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I always think of the 8Ball & MJG song Mr. Big, kinda works cause 40R ain't exactly big. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Some dude from the 80s is gonna be pissed when he finds out his closet full of Brioni has ended up in my cart. #noBrionileftbehind Edited to add:
Day ruined! 
Alright, I took 857 pictures today, heres the best photos of the best stuff.  Paul & Shark, sometimes I'm surprised, Wool. Nylon, Cashmere w/ Lambskin details. Size L.    Cooper Goatskin A2 46L This was right behind the Brioni from yesterday           Engineered Garments Sz S  J Peterman Quilted Suede Coat Sz M  Brunello Cucinelli, Sz 48EU  Isaia Cargo Pants, Sz 50EU  POP! Tellason Selvedge, Sz 29  Goodwill has caught on to Gustin, enough to put it in Fashion Focus Hell,...
 Oh good, I'm not the only one.  Awesome stuff today dudes, went out with @1ofTheCoolKids , first store I hit, first thing I see on the rack is Brioni. Pics tomorrow, beer and X-Files now.
Definitely a lot fewer last minute bidders and snipers. Some SF bros almost got some real steals, and one that I know of definitely made out like a bandit, oh well, I still made money.
Bunch of other fodder, this is the cream of the crop. It's all headed to the bay, trying to get these student loans paid off ASAP now that the end is in sight. Burberry London     Chopard     Vintage Gucci Flag Theme     Synchilla Snap T     100% Cashmere malo     100% Cashmere Loro Piana     Cotton RLBL     Just Cavalli Cotton Shirt, also snagged a silk one, but it needs a steam real bad.     DvN     POP! Beretta Shooting...
 That's definitely thrift prices in the Seattle area. Nice! Tons of good stuff, champagne drunk currently, pics tomorrow.
 They do make a Size 0, to give you an idea of how big that is, VV puts it in the Men's 2XL section... The big boxy look is "lagenlook", so throw that in the title if you have space. Been busy as hell working on listings, I'll try and upload pics of stuff later tonight. @the2ndhandman you in SEA at the moment? The Ted Baker ties look familiar.
I was thinking old roofing boots when I saw them the other day.
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