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Yea this weather is pretty harsh for us spoiled socal guys, but come on man, you know some of the fw stuff is what makes EG so special. Placed an order for the brown Homespun Bedford will post some pics when I receive it. But this FW will definitely be easier on the wallet for me than the SS.
it's definitely fw10-fw11, but I think it looks surprisingly similarl to my Reversible Brookline jacket, the way the pockets are "sewn-on ish" to the torso, if it shows a similar styled pocket on the back side where the left hip would be, then for sure it's a Brookline, but CSCOHammers7 is right its definitely from 2010-11 era.
Thanks Mike, was going to stop in Mohawk as well, but saw their pics if the first drop and only thing that seemed somewhat interesting was the banded collar shirt, but this weather needs to drop by 20 degrees before I even think about anything from FW14. Pretty much agree with everything you've said and the only thing I might end up getting is the Brown Herringbone Bedford, and a few of the shirts, will be an easy on the wallet season for me this time around.
Not a big fan of altering shirts to a completely different size, it'll never fit like the size that you're supposed to get. Had a L 19th Century shirt taken in on the sides and the arms, and now the arms just seems like it wasn't attached back to the torso properly, and it sits kinda twisted when worn. And he's the most experienced tailor that I found in my area too, and only trying to bring it down to one size smaller. I'll still wear the shirt, but no where near as...
In general, Andovers and Bakers are slimmer than Bedfords. They haven't made a Brookline in a while, but they tend to be on the generous side, like the LDT blazer.
Depends on what you're comparing to... went with a medium as most of my shirts. But took a large for Baker jackets, medium for Bedfords, and medium for Expedition. So I'd say go with the same size you'd take for your shirts and Bedfords.
Patches are awesome, which is what makes eg cool, if not, it'd just look like something of a hand me down from q great great grandpa lol. Eg's fw stuff is always just a updated modern version of traditional stuff.
@mbaum ya, I don't know how you can even wear more than one layer during this socal weather, it sucks I know because I picked up 6 jackets for the ss14 season, and haven't really had the chance to wear them because it's too hot, but they'll come in handy for us socal guys this fall.
There is a navy and white version of the fisherman shirt this season, and pretty sure the shirt you posted from eBay is it. I have the Henley shirt version of it from this season in navy and white.
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