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Been eyeing those Carmina Plum Jodhpurs for ages, but the abysmal Canadian dollar held me back - until now! Cannot wait to wear it.
It's apparently on the Barrie but looks fairly sleek. I own a pair and it's a lovely makeup.
A huge thank you to the SF member who put up the links for the BB Alden suede makeups on discount a couple of weeks ago! I've wanted an Alden suede makeup for a long time but always cringed at the price tag, overpriced in my mind compared to other options on the board. I was more than happy to snag this interesting makeup 30% off.   
Thanks! Maybe hundreds is an overstatement, but most definitely at least 'a hundred'. I generally wear them 3 times a week during spring/fall/winter, you could possibly classify this as 'over-wearing' them. I only have three Aldens in my rotation (black calfskin nst, BB tan suede moc toe). Note the extra creasing on the shoe to the right, the leather on the vamp is a bit thinner than the other boot. Lots of minor scratches that don't quite show up in the picture, up close...
Took out my Cigar Captoe Boots out for a brush. Bought these two years ago, my very first pair of Alden. Worn them hundreds of times and love how the color has changed, quite a few olive tones.   At the time I never thought I'd be able to snag a rarer makeup, but patience and a simple call to a store landed me this prize. Best advice to those looking for Alden in the age of online shopping? Pickup the phone and make some calls!  
I do too! Now to try and figure out the last so that sizing won't be an issue... It does show a resemblance to Plaza. Just from the shape I doubt I'll have to size down? Any advice from folks that have experience with this pair?
 Think about this: will it bother you if you look down at your shoes and notice that difference every single time you wear them? Personally, I'd absolutely return these and also feel offended that Alden would even send these out at full price. As seconds: sure. I'm fine with minor scratches/blemishes and am all for some leeway with QC but not to this extent. Now if both shoes had the same two tone look then I'd think it looks great! Ultimately, if you do send them back...
 Mike, thanks for the prompt and comprehensive reply. I'm glad you use USPS, additional brokerage fees are frustrating and this was my real main concern. As you suggested, I'll make any additional inquiries via PM.
A question for my fellow Canadian Epaulet consumers: Ever have trouble with customs/duty fees? I expect that since many of Epaulet products and their providers (Alden) follow 'made in the USA' principles that we are not affected on many items?    EDIT: I generally make my purchases whenever I visit, but it would be nice to have stuff shipped to my doorstep hassle free
Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking of the 975. I'll give the same size a shot.
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