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The Quick and Dirty from today. Top to Bottom: Big Guy Charles Tyrwhitt, NWT Big Guy TM Lewin, Large RRL Popover, L RG   PRL Made in the USA Aztec Fleece, No Name Painted Pattern Braces, Napoli Di Nordstrom tie, Giorgio Armani 7 Fold, AE Sz 54 Basketweave belt.   True Vintage Bemidji Woolen Mills Hunting Coat     Oh and two staple Zwilling JA Henckels Pans in barely used shape for me. Not bad for two stops and a 30% Off Stamp Pass!
Haven't posted these yet, both available.   PRL Suede Bomber Size XL     Red Wing 1155 in 11.5AA These are like brand new and they were my only find on vacation awhile back.
I'm like 95% certain that Trafalgar also makes belts for Nordstrom's house label as well, even if they don't stamp them with their info.
Holy shit, that went crazy fast, missed out.
I hope so, I've got this loud yellow nylon fishing shirt sample from one of their suppliers...I got into thrifting as more than ugly sweater party stuff about 15 months ago as a way to find/pay for the stuff I wanted while looking for a job. I think I'm too addicted to the hunt (and the extra money) to stop now. Just gotta find a way to get addicted to the measuring and photographing part now.
Not anymore, a bunch of their stuff is made in Hong Kong as well as on mainland China, and even Central America these days unfortunately. Their more expensive stuff is still made in the USA though.
Alright thrift bros I can kind of guesstimate the date on this one, but I was hoping y'all might have better/more accurate info. This thing is super minty, like it just came out of a time machine.        
This is the best tool. Saves me so much time Monday mornings.
Alright, a curated list of the last couple of weeks, its all available, except the art, you know whats up. Frank Lloyd Wright Cantilever Building in Illinois, from a gallery opening before I was born!   PRL Down Filled Suede Vest. [[SPOILER]]   Older/Vintage Filson Buffalo Plaid Type Mackinaw/Shacket. It's thinner than the last Mackinaw I handled, but it has most of the same features. [[SPOILER]]  Cool Macallan 6oz Flask Set  And then this bad boy, it isn't fur but I...
This is a pretty good guide, and it has been posted here before.http://www.defunkd.com/blog/2008/07/19/the-cost-of-vintage-polo-might-make-you-ralph/Also stuff that might appeal to people that like the current RRL stuff is pretty popular as well. 
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