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I can help you out. 
This is very true.  I have the NW last in rough out boots I use for work and you do need to size up.  If you go lace to toe you can go one size narrower.  I wear 10 E in the Semi-dress and Farmer/Rancher but in the smoke jumper lace to toe NW last I wear 10.5D after first trying the 10 D which was to short.
I've been offered to trade for a pair of Whites in Horween British Tan Chromexcel as trade. If anybody has this leather can you tell me how robust it is? Is it a good thick capable of being worked hard or is it a thinner leather?
I see what your saying but the stitching is actually fine currently I do not have another picture.  I think the aberration you are seeing is something caused by the flash going off.   
Well my semi dress arrived and so far the fit seems to be excellent.  There are the plain jane models in standard brown dress, the only modification was a lowered heel.  
Been running hooks on my boots for over 20 years, never had them snag on ANYTHING.
The last is the form they use to build the boots. It will determine the fit, style, and look of the boot as well as it's size.
Listen, here is the number to Whites directly. 800-541-3786. They are very easy to reach there is no wait time. Ask them. They will politely tell you no and then roll their eyes when you get off the phone. Matter of fact it might take them 15 minutes to unroll them. Here's a little known fact, ALL White's have a leather liner in the toe vamp area and I've never oiled it. I've logged the woods in White's boots for 20 plus years and live a couple hours from their factory...
Read this article with a representative from Whites giving an interview to hotshotsfitness.com which is a firefighter website. He talks about boot care and over oiling. http://www.hotshotfitness.com/whitesfirefightingboots.html
Not unless they want stained socks. Don't over oil your boots you will make the leather TOO soft and spongy. No need to oil the inside EVER.
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