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 It's a triple ply wool in a plain, tight weave.  Maybe rigid is the best word to explain it?  Also, it's just flat out heavy - think of the heaviest plain weave mohair you could find and that kinda helps explain the feeling of it.  Gives the impression that you could run this stuff over a few times and you wouldn't see a difference.  It's interesting stuff.
 BTW, Liverano is back in town this weekend, Thursday - Saturday.  That specific jacket is in its second fitting stage and holy crap is the fabric dense.  Third from the left on the top row. 
 The selvedge edge of the fabric says "Special for Liverano".  It's a super dense house hopsack that's made specifically for them.
Just one quick note of clarification on the idea of "fitting" as I think people are using it in two different contexts.     One thought being simply, "What size do I wear in RTW Saint Crispin's?"  This is fairly solvable with comparisons to other brands or shipping a shoe out and figuring out which size is the closest, if any at all.   The other thought, which is a true fitting or MTM.  This should really be done in person to get the full benefit as you're working with...
Hey guys, just a heads up that Koji will be visiting The Armoury for a trunk show next weekend on the 24th and 25th.  Drop me a line if you'd like to make an appointment.   Jeff  
If you're interested in learning the model numbers you can use the catalogue/lookbook as a guide.  The model number loosely refers to the style of the shoe, but there can be variations on leather, details, etc.  Sometimes, if the changes are significant, it will warrant new models numbers and sometimes not.   For instance, the 522 has several variations (C, FC, BSH, etc) and they are all very similar shoes just with slight variations (punching here, pinking not there,...
Hey guys,   Just a heads up that Komatsu-san of Ortus is visiting us in New York this weekend, April 10th and 11th.  This marks the first time Komatsu has taken orders outside of Japan or Hong Kong.  The wait time is significant, but if you have time, it's worth it to just come see the product and attention to detail.     Any questions, just let me know.   Jeff
 @lordsuperb Our Hong Kong store offers bespoke ties from Tie Your Tie, but the New York store does not yet.  The Tie Your Tie Spring selection that was put online recently is our most recent buy, so although some of it is made in vintage or small run fabric, the dimensions can't be changed. Does that answer your qeustion? J
 They are the same shoe. Keep in mind, as we get this question every so often, that the price difference is from multiple factors, the most important being the taxes & duties that you will most likely be hit with when importing them (I've seen this as high as 16% before).  There is also the price of shipping which will be higher from Carmina's webstore and also the fact that returns will be very difficult.  I understand that's more of a convenience factor and not price...
Hey guys, just a heads up that Phillip will be at TANY this upcoming weekend on Friday and Saturday.  Any questions, let me know.   Jeff  
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