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 Didn't know that...Thanks for the info..
Weather looks good for Saturday...In there like swimwear!
Can I have the items altered at the NYC SS if I purchased via Outlet?
Here are a few items I picked up @ the RL sample sale...                
Looks like a nice fit...aside from the pockets...nothing special about it..
 Line was def. long yesterday..went back today to see what they had left...absolute no lines but most of the good stuff are gone...Picked up a few more RRL Shirts, tees and sweater. Alot of Rugby items left and Denim & Supply. ... In total I picked up 16 RRL shirts couple of Purple and Black label items(6 items total)...all under $250...Im more than satisfied...lol Photos will be up shortly
  What time did you get there?bagged up bunch of RRL henleys and denim shirts. Rugby sweaters and a few RLX jackets...overall saved hundreds but spent a few hundred lol
So who actually got into the Sample sale? lol
Looking for a new pair of APC...anybody purchase APC Standards (Any std) on sale during the holidays? if so, where and how much off?
I really hope there will be a bigger sale with RRL next time around...I held back from purchasing many items...
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