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 Thanks!...ill save my money for something else worthy...lol
Anybody with the actual JExGAP blue denims? mind posting photo? Wanna see the fades. 
Alright..I gotta say, after purchasing the gapxje hoodie I thought the material was great and the fit was OK. Yesterday I tried on a buddies villain hoodie and I was amazed with the quality and fitment. The large from JE fits like a glove while the medium from gapxje fit well, bit snugged but baggy on the bottom. Visually they are both the same but the quality and fitment is def. On a differ level. Gonna sell my gapxje villian hoodie for the real deal....
 Same goes for "why pay $200 for a hoodie"?
 guessing size down 1....
 Care to elaborate? 
Je skinnys fitment?
Anybody know where I can get that code? Can it be used in store as well?
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