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Black Friday is upon us..hopefully JE can bring back a few nice items (discounted) like last years BF deals
Was hoping that promo would apply on everything lol...
Lets just stick to the JE talk here...don't think FOG gets much love here... Btw..I'm comparing fog pacsun to gap JE, not Fear of god by itself.
Fog PacSun quality don't come close to JE. More like fog pacsun = Gap JE. But Gap JE quality is slight better lol Fog gears are known to be oversized so size down. Hope it helps
Honestly the gap x Je collab ain't so bad as we all thought. Yea the sizing is a bit off and the quality ain't there...I mean it's gap material with a JE touch. I only bought the layering tee and sweats. Sweats fits a bit off. I'm a medium in esco the gap medium fits very loose for me around the waist. Draw strings are a bit lengthy though. Layering tee ain't bad. Quality ain't there but color and fit is spot on. It's a tad bit long for me compared to my Mercers. I'm a L...
How were the tees?
Thanks. Just compared my Apc size 29 PNS to the cast Raws size 29 and the thigh area on the JE seems a lot tighter. Wider in the waist:PNS- 14.5-15JE -16Apc thigh - 11"JE thigh - 9"Apc leg opening - 6.5JE leg opening - 7Just a FYI for anyone with sizing question.
Maybe I'm in the minority but I much prefer the PNS over the PS. Maybe cuz I have a short lower torso? I'm 5'9 at 165lbs. I'm a 29 in PNS and a 30 in PS in the Raws and 30 I'm washed.
How does the Cast raw indigo fit? I am a 29 in APC PNS and a 30 in in NS   Do they stretch as much as APC?   Thanks!
Anybody knows how the Apc x Kanye denims fit?
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