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 Absolutely, we will still be carrying the A-1's this F/W and we will have the basics that we had last year as well as a patterned version as well, which I won't comment on now, I'll just shoot up a picture when it comes in! Very nice, I like!
 Sounds good, glad they were able to get back to you.
 Hi Gerry, Yes in that case, I'd suggest a Large.  For shipping, unfortunately, the Hong Kong guys will have to quote you on that.  If they don't get back to you in the next day or two let me know. Thanks, Jeff
 Hey Gerry, Most of the team is currently in Japan, so there may be a delay at the moment.  If there is anything that I can help with please let me know. I'll make sure to pass your information along to the HK team. Thanks, Jeff
 Hey Frank, Yep, we usually see people take their normal size in the Tebas.  So Size 50 would be a US 40. All the best, Jeff
Teba Size 50 Measurements in inches.   Shoulder (point to point): 18.5 Chest (pit to pit): 22 Sleeve Length: 25.25 Overall Length: 30   Jeff
 Hey Hanbei, Yep, we always do a winter and summer version of the Teba so expect those to drop later this year.  The Mohair version is 100% mohair so it's quite dry and rigid.  That being said, it's the heaviest of the bunch and the weave isn't super open so I think that you could definitely get away with it in the Autumn. Hope this helps. Jeff
Also, for those interested in Fox MTO, you can take a look at the catalog here.     This will break down most of the color, canopy, and wood options available.  Huw mentioned he may bring a few new styles, colors, etc which I'll try and take a few pictures of.     Also, keep in mind there are monogramming options and always the capability to suggest a tweak to a design (whether that be dimensions of the umbrella or anything else).  Overall, it's a pretty awesome way to...
 Hey PCK, absolutely, you just won't get to see the options in person, but we have a catalog that we can always shoot you pictures of if that helps.  Just let me know! Jeff
    Also, this Saturday, July 26th Huw Griffiths-Jones will be visiting the New York shop to assist clients with made-to-order umbrellas and walking sticks (if you roll like that).   The options are quite extensive with a variety of woods, canopy colors, finishing details, and monogramming options.   You can email us at nyc (at) thearmoury (dot) com, PM me, or call us at 646.613.7613 for appointments.
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