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 Yep, exactly. That's part of the reason why the fit adjustments start at 3MM and not 1MM.  Anything less than 3MM and the cork would just wear off when they go apply it to the last. You'd be surprised how much 3MM on each side makes.  Also, in the instep where 3 -6 mm can mean the difference between a painful fit and a comfortable one.  It seems ridiculous but it's actually really helpful.
 Never said that it was.  That's correct.  You quoted an incorrect price and you're constantly condescending. It wasn't a marketing pitch.  It was laying out Saint Crispin's services, not The Armoury's. kthxbye.
 I just want to clarify a few things as I think sometimes people don't understand Saint Crispin's different levels of customization completely. RTW:  We all know what this is.  Purchase a stock model in the size that you're comfortable in. MTO:  This is taking a stock size, without any modifications to the fit, and choosing all of your details (things like leather, color, sole construction, etc). MTO w/ Last Adjustments:  You are fit in a stock size and width but the fit...
 I'm happy to work on this for you guys, I think it's a great idea and it's something I've thought of doing before.  I'm going to tackle it in the New Year. Happy Holidays guys, Jeff
 Hi Scott, We haven't received them in New York yet but the changes are rather straight forward.  They've taken the Uetam fit and shortened the vamp by a few centimeters so that the instep is a bit more open.  Other than that, not much has changed.  I think overall it really gives the shoe a brand new look though. I can give you a better idea when we receive them in New York, but in the meantime you can always reach out to Hong Kong at info@thearmoury.com Jeff
 Hey TC, unfortunately not - this was a MTO pair for a client that didn't end up working out. Jeff
 Absolutely, lets see if you like them and they fit and we can go from there. Also, for everyone else, as Brad mentioned were holding a Drake's event on Friday for bespoke ties and MTO shirts. With ties, you can specify things like width, length, interlining, tipping, and of course fabric.  Here are a few (like 15%) of the tie silks we'll have on order.  Jeff
 Hey Brad, Not at the moment, but you always have the capability to order in MTO.  Just out of curiosity, what size are you?  We may have a pair of cordovan soller last split toes available in an 8.5UK. Thanks, Jeff
 @southernstyle Liverano ties are up here for your viewing pleasure.
 @PCK1 at a minimum you must see Salva twice to receive a pair of pants, but we always recommend three times for your first commission Your first consultation base measurements will be taken and you will choose fabric and model details (single pleat, double pleat, flat front, extended tab, etc).  From there, Salva creates a fitting pant.   At your first fitting (2nd visit) Salva makes further adjustments and for a majority of our clients you have the finished pants shipped...
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