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He doesn't wear just a single maker, but he does wear Formosa often as well as other Neapolitan brands.
 Glad to hear this PCK and happy to know you had a nice experience.  This actually brings up a good point that bears repeating. I want to hear from you guys in good situations and bad, in-store or online.  I'm here to help with any questions, problems, or concerns that you might have.  You don't have to hold back with me (I know that you won't) and I won't be shy. The Armoury really appreciates everyone's support over the past 5 years!  Here's to 5 more good ones. All the...
 Hey badsha, the Skoaktie guys already gave a great breakdown of this just above, but here's something I posted a while ago as well. Phillip will be in town to take your order, advice on models, and take measurements on both Friday and Saturday. Jeff
 Hey Tifosi, Times for trunk shows are always our normal store hours, Monday - Friday, 11AM - 8PM and Saturday, 11AM - 7PM.  Give us a ring or shoot us an email if you have any other questions or I'm happy to help here as well. Jeff
 No, not necessarily - you're assuming that the shoe trees wouldn't be inserted quickly after wear.  It's still important to put the shoe trees in very soon after wear, before the shoes dry out entirely. Some people with really sweaty feet will actually soak the lining of their shoes.  Letting them sit for just a few minutes so that the leather insole isn't tacky with sweat may prevent damage to the insoles from the shoe trees sticking.
The shoe trees in my chukkas were a bit of a pain at first but they got better over time.     One thing I always do with my Saint Crispin's is make sure the inside of the shoes dry before inserting the trees.  Obviously, if you wait too long that's not good, but if I sweat and insert them immediately, they are always tougher to remove.     I've heard of putting baby powder on the trees to allow them to slide a bit more easily, I'm sure that could help, just don't put...
 No problem, that's why I'm here. Jeff
 Couldn't have said it better!
Hey guys, just a quick heads up to our international customers that our Hong Kong shop is holding their first sample sale in conjunction with Ascot Chang after nearly 5 years of being open.  Details are below, so have at it if you're in Hong Kong.  
 Yep, that's the Rain.  You must have fairly wide feet then.  If I can help with anything else, let me know.  Jeff
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