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   Thats what I thought...Its a open to the PUBLIC...not a friends and family event...
Mom and pop tailor in bk. If your interested I'll send you the addyThey had many when I was there yesterday.Small.
The Chinos not shown...dropped off at the tailor after I purchased
Yes. The heavy braided Cardigan in blue. No mediums or large. Many xl and a couple of smalls.A lot of slim fit washed denims for $72-$90. Vest around $100. Especially the one this season with the camo inside.
Was selvedge. Had sizes 30-34..very few of the 31-32
Just left with 2 bag full of rrl item's...will post photos later
How was the line getting in?
 Thanks for the update....I checked last week and it was not there...I guess they updated..Last year was the F&F in november..I guess this is open for the public..
Whatever happan to the RL sample @ SH this season?
 Where do you see that?
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