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This....  If your gonna wait in line or camp somewhere for a pair or 2...dont waste your time... Better example instead of the Foams are the Bred 1's. At cost $155 after tax and they do sell for $350-$400...now that is a come up...and the demand is still there....Whereas the foam, $275 after tax and the demand is slow...make double? thats really it...
 Just adding to your comment...was not an attack...
 Nike Presto recently retro with the "free" sole. (2 years ago)...but yes, the Presto was great back in 01', bad thing was it rips easy...I was hunting for Hawaii Presto
 If there is money to be made, why not? its an opportunity... Folks buy houses and flip them, are they just as bad?
 Is this at the Outlets or Regular Nike stores?
He ordered.
 Its sad for many, but great for few lol
 I can say this...not gonna be easy for sure...Just as limited as the Royal 1's...Best bet, Online purchase with a SUPER FAST connection... Best of luck to all!
Sick...Im in there!
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