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I learn best by doing. Today I learned what Cordovan Shell feels like. Sz 9.5 Black Alden Cordovan Shell Blucher Oxfords. I finally get it.        
I made it on to the PTO Roundup!  I feel so cool haha.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/171371910696
Just a friendly reminder to check the sweater section, even when its supposed to be ~90 degrees in Seattle.   Battistoni Cashmere Sweater (Back Left), Peter Millar Cashmere Sweater (Back Right), Filson Mac Vest in the center.
 I was out today and saw them restocking the entire time, more than they usually do. I think they start ramping it up a day or so before and then keep it up through at least the end of the sale day. A lot of the places I've been on sale days have been all hands on deck type madhouses so I think they are just trying to keep as much stuff going out the doors as possible as long as possible.
So I went one place today, and boy am I glad I did. In great condition, and put out yesterday from what I can see on the label. One of my favorite stores produced these two fantastic Brioni Super 250s Wool Suits.2 Button, Functional Cuffs, dual vents both pinstripe one red one blue. 46L drop 6.Headed to Spoo for consignment since I'm more than a little intimidated by these bad boys. Red Pinstripe: [[SPOILER]]   Blue Pinstripe: [[SPOILER]]
Originally I wasn't even gonna go out today. It worked out that I have poor impulse control today.All Available, get at me.Brioni SC:Apparently made for Frank Fertitta III, owner of some casinos and the UFC. I did a shit job with the pictures but its been a long day of thrifting and gardening.  [[SPOILER]]  Canalis Super 120s Gray Glen Plaid Suit Labeled 52R (EU) Drop 7 [[SPOILER]]   Ties!(Top to Bottom I Guess: Robert Talbott, Zegna, Hermes Fish Print, Ike Behar, RT Seven...
Saturday was a good day. Anyone wanna fill me in on how old these two guys are? Both are available if anyone is interested. Figured I would share no matter what. Brioni One Button, Dual Vent, Triple Patch Pocket Glen Plaid SC.Labeled a 46.Some damage to the lining, including a tear around the collar, and a couple places on the interior where the pockets are blowing out, and near one side of the vents. It's also missing a cuff button, but I couldn't leave it. Does anyone...
 Yea, I realized that might be the case like an hour after posting that. 
So this is a new one for me, dude bought a sweater from me last week, and I just looked at his profile and he's relisted the item. Which I wouldn't care about, but he's used my pictures and word for word the same text/description stuff. Is there anything I can get ebay to do about this?
Thought I would post this before I head to work. Popped a cherry on this one, it's too small for me or I would keep it, as infrequently as I wear a suit.Bijan Chalkstripe 2 button, double vent, fully lined suit. Lumbs Golden Bale fabric, which is new to me, but the pattern and texture on this is awesome. If only it fit.Excuse the horribly lit pics I'm in a crazy rush.It's available since I know you all will appreciate this bad boy.    [[SPOILER]]
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