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Never mind. They couldn't fulfill the artic ridge jacket and only the fleece! So disappointed! They also charging me full price for the item which I am currently disputing
Got my tracking from jack threads
Haven't receive shipping email either from jack threads.
Damn wish that kake was a medium! Best of luck!
^Same with me. Expected delivery of 03/22. Hopefully the order goes thru...I don't see why not but it's hella of deal!
Thanks bro! Picked up the same items! Great deal!
And I'm sure he would have said that...😑
If anybody trying to deal with the above seller, Don't even bother. Doesn't even know the color of the item or considerate enough to even send an actual photo of The item he is selling. Man doesn't even know the color and wants me to google it...😂😂
WTB: Cast 2 Springs in a size 29. 
That's how I felt at first but I love them once I had them on!
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