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No, it's the Soft President Spread.
 It's here, and it's pretty darn fine! 
Wonderful news about the button placement options.   Any update on the washed denim shirt?
 Nice photo: a pleasant alternative to the close-ups (nothing wrong with those though), gives a little context, doesn't confuse photog and subject, interesting composition. Good shoes too.
 Just to third (or fourth, or fifth) this, A big thumbs up to PC. The cloth selection to be more than sufficient for me, and as I add it up I've ordered over 20 shirts from them over the past couple of years. The options are fine (OK, I'd like to be able to move the first button up a little, but I can live with it as is) and I've tweaked the fit nicely now. I'm in Canada, and delivery is quick, on time, and without customs drama. Got one of the new Albiate dark wash denim...
 Man o man.... Looks like I need to set aside some time Sunday morning for order planning. The glen-plaids and end-on-ends look great.
 I've felt that there were tons of casual fabrics, and lots of collar/cuff options to create a nice casual shirt.I think overall that they've got a pretty good balance between business and casual in the collection. OK, maybe I'll wave the tattersall flag come September. One can always ask for more!
 Thanks Chris. Just to be clear, my ay yi yi was an "oh great the fabric I wanted is available again and now they have a new collar that I like the look of and now I have to order more shirts" kind of ay yi yi, not a gripe about button placement!
Ay yi yi. A few days after I place my order you restock the Wythe Steel Blue Oxford, and now you've introduced a Soft President Spread collar. You're making it very difficult for me....   A question on button placement: Is there any flexibility on where the first button is located? Or maybe it's the second button down? The one below the collar button. My preference is to have the button placed a little closer to the collar to keep the collar from dropping and flattening...
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