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I was just hoping someone might have something useful to suggest in regards to a scuff my leather jacket suffered this weekend. Its not very bad, but the jacket is new and I'd like to keep it that way as long as I can drag it out.
what's the fit difference between the NS, PS, & PNS? I've read a lot of different things about the Petit New Standard, but if they're in between the NS and PS they're probably perfect for me, so I'd really like to know
Shirt is J.Crew chambray. They're slim fit shirts fit me perfect   anybody have ANY information on if these are worth it? I can't find anything on Edwin USA. I know Edwin makes good jeans but I'm kinda confused about these
got some chippewas in the mail and AE dub monks but the colors a little too on key with the jacket & I dig the converse w the leather. I'm thinking about getting a commes de garçon pair actually.
woa that went over my head
hi all. recently got a schott perfecto and have been wearing it nonstop since. got the arms tapered and was really pleased, but was wondering about the overall fit. any suggestions on what i can fix, if i can/can't fix would help.      
Hey everyone. Hopefully someone can help me. I got my APC's in September and have washed them twice. The first time was simply because they were bagging too much and almost falling off my waist suddenly, and the second time was because I felt they needed it. However, when I pulled them out of the dryer (mistake?) they had strange creases generating from around the crotch area running down the leg diagonally to the hem. Its really noticeable and much more faded than the...
I'm selling two pairs of Epauet MTO Rivet Chinos both size 28/29 Khaki and Navy Both pairs have Freeman Stripe Lining in the pockets, but otherwise follow the traditional Rivet specifications. Pics not available as they're already packed and ready to ship.
Anybody ever have an item be deemed "undeliverable" by USPS? I have! Looks like my rivets won't be coming anytime soon
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