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I do too! Now to try and figure out the last so that sizing won't be an issue... It does show a resemblance to Plaza. Just from the shape I doubt I'll have to size down? Any advice from folks that have experience with this pair?
 Think about this: will it bother you if you look down at your shoes and notice that difference every single time you wear them? Personally, I'd absolutely return these and also feel offended that Alden would even send these out at full price. As seconds: sure. I'm fine with minor scratches/blemishes and am all for some leeway with QC but not to this extent. Now if both shoes had the same two tone look then I'd think it looks great! Ultimately, if you do send them back...
 Mike, thanks for the prompt and comprehensive reply. I'm glad you use USPS, additional brokerage fees are frustrating and this was my real main concern. As you suggested, I'll make any additional inquiries via PM.
A question for my fellow Canadian Epaulet consumers: Ever have trouble with customs/duty fees? I expect that since many of Epaulet products and their providers (Alden) follow 'made in the USA' principles that we are not affected on many items?    EDIT: I generally make my purchases whenever I visit, but it would be nice to have stuff shipped to my doorstep hassle free
Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking of the 975. I'll give the same size a shot.
 Bumping for some insight!
Think it's time I add another shoe to my collection and came up with a sizing query. Unfortunately, I live too far from a retailer to try anything out.   My current favorite pair is the cigar shell captoe boot on the Grant last (size:8D). Fine overall fit and just a tad tight in the toe area. I've been looking at Barrie last shell shoes for my next buy and was wondering if I should still size down half a size? I recall reading that Barrie and Grant are very similar in...
Anyone else feel bummed that they missed out on this:  http://epauletnewyork.com/products/salinger-double-monk-burgundy-shell-cordovan   With the arrival of new Vass DM's there were no restocks last year and I'm guessing that stance will be taken this year as well. I personally prefer the style on the Carmina and guess an MTO will be the only route to get one.   Might as well gauge the interest here... if not i'll have to go solo!   Basic Proposed Makeup: Carmina...
I've been wearing my Wyatt Horsehide jacket (almost) non-stop since I got it, this thing is glorious - don't sit on the fence on this one. Seriously.   EDIT: Also I thought I should comment on Epaulet's excellent service. I ordered the jacket moments after it went online, but once I received it I found out the size Small was a bit too snug. One call to Mike (after store hours mind you) and he had a replacement Medium on hold at the back of the store for pickup the very...
 Just bought this one! Wonder what kind of unique variations will come with it, look forward to that extra bit of character. Any comments on how the color changes (lightens?) with age? Upkeep tips?
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