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Hey guys,   Just a quick note that Antonio, Taka, and Qemal are back in town this weekend to take orders and to do fittings.  Check out this overcoat in the first fitting stage!  The thing is amazing.  
 Well, this is certainly not what we like to see, I'm sorry about that. If there's something that I can help with please don't hesitate to email me directly.  I will PM you my email address right now. Thanks, Jeff
 Hey OJones, did you send it directly to Ethan or did you email info (at) thearmoury (dot) com? I apologize that no one's responded yet.  If you'd please forward your email directly to me, I'll make sure we take care of it.  I will PM you my email in a minute. Thanks, Jeff
 Nope - we're happy to do last adjustments and personal lasts in person at all of our shops.  Phillip has trained us and we've actually already created some interesting personal lasts for certain hard-to-fit customers.  For instance, a Saint Crispin's H width up front (widest) with additional 5MM fitting pieces and a narrow regular width rasped heel!  It's pretty cool stuff. Jeff
 You should open your mouth a little wider when you speak
 You should see the texture on that jacket in person.  The picture doesn't do it justice.
 Carmina technically calls this Tobacco Suede, but the shade is what many would call Fox Suede.  Hopefully the picture above helped! Jeff
 Hey Eric, we actually don't have anything in the store in true fox suede really.  Here is a picture of Carmina's Tan, Snuff, and Tobacco suede all next to each other.  FYI, the U-tips are Tobacco Suede. 
 Hey Eric, These will actually be online very soon, but I've included the pictures below that should answer most of your questions. 1) No need to adjust size wise, take the same size as the normal rain2) What size do you need?3) This particular suede is a little more egg-yolky actually, but yes a bit more red.  See the pictures for a better description as those are perfectly color accurate.4) $5505) It's an oxford, c'mon Mark!6) The sole is leather.   
 Absolutely, we will still be carrying the A-1's this F/W and we will have the basics that we had last year as well as a patterned version as well, which I won't comment on now, I'll just shoot up a picture when it comes in! Very nice, I like!
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