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But I think they'd give you store credit though, you're not likely to get 100% of what you've paid on it selling it to another member.
I'm only 5'10 and 155 lbs, and the Bedford are so tight on me as is, don't see how someone taller and bigger than me can take a medium in Bedford.
Glad somebody got what I was trying say. I'm talking those that buy expensive "collectible" sneakers but never wears it in real life, or when they do, they walk flat footed, so they won't crease the shoes. Yes, I have a few favorite EG pieces, but I guess I get more of a kick off seeing them on me, than in a closet. And yes, I do own a few Charvet things, and yes I'd wear it to a kids birthday party as long as the setting calls for it, not by the price of it.
Clothes were meant to be worn regardless of the price tag, if you buy EG to sit in closet and afraid to put any wear on them, then why buy them? To me that sounds like what a lot of sneaker guys and Jordan heads do, spends money on shoes they can't wear, or to only put them on briefly to take pics to show them off on the Internet. "Beater Kicks"
Finally able to wear some of my SS stuff now that Socal is finally cooling down to mid-80s, so glad I didn't splurge on the FW stuff Seersucker Dayton Shirt Khaki Ripstop Pants (don't know the name or the season) My girl's FWK fit Chambray work shirt Polka Dot skirt all from SS14
Never had a chance to handle a pair of Russell's stuff, how does it compare to Red Wings?
Nothing fancy Shawl Collar Cardigan Work Shirt Tellason New Balance
Yes they do sometimes I wish they use more traditional patterns like blackwatch. How many polka dot stuff can you really have...
I'm almost always a medium in EG stuff, and have never run into anything that's too short on the sleeves for me(32-33 inch sleeve), almost always a inch or two longer (to accommodate a 34-35 inch sleeve, I'd guess). Might want to bring it to a tailor to see if it can be let out, my guess is that it has been shortened.
New Posts  All Forums: