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As a quick follow up to above, I could shift slightly darker (a couple guys haven't purchased yet) and go with something like this instead:  
I'm getting married in a navy suit from SS. It's a summer afternoon wedding in a garden outdoors (weather permitting). I wanted the groomsmen to wear something lower formality and some of them own one (others are willing to buy) but they aren't all one color (mix of blue and grey).   Basically, we'd be in an arrangement something close to this:     Is this a problem? I don't think it is, but I want some SF feedback. I also have some specific questions.   1. I...
Answering my own question now that the email has gone out: Yes :)
Great to see the mechanic shirt back in stock. The size 40s went quickly last time! Will this week's 10% code work on those?
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