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F&F @ SH
Weird..usually its in November....
Did the RL sample sale happan this season?
Anybody around the NYC area wanna swap? my size small GAPxGQ olive crew neck for a medium? New with tags... Please pm me...thanks!
Is the next big markdown with RRL around thanksgiving? All I remember was the unpopular sizes  last year that was on sale around the holidays...not gonna take that chance again lol...   Cheers!
 Thanks!...ill save my money for something else worthy...lol
Anybody with the actual JExGAP blue denims? mind posting photo? Wanna see the fades. 
Alright..I gotta say, after purchasing the gapxje hoodie I thought the material was great and the fit was OK. Yesterday I tried on a buddies villain hoodie and I was amazed with the quality and fitment. The large from JE fits like a glove while the medium from gapxje fit well, bit snugged but baggy on the bottom. Visually they are both the same but the quality and fitment is def. On a differ level. Gonna sell my gapxje villian hoodie for the real deal....
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