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Not the best dressed: Billy Crystal's tailcoat was a major sartorial faux pas. It also looked rented. The white waistcoat was way too long, it should never extend below the cutaway jacket hem. I guess the folks were blissfully unaware.
Quote: Originally Posted by Scrumhalf Wow... I am glad to see that so many people have found this thread interesting. It makes the work writing the posts and uploading the pictures worth it. Not only do I understand the effort that goes into uploading the posts and the accompanying editorial, you accomplished it with careful consideration and a sense of poetry. I returned from Japan a few weeks ago, more specifically, a special journey to...
Quote: Originally Posted by binge Opportunity cost is a bitch. That, well said, is a mouthful.
It's all over the news in Canada too, naturally the pc's would subscribe to this for fear of riots. However, when I first heard of the minaret issue, it was confusing to say the least, I mean, it sounded like they were banning the official Dance of the Renaissance.
Michelin always. Pirelli's work well on dry pavement as the rubber is quite soft, but the downside is the life is cut in half.
Hire her as your secretary, put her behind a desk with a new Olivetti typewriter and call her 'hun'. It might spark some renewed interest via un-pc behaviour.
Monsanto benign?
A master tailor's worst nightmare. Impossible shoulders - no amount of padding will correct the proper hang of a suit.
Way too many to list here in my lifetime, However, the most recent worst movie remake ever made: "Day the earth stood still" Keanu Reeves version. Whole film - Absolutely appalling. Cage in "Knowing" bad ending too. As much as I really enjoyed "Contact", the ending was quite disappointing. The whole film had a massive build up to something spectacular, but the denoument appeared as if they suddenly ran out of money to complete the film properly.
I'm partial to the Mark Hopkins. Old fashioned, but hey, snootiest address in the entire city. The swank "Top of the Mark" bar & grill has the best 360 view of the city anywhere, if not Coit tower.
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