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 Im looking 2 differ monitors...and this is what I see: 
 The one in that photo don't look Black/white
 Checks? lolI didnt even have a checkbook back then...I would cash my paycheck @ a western union location and buy a Money order....that was my ONLY form of payment...lol
 Lol...There is always going to be a way around it...trust me.
Lol thanks for the update @dirtydenim
 They do stretch over time...I am usually a 32 and I size my RRL @ 31. as for the pocket thing...I have a hard time as well, so you aint the only one...lol
Either he is a Collector or selling all of his Dad items...which is terrible
not too crazy about them...I see them hitting the sales and outlet racks...
   Thanks. saves me an HR+ trip...
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