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Hipsters with their Hipster cars and vespas
located in LES?I just need a couple of pants hemmed and jeans shortened (RRL LE Olives)
ANybody have a recommended Tailor in the NYC area? My tailor is gone for 2 months for Vacay...
 Never really had any RRL...I really miss the Rugby stuff back in the day @ Woodbury.. Im usually a size 31, purchased a 32 and the Sales guy said they will shrink if you wash etc...so I hope that is true....btw.. Jun @ RRL was great help!!..found my new Salesman..lol
This ...... and this........... I fkin died after running tights.... the previous 10 pages was about "How do I look extra spiffy when I go running"
Ugly stuff sells....
5 figures? lol.... I can it in the thousands..def. not $10K +
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