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Saw it at Barney's couple of weeks ago.
My TTS is somewhat in between 29-30, so I sized down 2 sizes for my diors 19cm. Once my raw diors stretched out, still had a little space for the waist. The 17cm and above for saint laurents uses fly buttons right? 
I wear size 28 in raw dior mij. Thinking of copping a pair black saint laurent in 17.5cm. What size should I get?
ALFRED DUNHILL BOURDON TEXTURED-LEATHER MESSENGER BAG   This bag has been gently used and in an excellent condition. I bought this bag early this year( ~January 2014) but only used this bag less than 10 times. If you live in NYC area I would be more than happy to show you the actual item. The price I'm selling it for is an absolute bargain. Retails at $1,040 USD.
Bought a suit from suitsupply about 2 weeks ago. Needed to use the suit right away from an interview and a presentation on the following dat, so I didn't have time to get it altered.  Going back to asia this summer so I won't be able to get it altered until this fall. Is there a time frame suitsupply has for alterations? (btw I do know they charge for alterations)
Only have 6 pairs of jeans and most of them are raws...haven't broken in all of them yet but I'm already thinking of what to buy next   1.) Nudie slim jims (indigo raws) 2.) Nudie grimm tims (indigo raw) 3.) Nudie Thin Finn (organic black) 4.)APC Petit Standards (indigo raw) 5.) APC Petit Standards (black) 6.) DIor Homme MIJ 19cm raws
Sorry if this is a dumb question, but which suitsupply store is better (in terms of service): SoHo or Madision Ave?
Btw, how do you guys store your CG jackets? I'm living in a college dorm and I'll be taking most of my clothes to some air conditioned storage space. Just curious how should I keep my jacket? Pack it inside an air space bag?
Not sure if my late reply is gonna help, but anywayMost large retailers like Bloomingdales, Barneys, Saks all stock CGsPersonally I prefer Bloomingdales as it has a large selection of CGs. Go to their flagship store on 3rd ave
Hey guys, I plan on getting my first suit from Suit Supply somewhere this week (I live in NYC so I'll prob go to either the one in Soho or Madision Ave) I have no experience in suits in general- this will be my first suit. My budget is around $500 and I'm planning on getting a suit for my finance internship this fall. Thinking of a navy, 2 button one. Not too sure about the material though. Just looking for one I can wear in all seasons. What suit should I look for at...
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