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  Hey guys, sorry for the delayed response here. We didn't run any specific deals for Black Friday/Cyber Monday but we've been offering free domestic shipping and returns for a few weeks now. Early next year you may see something that isn't a sale, but a way to reward some of our most interested and best clients.  Sorry for the vague response, it's not set in stone yet.  I'll keep you guys updated. Jeff
 Thanks man!  We think it's really cool too.  It's not for everyone, but the level of design is really high.  I especially like the through pockets so that you can reach inside and go into your pockets without undoing the jacket.
 Hey Matty, lead time for Ring MTM and MTO is 3 months from date of ordering.  Keep in mind MTM can only be done when they are in town. Let me know if we can help with anything else. Jeff
 Ah fantastic!  I just picked up the phone to call you at 6:45 but figured it might be too late, so I was going to save it for tomorrow afternoon. Glad that the Simpson last is working out better! J
 This is such a cool idea.  Did you give him any basis to work off of, like color or material?  Excited to see how they turn out!
 That's what were here for.  I hope the new ones work out well! J
 No problem - glad we were able to find a pair for you! All the best, Jeff
 Shoot, it looks like our restock may not cover you.  Shoot us an email at and we can see what we can do. For the restocks, think tassel loafers and black suede! Jeff
 Hi AHS, What size are you?  We are restocking the 762 soon (1 month) but not the 80421. We have new models planned but they won't drop until next year. Jeff
 Hey AHS, We have an order coming in soon but I believe it's mostly restocks.  Was there a model that you were interested in? All the best, Jeff
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