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 Here's a few pictures from last fall to give you an idea of how they're worn.   
Hey doodz,   A couple of things - the Tebas are now online for purchase here.   Also, we have a pretty packed Trunk Show schedule for the month of July in both Hong Kong and NYC.  See below for more information.   HKG: NACKYMADE, JULY 4-5 NYC: NACKYMADE, JULY 10-12 NYC: AMBROSI, JULY 11-12 HKG: CICCIO, JULY 17 - 19 HKG: LIVERANO, JULY 23 - 26 NYC: FOX UMBRELLAS, JULY 26
Sorry for the delay on this guys.  Here are a few pictures of our Spring/Summer Tebas.   A few things - most of the styles are in a wool/linen blend and are nice and light.  The plain navy is actually Mohair that's a bit stretchy while still maintaining the characteristic rigidity and shine of Mohair.  This year they kept the details pretty much the same except for a front dart to give the waist a bit more shape.     They retail for $695 and aren't online yet (hope to...
 So it's an old VBC or Drapers Flannel made by Orazio actually.  It's one of Mark's oldest so he doesn't remember the exact fabric but he believes there may be something similar in the Lolli selection. Jeff
Also,   Teba pictures will be up soon, sorry for the delay.   Jeff
 Hey Veni, If I recall correctly that was an old Draper's Flannel mark had made up by RJ.  If you'd like I can reach out to him directly for more information. Jeff
 Hey DL,  It is Dormeuil Tonik 197217. There is one caveat though - Ethan's cloth was a vintage piece from Liverano, so the color and texture is ever so slightly different.  Hope that helps. Jeff
Hey everyone, Hong Kong and New York just received our stock of the Spring Teba's yesterday.     There are 5 different versions which I will try to get pictures of either today or Monday.   Olive Wool/Linen Grey & Blue Light Wool Windowpane Tan Light Wool Shephards multi-check Navy Light Wool Windowpane Navy Mohair (my favorite)   We hope to have them online soon.  Any questions just shoot me a PM.   Have a good weekend,   Jeff
 Orazio Luciano trousers in Draper's Mohair.  Book is Siderik and cloth is the 3042 9.5 oz Wool/Mohair Blend.  Hope that helps.  It's a good looking pant. 
Hey guys, we haven't received the Teba's yet but here is a picture of the new safari jacket from Ascot Chang.     This year we tweaked the design on the Safari jacket a bit so that the collar sits more like a jacket than a shirt.  Meant to fall open naturally towards the top, as opposed to standing up, it creates a line similar to a jacket’s lapel.  We also chose heavy Irish linen and dark horn buttons this time around.   I'll make sure snap pictures of the Teba's...
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