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 1st one is 554887 - 4012nd one is 554887 - 311
 Call and find out...
 You DO KNOW you can call and place order over the phone....shipping is standard $8. 
Call other Nike Factory stores....Dont just settle with Westgate...
For those that dont believe the price of the flyknits are currently $50+30%= $35    
Was at the outlet today...Sharing some of the stuff I saw on the wall...most items were 30-50% off.    
You could order by phone...but you will need style number for the employee to check if the item is available or at another Factory store.  Yes, it has begun. 
No coupon needed. its for the President weekend sale....I called my local Nike factory outlet...Flyknit lunars are $49.97 + 30%off = $35!!!!
Reallly love the racers and trainers....I could not resist a good deal...4 for the price of 2!  
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