick.http://unionmadegoods.com/product/alden-indy-boot-in-black-regina-grain-d6933c/
In addition, if you get salt stains that are set, I swear by the Saphir Hiver-Winter:https://www.hangerproject.com/saphir-hiver-winter-salt-snow-stain-remover.html
If anyone is hesitating on this Leder jacket, you are making a HUGE mistake...
That's a stretch.It is also not waxed, it is oiled in this case. Mine breathe fine, and in fact are not completely waterproof.There is such a thing as waxed flesh, but Alden to my knowledge doesn't offer any footwear with waxed flesh.
Doubling down on the canvas today.
Crews today
nope.... wear, repeat.
Dark whiskey, light ravello, dark ravello, red cigar.... all relative, so I think there are a lot of worse things than the exact shade.Side note, they are pictured against a white background, with unknown lighting.You are not going to get a correct color cast, unless it was shot with a WB card and color corrected. 
On a positive note....    These Chelseas are so good.
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