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Ooooo sass attack! ;)
thanks for the tip monkey face! i'll probably lose some sleep tonight about posting in the wrong thread ;)
haha thanks! but im not EVEN there yet. im just a mere observer who is currently crying about it.
I dont think its too flashy. Not at all, actually. you should totally add it to your business rotation.
whoa, you guys dress way better than i do.   i know im risking some humiliation, but im a pretty casual guy idk if casual thing is a thing, but id LIKE to think it is.   I rock a jean jacket pretty hard. nearly everyday. Just bought this and its currently acting as my second skin.   i also just ordered one of these
Hi!   im not sure how serious some of these responses are...but ok.   im neil, im photo jounalist and im really into fashion. I have a bit of a weird thing for bow ties and funky stuff and clothes i find from all the locations my agency sends me.
I really like a girl who plays with her style, but still is classic. I do like a girl that has a unique style, but it isnt too much if you know what i mean.   I love the way penelope cruz dresses. She always looks good and not just bc shes beautiful. i like how feminine she is and how everything from her red carpet dresses to when she wears jeans and a t shirt with heels.   Its kind of hard to explain but i like looking at a girl and thinking, "wow, i like what you did...
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