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Ya, Mr. Porter is always banging. Ssense is good too tho.
Went into Sydney's the other day and they were saying their online store is back up.    Some pretty nice sale items in there currently... Kapital, Jil Sander, Marni, Blue Blue Japan, etc.   I guess people in Toronto aren't on this yet, oh well! 
Can anyone weigh in on the quality of MA+? Particularly the one piece derbies? At the price point, I'll assume that the quality is quite high, but anyone have any experience after years of wear?    Just looking for some feedback before investing $1K+ in shoes.
For sure.   I got mine at Sydney's in Toronto, but they do ship.
This Guidi horse hair jacket is insane. I just wish I was $3K richer.  
  Got a Marni sweatshirt / oxford. fit is perfect.
I'd hem...
Pendleton has been making flannels for decades -- I have a few and the quality is excellent.    And, United Stock Dry Goods recently started doing flannels and the fit is perfect. Not sure how they wear as I've only had mine for a few weeks. I picked up the black plaid
The achilles are pretty untouchable in my opinion.    But, I'd say Church's, Allen Edmonds and Officine Creative (slightly more expensive) are of better / at least comparable quality.
Not technically a blazer, but this piece from Marni is pretty damn good.
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