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 Totally agree with you. Just received 4 non iron shirts and I'm totally disappointed. 3 shirts probably were made from cheaper fabric.I compared these shirts to non iron shirts from previous orders and there is feeling that shirts are different (fabric seems to be thinner than usually and I don't like it).
Wearing Havana plain navy in Czech Republic :) (Visited this country last week)
Navy Havana VBC pure wool. Sleeves were a bit lengthened (0.3 inch) P.S By the way, I suggest this jacket to everyone. It's fantastic in person - both color and fabric. 
Wearing navy pure VBC wool Havana jacket. Actually sleeves will be a bit lengthened (approximately half inch)  
How about in tan?      
Yesterday tried to renew a bit my Dark Brown Loake Cannon's (used Saphir renovateur and Médaille d'Or Pommadier Cream).    
It seems visually more "lightweight" than standard brown. I like this.Additionally, since it's pure linen you can wear it during hot summer days, and in this case when it's a very bright day tobacco becomes visually almost orange. Here is good example from SS website   Regarding the versatility in my opinion it's similar to standard brown version. If you want to get the most versatile jacket you can - plain blue will be the best option for this purpose. Ask Italians ;)
Thanks for your quick replies. Seems that you are right regarding the quarters and pants rise. But what can I do with quarters?
Hi guys,   Just received Havana tobacco pure linen jacket 38L. Want to consult with you regarding the fit. Last time I posted photos while it was Washington 38R, many people said it's too short. However I liked it as it is hence it's still with me. What do you think regarding this Havana? (IMHO sleeves a bit too long. Maybe should shorten it for about 1/3 in.)   Thanks in advance,  
If you mean they were made in Italy - correct. However I didn't see any blue stitching on the belt loops. New Italian are these that have 'USA made' label? They are fine when sitting, even I'd say there is excess of free space. In person they are even bigger (on me) than on photo.
New Posts  All Forums: