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What an experience!
Still waiting for my order. Hoping there is no screw ups!
Should have jumped on a Kake mock hoody during BF sale!
@japejapejape Check your inbox bro Thanks
 Racers to me are more like a lifestyle shoe. Soles are too stiff and very narrow. Try the Lunar Epics. Great for long runs!
Picked up my first pair of CM chelseas for $280 shipped from BF deals...love them!   I am 9.5-10 in AJ1, 10 in UB and a 9-9.5 in unpadded Flyknits and a size 41 fits like a glove! Good thing i didnt go for a 42 or else it be too loose.     
Ultraboost Was the most comfortable shoe till I bought a pair of lunar epic highs...boy what a difference in comfort.
Love how the sage goes so well with the CM and the plumas! First JE crew and loving the fit!
That I would like to know as well. I still have my cast from the first season and they stretched quite a bit since then.
Fellow member that posted the CM deal. Bless your soul!!!!Got them in today with the quickest shipping from Europe! 3 days!
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