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Nameback just out of curiousity what exactly are your qualifications to manage money?
Has Epaulet seen SVB's gif? They should just play that on an endless loop in the stores.
I dunno, what's wrong with "I'm considering x y and z as possible next steps and would definitely appreciate your thoughts or suggestions."
I hear you. I went about 15 years without a regular paycheck, just putting stuff together on my own. Spent the last five working for the the man. That ended recently, and frankly I feel pretty much brain dead. Fortunately retirement is around the corner.
Send an e-card? Linked In?
Fuck that. Study pure maths (not boriing at all) then you can do whatever the fuck you want.
So now I have Google Adsense trying to sell me shit from Jos. A. Bank and Kenneth Cole watches from Macy's on every page of Styleforum.
Clothing is the main reason you want to make a good living?
You left out that the dude may have even died early as a result.
Come on man he's moved from the cheap to the nice toilet paper, his ass must be grateful every day.
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