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 @southernstyle Liverano ties are up here for your viewing pleasure.
 @PCK1 at a minimum you must see Salva twice to receive a pair of pants, but we always recommend three times for your first commission Your first consultation base measurements will be taken and you will choose fabric and model details (single pleat, double pleat, flat front, extended tab, etc).  From there, Salva creates a fitting pant.   At your first fitting (2nd visit) Salva makes further adjustments and for a majority of our clients you have the finished pants shipped...
Just a heads up that this weekend were holding an Orazio Luciano Trunk show on the 21st and 22nd.     Pino and Orazio will be in town to conduct MTM fittings for Suits, Sport Coats, Trousers, Outerwear.    
@fllick,   I think that type of shoes and the details are definitely within Koji's means for MTO.     The only thing that may be tougher is the last.  Koji's lasts are part of the reason that you go to him (as well as Fukuda).  He can probably try to replicate for you, but if you like the Fukuda shape, then it may be best to seek him out.   Jeff
 I wouldn't necessarily say this - Koji is pretty open to design.  If you take a look at his order sheet, every one begins with the blank outlines of a shoe, so there is definitely some wiggle room there.  Was there a specific model shoe you were looking for? Jeff
 Of course - we always have the ready-to-wear Drake's collection on display.
 Hi, Yes, I hope to get them up this week, apologies for the delay. Jeff
YAYYYYY   http://www.thearmourystore.com/us/categories/whats-new
 Hey Scott, We restock certain basic fabrics but try to keep the line fresh every season.  This Fall we restocked with something a little finer than the Bengal stripe which is here.  It's made out of Thomas Mason Silverline fabric which is really nice.  Same model and all the same details as the bengal striped shirt.  The difference is pretty small. Thanks, Jeff
 Yes, I'm actually going to try my best to have them up by today.  I can give you guys a little sneak peak though because I'm a nice guy. Cocoa (chocolate brown melange)  Linen (light beige) Navy I have to be honest, they are incredibly awesome and the wool is very soft.  I can actually wear mine with a t-shirt and I'm relatively sensitive to wool.   4-ply, made in scotland, foldback cuffs, generous shawl, saddle shoulder. Jeff
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