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Not yet. Sorry for the late reply as I have been extremely busy in the past few days.
the cordovan is available again.
Well, to make sure, I found another mistake. The 2nd one, inside it's labelled as UK8.5. This one however is not my sloppy mistake because I actually worn them before. Maybe I down size a bit to get a correct fit. But it has been so long, and I can't remember the exact details. Anyway I sincerely apologize for this and relist the official size on the post.
Sorry the last lobb shoe is actually a size us 9.
Sorry everyone, the 1st one is a UK8.5G, I have correct the mistake.
PM me if you are interested. Let's see if we can work out some deal.
2 is danite, 10 is leather.
Edit: Bump. The shipping rate is 30 dollars for North America. Size: all 42.5-43 or US 9.5E-10E All prices in USD. I only accept Paypal. The price should be the lowest you can find on this forum, and I reserve the right to change my mind if I see some higher offer in other forum. Unless absolutely necessary, please don't ask me about the inches. Those measurements are deceptive and I guess many people here would be able to tell the exact model of the shoes. Ask them,...
Measurements, in inches: top to bottom in back 32, from collar seam 30.35, shoulder 18.5, arm 25 with 2 to let out, chest 42. Six button front. Four buttons each cuff, non-working (unlike others on Savile Row, A&S prefers nonworking cuff buttons). No rear vent. All wool. Fully lined. Make date 1986. Labels on coat & vest as pictured. Handmade in England. Excellent condition. Gray with yellow windowpane pattern. Shipping: Via Canada post; Flat rate 20 dollars for North...
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