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Here comes the thread police eluther. Everyone watch what you say.
All the Bedfords from 2013 to current pretty much fit identical right off the bat. Probably shouldn't be giving others info that's not true. The only thing that alters the fit, probably has to do with how elastic the fabric stretches from wear after wear, and how thick the material/lining is.
Hey didn't you quit EG cold turkey? What are you doing here besides being the self - nominated mod of this thread lol?
Get a life lol, nobody spends more than 30 secs on each posts.
Have a SS14 Polka Dot Baker in size Large in NWOT condition. Also a SS15 Long Bush Shirt in Blue Chambray in size medium in NWOT condition Looking for especially either SS14 or SS15 Olive Rip Stop Bedford in size medium, SS14 Polka Dot Baker in medium, or any modern EG tagged Andover in medium as well.
Exactly, different models of the EG blazers are meant to fit differently. To lump everything into "skin sausage" is a bit much. It's like those people that we all know that goes around bashing on "hipsters" lol.
In my opinion, both ways are right. If you take the "right size" that you wear for Bedford and take that same size to a Baker/Andover, you're gonna get that cropped and fitted look, and you take that same size back to a Bedford/Landstown(LDT) jacket, it'll feel a lot more relaxed in comparison. So essentially, there's no right way because all the EG blazers will give you different fits. I don't think that Daiki intended for any of us to size up or down within the...
Much appreciated Gary and Steven.
If any of you fine gents can find/have any of the SS madras Baker in medium in the following prints, let me know.
You mean a extension of fw14 Looks like a monotone version of fw14
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