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You mean Northeast? Cause it was 60 and sunny here in Seattle yesterday.
Stuff from this week that you guys will be interested in. It's all available until Thursday. I don't always pick up unvented Zenga, but when I do it is NWT Su Misra 15 milmil15.   [[SPOILER]]   Nordstrom Size 38R Shearling with a handwritten tag, which I'm kind of presuming means it was custom made. It's a pop! [[SPOILER]]    Green Brioni Sport Coat. Saw the 'Made in Italy' tag on the collar and knew immediately what was coming. Pretty sure it has hand sewn buttonholes too...
Luciano Barbera's Club line uses Comic Sans but I don't know if thats in house or not.
Burberry is Hickey Freeman
Don't forget mileage.   While we are on the topic of taxes is the consensus here that we have to use the accrual method since we have inventory? Reading IRS Publication 538 seems pretty clear on that one. Does anyone have a better way to track inventory than a massive spreadsheet? I'm already using Outright to track expenses/income but it doesn't look like there is a good way to split those transactions and keep track of inventory with that. If there is a plugin or...
Pop from today, basically the only thing I picked up, but totally worth it.    
Thanks guys, one of them has since updated to being 'Arrived at USPS Facility' in Boise, ID from Out for Delivery in my area so I'm hopeful that the rest will update too. I will keep an eye out over the next day or two and then go back to the Post Office if I need to.
I thought I had escaped the Postal Service meltdown everyone was having yesterday, but the Post Office scanned all my packages backwards basically, saying they are out for delivery in my zip code. The Supervisor at my post office basically said to wait until they get scanned at the receiver's sorting facility but what I'm really interested in is how screwed I might be if a buyer opens a case about this in the meantime. Any help if this does happen?
Is this the Hilfiger I'm looking for?
Yea I skip the shoulder measurements and list sleeve length from cuff to mid back instead, with an explanation stating that it has raglan sleeves. Everyone has seemed to understand so far.
New Posts  All Forums: