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Whats your take on the sizing for the RUE hoody and the Kake? looks like a looser fit. 
The Plumas and CP are a perfect combo! Love wearing mine. 
Unknwn is terrible with their shipping. Took them 4 businesss days to finally ship out the items. Got them in today finally. Bout time!
Looks like this collection is selling pretty well. Glad they produced a solid black denim.
Pairs well with most kicks. I wear mine with AJ1, boost350s, UB and FK trainers.
Thanks Mike! I'll look into it!Question for ya, how much does the plumas, crops and sashiko stretch? I assume. No more than an inch or 1.5"?
Was considering getting them hemmed.
Got some of the orders from JE in...not sure how I'm feeling about the crops? Love the wash but the's like the flares on the tips of the bicycle handle lol Any thoughts?
What an experience!
Still waiting for my order. Hoping there is no screw ups!
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