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Is there any plans to make a Dark Brown Leather belt?
are these more blue or black, pics seem very dark almost black
update: So I have gotten the Frye Walter in DK Brown that i posted earlier. Love the style, color, fit. They even feel very high quality but the leather is so soft soft it scratches VERY easily. My fingernail left a scuff taking it out the box :/. Any way to prevent this?   I purchased some Leather Honey after doing some research on a good conditioner. After applying and letting it dry over night, one of my boot is slightly darker brown than the other, if you stare you...
Im going to the Frye store to try them out tomorrow. No matter what else i look at the Frye Walter style i like the most.   But ive come across one more issue after reading one the previous comments. Snow! I live in NYC and it may not snow all winter but it usually does a few times and freezing temperatures leaves ice everywear. I read these could be dangerous on ice. I looked up Vibram Soles, does it matter what kind or will a $10 set from amazon work fine. Any help is...
Thanks, Ill check them out. They seem to have some nice fashion styles, kind of what im looking for. How is the quality compared to the Frye i posted above which are Full Grain Leather Made in USA
 TBH, it is one of my bigger concerns. Ive never spent this much on footwear before but I can afford it now. So im think I could buy these and they last atleast 3+ years (which is what i want) OR I can buy a new a pair of lets say Steve Madden every year.
I bet they do, but i guess i shouldve mentioned price range. I cant really justify $500 on boots unless they would last a lifetime especially on my first my pair. Macys has the Frye abbove for $308 plus a coupon and and a gift card i have i can get them for like $250 maybe less....how many year would a boot like these last with 3-5 times a week usage (less in the summer) and proper treatment? i guess that would be my biggest question. Thanks
Do you guys buy jeans a little longer than you size (ex. you wear 32, but buy 33/34) to cuff the bottom and maintain length?   Some people seem like they have awesome cuffs and the way it falls over their footwear it so nice
Hi guys, long time reader, first time poster.    Ive picked up a interest in boots as i am now 26 and looking for a more somewhat refined look. The last pair of boots ive owned were Timberlands in High School. I did some research and I really like the style of the Frye Walter  Lace Up boots. They seem to fit my casual/street wear sometimes dressy lifestyle.   Ive read mixed reviews about quality though and its holding me back from purchasing. So i would appreciate some...
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