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 Btw , how well do they stretch out? size down?
 I dont get it... I have summer tires on my M3 during the winter.....I just dont drive it...lol
Just sharing my experience and Ive already contacted them about this and my experience...
VERY DISAPPOINTED with the customer service with Allen edmonds....Placed an order for 2 shoes and 2 size medium shoe trees.. two weeks later, received the shoe and only one Shoe tree...contacted them and they sent me another one for their mistake. A week later, I received a size SMALL shoe tree and there was only one inside...last I remember they do sell shoes in pairs right....complete mess...   Very disappointed with their service and last time I will ever order from...
 Gotta agree with Bl@ster...I bought a couple of flannels Winter 12', read the measurements and picked out my sizes according to the size chart..When I receive the items..one was baggy and way too big while the other was too snugged...Returned both items and never will I purchase from that RL line again...My suggestion spend a little more and get on RRL gear...quality
 Looks pretty amazing...I know what Im getting this weekend!
My favorite pick up this year and Def great for the Autumn season!
 Agreed...I test fitted the Roshe and honestly...not a fan whatsoever...no padding around the toe area and def. not made for running...I can feel my toe poking thru that fabric...
Recently had a Sample Sale in NYC for the N&F denim 60% off...Tried on a pair Raw denims....fitting was weird...Glad I tried in person before buying online!
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