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Alright, spent a little more time with them. Definitely fake, which is fine, since even though I paid up a bit, it wasn't so much I won't be able to get out of them.   Anyway here are some detail pictures that helped me come around to @the2ndhandman's and @Jompso's position, hopefully it helps other people.   1st: The loop in the L in Louboutin should almost close, this one doesn't.   2nd, they should be a single piece of patent leather, these aren't.   3rd,...
Trust me man, I appreciate that, I was hoping to have someone drop some knowledge on the subject w/r/t telling fakes from real. It was a gamble, but not an entirely uninformed one, all of the typical signs for higher end stuff is there, stitching, etc. Dudes dropping knowledge is how I learned to spot fake Hermes ties which has helped me numerous times. All in all just trying to spur some discussion.
Alright guys, these are a little outside of my comfort zone, but thats how you grow right? If anyone can give me some more information about the model names or anything, especially the Louboutin's I would appreciate it.Paid up for each, so hopefully they're legit, they looked good to my relatively untrained eye, nice stitching etc. [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]
Money, so much money just sitting around. Been working on my backlog, rather than fucking with the sale day. Pics of recent stuff later today. Also, @Chotii that was me the other day.
No, don't. Went back to the Zegna/Kiton store, only came up with a Versace scarf. Oh well, back to listing.
Had to shoot the fodder and the good stuff, here are the pictures of the Kiton and the Zegnas. More pics of them tomorrow, and big group shots of the fodder. I've spent so much fucking money in the last few days.  Ermenegildo Zegna Trofeo Blue Houndstooth with a subtle windowpane, no size tag but it measures like the others (52L)   Amazing E Zegna 'Shetlair' Wool/Mohair/Cashmere Blend. Huge fan of the purple windowpane on this one (52L).  Totally unstructured Z Zegna...
Kiton Blanc Blu and Zegna SCs and a Suit, all recent incoming. Gonna bust my ass to get pics for you guys tonight.
Hey guys, this is a new one for me. I had a buyer in Norway just buy 3 things from me. He requested an invoice through eBay, thing is I'm using GSP (I know, I know, I'm working on it). I can go and generate the invoice for him, but from past experience I don't think I can combine shipping on these for him (in US Shipping is Free for all my buyers). Does anyone know if things have changed? Will I be able to combine the items, to cut down on both of our charges? Is it going...
The body is the silk wool blend. The sleeves are the bemberg. Yea, they are for the hood, but it wasn't anywhere to be found when I bought it unfortunately.
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