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Hi fellas. I have a medium camel canvas Supply Jacket, and I'm looking to trade up to a large. Ideally, I'd like to trade for another camel, but I'm open to different releases. PM me if you're interested.
Hey All,    I'm on the lookout for an indigo or light blue/broken twill jacket. Just putting my feelers out there.    Let me know if you've got one you would like to part with.    Thanks!   Steven
Looking good, man!
 No problem man. Post some pics if you pull the trigger!
Hi there. Bought this new last month, but picked up an indigo Supply Jacket a few days ago.   Here are the measurements:    Pit to pit: 21.5" Shoulders: 17.5" Front length: 26.5" Back length: 25.5"   There are more photos and info in the auction:   Cheers!   sincostan
                14.5oz Stantons (Day One)
Hey ascher,  I have a few pairs of Stantons, and I actually recommend sizing down a couple sizes. Depending on the denim, they can stretch anywhere from 1-2", which might become more baggy than you anticipated.  For example, I have a pair of the first run Dark Stantons (sz 33), thinking they fit stretch just right to my (at the time) 35" waist. They actually stretched to a 18.5" waist from the original 17"! But that's probably just unique to that run of denim.  Right now,...
I lost a lot of weight over the summer, and I am sad to see these go.    For sale are a lightly worn pair of Rogue Territory safari shorts. For those looking ahead to next spring/summer, these are a catch.     Here are some measurements:    Waist - 36"  Length - 19"  Upper thigh - 13"    I'm happy to ship anywhere, and shipping is included.    Hope these find a good home,    Steven
Hi there,    I hope this triple-stitched beast finds find a good home. I fell in love with the unusual pockets and red contrast stitching. When I wore it, I liked to pretend I was Daniel Day Lewis in There Will Be Blood.   Sadly, I am too narrow for the piece.   The shirt has been very lightly worn, and only washed once. It has been sealed and stored away since spring. There is some very light burgundy coloration on the inside of the tail from a belt, but it is very...
Hi there. I am a 25-year-old student here in Albuquerque, NM. Over the past year I've made an effort to replace my wardrobe with quality American-made clothes and accessories.    I'm happy to report that my goal was accomplished, and then some! My favorite brands are Rogue Territory, Left Field NYC, Gitman Vintage and whatever cool vintage wear I come across in the thrift stores around here. 
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