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Got my order in from JE last night...happy camper here!
Looking forward to purchase the boucle sweats and another Villian crew...Are they fitted slimmer this season? I had a medium 2 years ago and fits great still...Not sure how the new villians run now... I am at 175lbs, 5'-9"... stocky
How much of a difference btwn the Narrow slim fits and Slim fit denims?
 They always have plenty of Mediums at Sample sales...Just bought a place so I am holding back on clothes and I just unloaded tons of RRL items lol...I just realize the amount of RL clothes I have not worn 
 +1....completely forgot about it...
Thank, ill check them out! Thanks!  Jeez...$85! lol...i read about Denim Surgeon being very pricey and their work is so/so...ill look into Selfedge...Thanks for the response!
Where do some of you folks get your jeans hemmed? any recommendations? Looking for a new tailor around NYC...
Did the Outlet ever release on the US site again? I have not seen it for a while...last time I purchased was 2 years ago...
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