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Good timing as EG is starting to venturing into more fitted looks.
^tacky but effective
Personally I think all the EG blazers look the best when worn casually, so I don't judge it how I'd judge a formal blazer (where the blazer fall in relationships with the thumbs, etc.) With that said, looking at the picture without seeing how it looks compared to your entire upper torso and legs, I'd say it falls to the longer side, imo.
About to say the same thing, looks like the gray tropical wool version.
There are exceptions to that too. Forward by Elyse Walker is strictly a online stockist without a physical store front.
I think most of the stockists can sell online, but you just gotta call them for it. The website will show you what size they have on the particular piece and you just call and place phone order. Personally I find that process a little more of a "special personal order" experience, as you get to ask the SA about the fit and cut vs just add to cart, checkout and get a order confirmation email.
Depends on the particular model, but I find size smalls fit me the best as a 32 waist.
It is pretty thin, but define "heat"
Nice!! Thanks, have the Aviator and matching vest from last year's light grey, might get the cinch shorts Fon this year.
Has someone compared this year's Tropical Wool vs last SS14'S Tropical Wool? Have a few pieces from last year with the same material, if it's identical from last year to this year, could have a few pieces matched up.
New Posts  All Forums: