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It is snug around the waist so there is a very slight pull but its something I don't mind as I prefer the more fitted look. The shoulders are strong on this jacket but again its a look I like. I'm just afraid that shortening the jacket would throw the balance off? It covers the curvature of my seat and goes past it by just under half an inch. Would it be worth shortening?
I would appreciate your opinions on the fit of a suit I just got. I'm worried most about the length of the jacket. Does it look too long? I like the fit in the shoulders and chest. Your comments will be greatly valued. Thank you.
I'm starting to really appreciate owning a good pair of boots. Aesthetically they look fantastic and the comfort was there from the first wearing. Already looking for some Shell's as my next purchase. I like the rust in these but I may go for something a bit darker for variety.
 Does anyone have any experience with Urad products on these boots? Would the products mentioned above be safe to use or would something else be more recommended?
 Going half size down I get a great fit with medium thickness socks. They really are made bigger than the shoes I normally wear, so for me I needed to size down.
I received my very first 1000 mile boots today in rust. I went a half size down on my normal shoe size and they fit beautifully. I was just wondering if anybody has any experience with Urad products, especially the "tenderly" and "shoe & leather cleaner". Would it be safe to use this combo of conditioner and polish on these boots? I got them after doing some research but I'd like to double check with the more experienced folk on here.   Cheers!
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