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Me too, tired of waiting.
They go for $100 at the outlets. Finish line had them in $50-60 range earlier this year but they all sold out quick.
Which oil stocks have you guys invested in?
Anyone here have experience investing in tax liens? I've been reading up on it recently but would like to see if anyone has been down this road before.
Oh snap, Ari Gold. That's what I've been thinking as well but wasn't sure. Thanks for the input, now let's hug it out.
Stock market noob here. Is this a good time to get into index and small cap growth funds or should I wait?
I'm the same size as my brannock size on the 5 last.
Thanks for the feedback, I did more research and what not on law forums and I think I'll head down the MBA route.
Now I'm confused, I thought Saphir was the go to choice for shoe polish. What is the go to shoe polish if it isn't Saphir?
My biggest fear with going to law school is not getting a job at a firm or a becoming a corporate lawyer especially with the fact that many graduates are not getting placed. If I did go that route, I guess I would try to get a job as a patent clerk/drafter at a law firm while going to law school at night. Thoughts?
New Posts  All Forums: