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 That hoodie sold out ASAP!!! lol
Finally got a chance to try on the Slim fit Uticas and I have to say...I am very disappointed with the quality of RRL...feels and fits like a pair of gaps I use to own...just terrible...   If anybody is interested in a size 32x34...Pm me...thanks!
  Low straights slimmer than the Slim fits?
Whats the fit on the 1922 Buckle back jean? http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=38348726
Anything good @ SH? How was the line?
 Sick RL collection! you from BK?Def. will PM you with some RRL items I need...@KushDryGoods and thanks for that link  @Ghost01
Would RRL be considered a luxury line for RL like Purple and black are? 
 Its Game Over.I was never successful with Eastbay as well. Back in the day it was all phone orders for me. 
 I was there 2 weekends ago, trying to locate a pair in my size..the smallest was a 38. I dont think they will restock on those....but who knows...
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