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 Not sure if he directed an attack towards you... but I agree with you...I wish somebody listed the code here...Slickdeals had it, Niketalk had it..I just completely missed it..On this forum, ESPECIALLY in this thread, its everyone for themselves...majority of the folks that post in this thread is resellers...I just realized it after going on ebay seeing the items they listed.... These folks are knowledgable and know their ish...but they not gonna spill the beans on the...
If you know the pattern Nike sets..no need to "SLAVE" away...i copped a few items and I was lucky...do ur hw and it pays off..this happan during the off peak hours...
 Only on sale or a good deal. 2x a year. 
Gonna be good:         pics via - Wish Atl
 Damn...I think i need new prescriptions..lol
 Im looking 2 differ monitors...and this is what I see: 
 The one in that photo don't look Black/white
 Checks? lolI didnt even have a checkbook back then...I would cash my paycheck @ a western union location and buy a Money order....that was my ONLY form of payment...lol
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