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Care to take a fit pic? Have the Homespun Bedford, and contemplating on if I should start a hunt for the matching Ghurka.
Tried on the small of the knit sweater today, usually a medium, but the small fitted perfectly.Threads and Needles is a small store in Torrance, typically only order one size of each, but cool little shop. They've carried EG for a few seasons now.
I'll take one for ya when I get a chance
Hey Mike, you forgot about Threads and Needle in Torrance. They haven't received their first shipment yet, but they typically buy quite a bit of EG as well. Because they're kinda located in an area not so well known for shopping, you'd find a lot of decent sale items there too.
Yes if you consider store credit as a form of refund then, yes it's a good policy lol. Great customer service for sure though.
In general, no. Nepenthes is home to many other labels such as Needles, South2West8, Rough and Tumble (and others too, can't think of them off the top of my head), they don't have enough space to display and merchandise everything by EG. Such a shame, I know as EG is the most popular label.
Got my brown Homespun Bedford today from Drinkwaters(thanks Gary). The material is quite soft and stretchy, very comfortable jacket. Definitely slimmer than the mediums from the SS this year, though. I'd call it a mid weight jacket and definitely wearable for the Southern California winter. Very glad I decided to take the plunge and order it, because I'm sure this will be a hard to find piece if I waited.
Those do look tight, Mike lol....
Yea this weather is pretty harsh for us spoiled socal guys, but come on man, you know some of the fw stuff is what makes EG so special. Placed an order for the brown Homespun Bedford will post some pics when I receive it. But this FW will definitely be easier on the wallet for me than the SS.
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