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I've never seen worst customer service than what was dealt to me at the section that carried EG at Fred Segal in Santa Monica. I think all the different sections within it are all individually owned/managed. I walked in one day with my girl (mind you that both her and I are rocking either EG or FWK stuff to begin with, not that it mattered because we should be greeted and treated the same regardless of whether we seemed liked someone that could afford what they sell or...
They received a few short sleeves stuff. A pop over shirt in a red/blue stripe, a camp shirt in the floral print (shown in the pic), a couple of Bakers blazers.
Haven't seen the Tropical wool from this year, but have a few pieces from SS14 's version of the Tropical wool. Aside from it being a little higher maintenance with cleaning, I'd highly recommend it.
Mohawk got a their first drop in, nothing special, a few of the button down shirts and banded collar shirts.Feel the same way with you on this season, nothing stood out for me except for the floral print Aviator, but it's a linen blend (higher maintenance). Probably end up getting a couple of plain ghurka shorts and pop over shirts.
Mohawk General Store in Southern California this shirt when I was there few days. Didn't try it on though.
Yes, same here, hard part is figuring out which color/fabric. Already have a few olive/green toned light jackets, but navy or black is just too boring. Decision...decision. Out of all the pieces I've seen so far of SS15 in pictures/in person, the only must cops are the Enfield jacket and the Aviator jacket in floral. The rest will have to marinate on me a bit.
Thanks for the insight, that's how I felt about the hand of Expedition Jacket from SS14 at first. Was a bit TOO stiff for comfort, but after about 5 or 7 times of wear, the fabric softened up to perfection, now it's one of my go-to piece, not to heavy, perfect for me in the Southern California weather. And because it's warm here, I usually go heavier on the SS stuff vs the FW stuff. Already have my eyes on a few of the jackets.
Madras Works Shirt Olive Reverse Sateen Fatigues New Balance
Subbed for sure
But I think they'd give you store credit though, you're not likely to get 100% of what you've paid on it selling it to another member.
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