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That's for a 4. So basically a Small not Medium. And they are definitely not 16cm at the hem. Just by looking at the fitpic, easy to see that. There must be a mistake somewhere.
Any thoughts about these sweatpants from phillip lim ?     Or the simple version without ribbed panel 
@OTCtailor and others, thank you Here are some better pics (pants hemmed "by hands"). There are also two other suits and I'd like to hear your recommendations. I know the first one is short in the body but it is actually supposed to be worn like this.   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
Ok thanks AriGold. For reference I also tried the same suit but in a smaller size.  Too small right ?   
 Not considered because they don't offer a simple any suit in that configuration... By the way what are the differences in terms of fit (not features) ? Slimmer / More relaxed ?  @MrTopCat Ok thanks !
No alterations yet     I plan to - hem the pants of course - get the thighs slimmer   - shorten the sleeves a bit  - maybe nip in the jacket around the waist ?   What else do you think I should do ?   Thank you.      
Thanks all  for the input.    @Mahoney320   It's the navy plain suit in napoli fit  (P2778)   @MrTopCat I'm pretty sure I get what you mean but to be sure when you suggest to nip in from the waist you mean the jacket and not the pants, right ?   @Rincon   I get your drift but in that case it will...
Ok thanks.    So I would go with the second one. Does the jacket need some alterations ? I will shorten the trousers and maybe get the upper part slimmer. Regarding the jacket I am likely to shorten the sleeves, a bit.   But  don't know if I need to adjust it too, especially around the (natural) waist. 
Hey, need some advice on which one to keep (2 different sizes). No alterations have been made. Thank you!         ************************************************************************************************************************************************   And     
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