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Last week to week and a half, been pretty good.Tie group shot, L to R, Hermes, Charvet, 3x Recent RT BOC  Mezlan Ostrich Loafers  Loro Piana XL Cotton Shirt  Luciano Barbera Blue Cashmere Sweater  Brown and Gray Robert Graham Paisley Print Shirt  Red XL Patagonia Snap-T  2x Arc'Teryx V-Neck Polyester Shirts/Baselayers  Mountain Hardwear Deep Pile, Reminds me of the Patagonia Retro-X  2x Peter Millar (I think the Golf Line?) Cashmere/Silk/Cotton Sweaters, Peter Millar has a...
You're fine to relist. I had that happen once and relisted it, the same dude bought it again, he left positive feedback too so I don't know what the deal was the first time.
Last week or so has mostly been active wear type stuff. Arc'Teryx Shirt   Ibex Ramble Wool Pants     Arc'Teryx Jacket, I think this is the Gamma right?     And finally, a question for you guys, is this Hermes legit?  
In store, these look like bootleg OriginalFake x Levis to you guys or should I snag them?
Black and white with yellow over check? (I'm on my phone can't tell) Did you ethrift that from me? Hope you like it, wish it had gotten more love but that's probably my fault.
Stuff from today, first and foremost this bad boy, which is N/A since it fits me, and as 1otCK reminded me, I never keep anything for myself. Brioni For Jack Taylor Single Button, Dual Vent (With button closures? Never seen these.) Plaid/Tweedy SC.             Recent Z Zegna Linen Plaid SC     First real E-Thrift came in the other day too, Filson waxed rain coat         Then ties and stuff from the last week or so, some recent Zegnas, some RT...
Really the only thing worth showing off from this week is this Sporty's Pilot Shop Goat Skin AN-J-3 from 2005.  [[SPOILER]]
You mean Northeast? Cause it was 60 and sunny here in Seattle yesterday.
Stuff from this week that you guys will be interested in. It's all available until Thursday. I don't always pick up unvented Zenga, but when I do it is NWT Su Misra 15 milmil15.   [[SPOILER]]   Nordstrom Size 38R Shearling with a handwritten tag, which I'm kind of presuming means it was custom made. It's a pop! [[SPOILER]]    Green Brioni Sport Coat. Saw the 'Made in Italy' tag on the collar and knew immediately what was coming. Pretty sure it has hand sewn buttonholes too...
Luciano Barbera's Club line uses Comic Sans but I don't know if thats in house or not.
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