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  Copped a pair of Montgomerys in black. Feels more comfortable than the original W1K. In terms of the leather, according to a Wolverine representative it's Horween leather, but I compared the leather with the original W1K, this feels more shiny and PVC-ish. Anyway, what should I use for this boots? Is the Heavy Duty LP sufficient?
I get the white patches too. I usually get a damp cloth and wipe them off and then dust them off with my brush. Usually does the trick.   Btw, could anyone recommend me something similar to the Montgomery? I like the looks of the Montgomery but I heard the quality isn't really good.
Will those products give a "shine" to the boots after being conditioned with the LPs? Cos currently I've used the LPs, but it leaves my boots with more of a matte finish. Looking for something with gives off a bit of a shine.
Ahhh shucks. Just moved to US two months ago; never really had any problems with the customs til now. Painful :(
Guys- recently I purchased a pair of jeans from Browns in the UK. They used DHL shipping, shipping was fast and everything was good. Then yesterday, I received a mail from DHL with an invoice for me to pay $$ for custom duties and shit. They charged me for import/export duties and payment deferment which totals to $71.52 USD. Thing is, I already received my item for DHL and when they send it to me, they didn't ask for any payment or any sorts. Should I pay them this...
It is worth change soles for winter, or will am I able to do without it? Just don't want to slip in these boots :/
Haha I didn't realised they were joking. Sorry kinda new to boots and stuff so didn't want to do anything "wrong." My denim is kinda precious to me, especially when it cost more than the boots itself. Anyway so I should lace em up to the highest hook? Also, almost slipped on the street today in these boots. Any advise on how to make the soles more slip resistant? Besides adding another sole?
Cloth tapes like these two? http://www.amazon.com/Nexcare-Durable-10-Yard-2-Count-Package/dp/B001TSJ8XC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1382217969&sr=8-1&keywords=cloth+tape   http://www.cvs.com/shop/product-detail/CVS-All-Purpose-Cloth-Tape-1-inch-x-10-yards?skuId=310412   So basically I just tape it on the hooks? Won't it look kinda weird?
Hey guys just wondering, does the metal part of the boots (refer to the pic below) scrape my insides of my denim when I wear it over the boots? Any way to avoid this from damaging the denim?
Alright thanks man :) Sounds rather promising!
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