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My Loake shoes after applying Saphir shoe care products   P.S. Sorry for bad image quality
You can see all prices on the website. Price varies by desired configuration - with or w/o monogram, gusset single/double/triple etc. Overall it is not cheap, but also not expensive when you understand that such product is actually a long time investment and will last long period of time. Regarding numbers - in particular my cost me 900$ briefcase  + 25$ monogram (Shipping not mentioned since it depends on country you live in)
My recent purchase...     Zip-top briefcase from Frank Clegg leather works with single gusset and made from vegetable tanned belting leather. I received it a couple of days ago, wanted to share pictures earlier but was a bit busy, hence doing this now. Actually this post will be short since I can't describe this briefcase better than attached photos, in one word - perfect. I am very happy with my purchase. By the way in person it looks even better. A bit heavier...
Nice briefcase! Can't find price for it on their web site. :(
I have Tobacco Havana from last collection and fabric on this picture seems different. There are 2 different explanations.1) This jacket is not Tobacco Havana2) Image was somehow corrected (too much) in e.g. photoshop. 
 Totally agree with you. Just received 4 non iron shirts and I'm totally disappointed. 3 shirts probably were made from cheaper fabric.I compared these shirts to non iron shirts from previous orders and there is feeling that shirts are different (fabric seems to be thinner than usually and I don't like it).
Wearing Havana plain navy in Czech Republic :) (Visited this country last week)
Navy Havana VBC pure wool. Sleeves were a bit lengthened (0.3 inch) P.S By the way, I suggest this jacket to everyone. It's fantastic in person - both color and fabric. 
Wearing navy pure VBC wool Havana jacket. Actually sleeves will be a bit lengthened (approximately half inch)  
How about in tan?      
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