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That appears to me to look like an oil based stain, but I am not an expert here.This is difficult.I know on other leathers, I have seen things like white vinegar and/or lemon juice help, but I don't want to give a recommendation that would ruin your shell.You may want to contact Nick Horween and/or Alden directly and ask them.You also may get some traction with a trusted cobbler like Nick at B.Nelson for advice.Best of luck
Holy...Who is this docalden guy?
If it makes you feel any better, if you walk and bend your feet, your shell will crease.These are all pics of mine, some will crease worse than others, but the reality is that it WILL happen unless you float above the ground like David Blaine. (or @mdubs)  [[SPOILER]]
[[SPOILER]] Wear them and enjoy them.The creases would be there within one wear.You can invest in a deer bone and some elbow grease to minimize the rolls, but honestly they will always be there regardless of who put them in.
Are you looking for something dressy or casual?Dress belts tend to feel less substantial.
Natty CXL for me today with the rain potential. xposted in Epaulet  
EP washed and sanded canvas Rivets, 1911 Chinolino, and Natty CXL belt. (Alden x JCrew Natty CXL boots and Gustin organic plant dyed selvedge chambray.)
Neatsfoot oil if they get dry, otherwise wear them and wear them... and then wear them.I would guess that 99% of people do not do much except wear them. (including me)
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