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Military denim, thinking 1996 from the contract number. Don't know if its worth anything, but I would guess probably not since its relatively recent and a cotton/poly blend.
Yea Diors look like the 19cms that I found a bit ago. Glad everyone else is finding stuff even if the last couple days have been dry here.
 The postal workers will have a little plastic window thing for them, since you have to include 3 copies. Just go in and tell them you have an international shipment. Make sure you've signed all the copies first though.    I would try and fight it, they are supposed to return it in the same condition they received it. It's worth a shot, as lame as sitting on hold can be.
I've picked up a ton of stuff recently but I've been to lazy to repost it here. Except for this, I thrifted a dollar for sixty nine cents. Love 30% off stampbooks.
Legit exotic skins (gator/croc etc) pretty much anything from Allen Edmonds, vineyard vines on the woven/non leather front. I don't really mess with Trafalgar or Coach too much anymore unless its crazy cheap and mint. There aren't usually a ton of belts around here, just like shoes I think people tend to run them into the ground.
What color did you list in the drop down menu item specifics? That's what eBay cares about. If you listed beige or khaki eBay should side with you, regardless of shade.
If any of them notice it will suck to explain. When it happened to me they eventually did update correctly after 24 to 48 hours, as the post office said , but that was a nerve wracking few days.
I've taken pen off a tie with one of those Tide to go pens before without any issues. As always test color fastness on the back somewhere first.
Sometimes I really like eBay buyers.   I sold a J. Crew Sport Coat a week or so back, went great, got my $61 and moved on with life.   Today I got an envelope in the mail with an unknown return address, I don't know anyone in Virginia. Opened it up hoping I wasn't going to get anthraxed. To my pleasant surprise it was from my buyer "SpecialK2k12, Love the J. Crew Sportcoat. Found this in the pocket. Be Well, Buyer Name" with $20 in it.   Makes up for all the assholes...
Last week to week and a half, been pretty good.Tie group shot, L to R, Hermes, Charvet, 3x Recent RT BOC  Mezlan Ostrich Loafers  Loro Piana XL Cotton Shirt  Luciano Barbera Blue Cashmere Sweater  Brown and Gray Robert Graham Paisley Print Shirt  Red XL Patagonia Snap-T  2x Arc'Teryx V-Neck Polyester Shirts/Baselayers  Mountain Hardwear Deep Pile, Reminds me of the Patagonia Retro-X  2x Peter Millar (I think the Golf Line?) Cashmere/Silk/Cotton Sweaters, Peter Millar has a...
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