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 The Hype is REAL!
Nothing to get wet about...lol
They are womens....Wedges
@DirtyDenim nice setup!
 Looks like the one I purchase last season from RL (2012 Fall)...great shirt jacket! 
I suggest you to attend when they open....or around 11:30...hr or 1/2hr before lunch....
All sizes... From XS to XL   Pants sizes from 30 to 36.   apparently its a Jcrew/Madewell Sample sale...but I didn't see much madewell..   Def. pick  up the sweaters...I scored a few wool Shawls and wool cardigans for $35/ea. and they all from this current season.     Blazers/sportcoats from $80-$120 Winter outerwears is $150 Spring/fall jackets is $60-$120 Shoes are $100. Shirts from $25-$50 Hoodys $35   it will last till end of the week. Best to get there...
Scored a peacoat and a few wool sweaters off of Jcrew Sample sale in NY..pretty good deals... Few ludlow suits (mixed) as well...
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