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 Looks pretty amazing...I know what Im getting this weekend!
My favorite pick up this year and Def great for the Autumn season!
 Agreed...I test fitted the Roshe and honestly...not a fan whatsoever...no padding around the toe area and def. not made for running...I can feel my toe poking thru that fabric...
Recently had a Sample Sale in NYC for the N&F denim 60% off...Tried on a pair Raw denims....fitting was weird...Glad I tried in person before buying online!
 Base on what I found "1981 - The Santa Fe collection debuts. Lauren draws on the patterns and colors of the Navajo Indians and the American Southwest with concho belts, petticoat skirts, Indian patterned sweaters and blanket jackets. As with his Westernwear collection, Lauren captures the essence of the American cultural experience, forging a connection between Polo Ralph Lauren and the romance of the American West and launching a major fashion look with worldwide...
 Way overpriced...if they brought back the American Indian designs and stadiums then I will nudge...but the polo bears...tempting but easy pass 
 Name of the pants?
 No question is a stupid question.... http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=23737696&cp=1760781.1760813&view=99&ab=ln_men_cs1_sweaters&parentPage=family
Finally came in. RL slanton and the AE macneil.
possibly...Not a fan of the Denim and supply quality ..so ill pass on that jacket
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