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Currently, the best fitting suit I own is a 34R SLIM FIT from H&M. On me the fit is somewhere between SLIM FIT and CLASSIC FIT. But, I want something a bit more fitted. Would a 34R SLIM FIT suit from Topman be more fitted compared to a 34R SLIM FIT from H&M or would it be the same? I think the SKINNY FIT from Topman would be ideal but it's not available in the style I want.
Quote: Originally Posted by NaTionS That's because they are. No, it has already been noted but I can confirm it is straight fit but relaxed. I actually think, from that picture, that is a good look - especially if hemmed. I think his NS looks alright but slightly on the tight side. Anyways, this is the bottom line for me. His best look would be the Rescue if hemmed. But, if he's stacking then the NS definitely.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheFedora Ok I just bought some dr scholls gel inserts not sure of they have good arch support? They seem floppy but there's a money back satisfaction thing I'm not sure about the arch support but they are comfortable. I didn't have much trouble adjusting from running shoes to chucks with the gel inserts.
I wear gel insoles with mine. They are kind of flat and not supportive if your use to wearing athletic shoes. It also takes some time to break them in. I remember when i first wore them. It was not comfortable and I could not imagine why so much people did.
Quote: Originally Posted by JustinW I just bought the new white GAP jeans today - they are bloody brilliant! I wear a 30x30 in most Levis, but a 31x30 in these. Sorry, never tried GAPs before, so can't help with that comparison. This is boggling my mind more - lol. I am a 29 at The GAP. I have not bought Levis in a while but I tried on the 514s recently (I believe they were 514s) and I needed a 30 because it was tight. FYI the Levis were not...
Quote: Originally Posted by hypnos123 size down at least 2. my 32/32 measures 35 at the waist wtf...... Have you ever bought jeans from the GAP before. If so, did the 32/32s you buy differ from the regular 32/32s you bought from the GAP before.
Quote: Originally Posted by DrFaustus The white Gap jeans came today. I bought 31X32's. They feel SLIGHTLY big in the waist for being 31's. Length is great. Overall, I'm really happy with them. If anyone cares, I can get the actual waist measurement of the 31's. I highly recommend them. Do they feel slightly big in the waist for a normal size 31 you wear or a normal size 31 from the gap? The reason why I ask is because I already know...
Quote: Originally Posted by obeserabbit how do you like the fit so far? has the waist stretched too much? The fit is alright. It's a bit too tapered for my liking though. I do not want to insult anyone but it seems that a lot of people enjoy the skinny fit but I just do not like it too tight because it's uncomfortable and looks femine. I guess it might be wrong to let society's view dictate what we wear but after all we are dressing well to...
I have had my NS for about 2 weeks. I sized down 1 because I read that it would provide me with a baggier fit due to stretching. Obviously the waist/thigh area will stretch but what I wanted to ask if it will stretch horizontally in the leg area (upper knee through leg opening).
I actually don't mind the straight fit from the GAP. It can be better but what can I expect for that price right. Anyways, would you recommend that I get them in my normal GAP size or a size lower.
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