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Alright, a curated list of the last couple of weeks, its all available, except the art, you know whats up. Frank Lloyd Wright Cantilever Building in Illinois, from a gallery opening before I was born!   PRL Down Filled Suede Vest. [[SPOILER]]   Older/Vintage Filson Buffalo Plaid Type Mackinaw/Shacket. It's thinner than the last Mackinaw I handled, but it has most of the same features. [[SPOILER]]  Cool Macallan 6oz Flask Set  And then this bad boy, it isn't fur but I...
This is a pretty good guide, and it has been posted here before.http://www.defunkd.com/blog/2008/07/19/the-cost-of-vintage-polo-might-make-you-ralph/Also stuff that might appeal to people that like the current RRL stuff is pretty popular as well. 
Seriously, I almost got burned for $450 on one. Its crazy good money, but crazy sketchy sometimes.
Little late to the party on this one, but FedEx and UPS actually have the same motto, at least internally.   "If they didn't want it broken they wouldn't have shipped it."
Also @Brianpore your cougar looks more like a bobcat to me.
Hey all, I'm looking for a hooded Barbour coat for my mother, a men or women's size XL. The more traditional/Barbour-y the better, get at me with whatever you have. Thanks!
Anybody ever thrift Victoria, BC? Gonna be there for a day at the end of this week and might hit some places up if anyone has any recommendations.
Damn man, I totally would, but I'm out of town the rest of this week. Maybe 1otck or @TyroneMacStiophain can help you out.
I didn't but I get the distinct feeling from the other communication I had with them prior to them opening the case that they weren't on the up and up. They asked me to just invoice them through paypal rather than through ebay "so I could save the fees". Maybe I should have but I can't see anyone accidentally sending me back super old and beat Guess overalls on accident.
Filed a claim with the FBI! PayPal told me to contact the cops, who passed me off to ic3,gov. Went through and submitted my complaint and uploaded a copy to PayPal. Called PayPal right after and followed up making sure thats what they wanted. The lady let me know that the back office would review it and I would hear back in 24-72 hours about it, but that with the paperwork I submitted she was pretty positive I would be getting my money back and PayPal would go after them...
New Posts  All Forums: