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 Red Wings Mocs, AE Daltons and AJ1s lol. 
Your gonna need some more RL gears for this weather buddy! Haha
More fitted?'s an oversized fit..I would def need to size 1 down for a perfect fit
I should have done my Research sooner. The medium fits like a Large-XL!Thanks fellas! Caught most of the 1.0 pretty easy. Mostly before the big hype!
Bought the mercer half zip expecting to fit and feel like the villains..didn't expect it to be a oversized fit...little disappointed. we playing the UB game now? Lol
 I was searching for the Grey and Black regular Kake hoody...but since they announce the LW its a no brainer to spend the extra on that instead....if I had the regular I would have just passed on this release. 
Just ordered the Grey LW Kake. Looking forward it!
 Been wearing mine alot as of late and they do stretch a bit...I was debating btwn a size 29 or 30 (I had both sizes at once to test) and after much reading and @MIKE_JE commented on the fit...I went with the 29 and I made the right move.  It will stretch out in the "Stressed area". 
Thanks fellas! Appreciate the info.Missed out on that hoodie!
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