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It is pretty thin, but define "heat"
Nice!! Thanks, have the Aviator and matching vest from last year's light grey, might get the cinch shorts Fon this year.
Has someone compared this year's Tropical Wool vs last SS14'S Tropical Wool? Have a few pieces from last year with the same material, if it's identical from last year to this year, could have a few pieces matched up.
Thanks, both of you.
Did you size down on this? I feel like this blazer (have the vest)and vest combo ran much bigger than typical eg stuff.
I've never been in the Northeast, but I have the black one with wool on one side and quilted padding on the other. I normally just it with a medium weight shirt underneath, but can squeeze in a vest if I wanted. Most of the blazers from eg are all pretty soft shouldered, that it can stretch quite a bit of you heavily layer anything, imo.
I've never seen worst customer service than what was dealt to me at the section that carried EG at Fred Segal in Santa Monica. I think all the different sections within it are all individually owned/managed. I walked in one day with my girl (mind you that both her and I are rocking either EG or FWK stuff to begin with, not that it mattered because we should be greeted and treated the same regardless of whether we seemed liked someone that could afford what they sell or...
They received a few short sleeves stuff. A pop over shirt in a red/blue stripe, a camp shirt in the floral print (shown in the pic), a couple of Bakers blazers.
Haven't seen the Tropical wool from this year, but have a few pieces from SS14 's version of the Tropical wool. Aside from it being a little higher maintenance with cleaning, I'd highly recommend it.
Mohawk got a their first drop in, nothing special, a few of the button down shirts and banded collar shirts.Feel the same way with you on this season, nothing stood out for me except for the floral print Aviator, but it's a linen blend (higher maintenance). Probably end up getting a couple of plain ghurka shorts and pop over shirts.
New Posts  All Forums: