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just ties and the single scarf. there was some nice cashmere PRL sweater vest for $75. they rarely have anything worth interest.
pretty sure and it was red/yellow/ white with diagonal stripes about 1meter long. It was surprisingly priced the same as the polo scarves and could have easily been marked as one. the location was may's landing, NJ
l found two identical ties for $40 each & a scarf for $20 at marshalls. I did not grab either sadly.
I am sharing you this sale(sorry for the short notice) and i will be going sometime this week to franklin mills outlet. Last time i went was in mid august and their selection was very decent. They had zegna suits, many BC sport coats, Robert Talbott tux's, some canali, and RLPL in there too. I will let you guys know what i find and keep me posted :)
Starting on Tuesday is Saks buy one, get one suit sale.  Thought i give the heads up . sale. 
greetings everyone,     first, I like to introduce myself. My name is Alex, and i am a sophomore at Rutgers University.  I have been following style forum for about four months now so i decided to join and educate you about myself. So i started to dress well during my senior year of highschool to impress girls and it worked. I primarily wore POLO Ralph Lauren back then and ironically still do despite improving my wardrobe. Currently my attire is a blend of streetwear...
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